Wednesday, April 14, 2010

TV's Craziest Fan Bases - Bones Fans Make the List

According to this article, Bones fans belong to the craziest fans in the TV world. Do you agree?

"It's difficult to say why, but some shows simply attract a different breed of supporters. Creepy, scary, insane supporters. And so we present TV's craziest fans, who've taken their love of TV to the next, sick level. Note: these do not represent the entire fan base for a particular show, just the extremes"

Insanity Level: 4 out of 10, uncomfortably eccentric

Part forensics drama, part forbidden-romance novel, Bones has attracted a fan base that places solving murders behind the "will they or won't they?" question. Bones fans aren't willing to wait until the show's producers come up with new storylines about Bones and Booth's love... so they write their own fan fiction. I know what you're thinking: "Big deal, everyone writes fan fiction." But do they also make Hollywood-style movie trailers for said fan fiction?

Said video "proof" can be found here.


Lisa said...

Whoa!! I wonder what that says about I watch five of those shows...Bones, Heroes, Chuck, Lost & True Blood. Eh, I like them all but I'm guilty of being an obsessed Bones fan. =D

Teri =) said...

I am (obviously) obsessed with Bones but have recently discovered Supernatural and am quickly becoming obsessed with that too! =)

Easnadh said...

That actually looks really good. Should I be worried that I wish it was a real trailer?? :D

Shep said...

No Whedon fans? Why, that's just rude! ;)
I consider us pretty insane! We follow Joss' work like Jesus' disciples.
But leaving out Bones would've been equally as mental. I'm glad to say I'm a proud member of both fandoms.

Tanveer Shah said...

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