Thursday, April 15, 2010

Stephen Fry advises Booth to have a word with himself

Let's hear what Gordon Gordon has to say about last week's episode before we get a new one tonight! And if you've wondered about the connection between Booth and poop, watch this video. (Note: Stephen Fry really does move around a lot while talking!)

No spoilers.


Grace said...

That video is fantastic! He is so funny and insightful. You can tell he really enjoys the show as a fan and not just as an employee.

Grace said...

So I just had to google him after this video and apparently he was in Tim Burton's Alice In Wonderland as the Cheshire Cat

chillip said...

strongly suggest " a little fry and laurie" and "blackadder" for some great stephen fry (and hugh laurie as well, of course).

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