Monday, April 12, 2010

TV Addict Interviews: David Boreanaz and Hart Hanson

Hart Hanson Q&A (one of the rare spoiler-free interviews with him - not counting rejection of possible spoilers - unless I'm missing something)

Is he hinting at 8 seasons too? it looks like we could go for 8 years...

David Boreanaz Q&A - also spoiler-free and a good look at some of his preferences, ideas, and drives


Kate said...

I do believe HH is suggesting an eighth season for Bones. Hmmm.

chillip said...

i'm not so sure that i really like that information. well, i guess we'll see if i do after the end of the season. it raises interesting questions on the direction of the show if they do extend to 8. i'm not totally convinced that there are 3 more years worth of shows given the current dynamic and the odds of them working the b&b thing successfully in the current formula for 3 more years is going to be, at best, challenging.

it would bring a bigger budget i would imagine at the very least, which could prove very useful.

don't get me wrong, this could be very good news, definitely a wait-and-see situation for me, though.

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