Monday, April 19, 2010

Various perspectives on Will They/Won't They

We've heard what David Boreanaz thinks about Booth and Brennan, but here's some perspective on how Emily Deschanel sees the relationship. Spoiler warning, of course.

John Francis Daley has his own view of Sweets, his interactions with Booth and Brennan, and his book. Spoiler warning for the end of the article.

Is everyone ready to trust Hart Hanson? I hope you are, because even the show execs don't quite know where they're headed! Very light spoiler warning. On the verge of non-spoiler. Simply put--the director of the finale describes it in one word. Enter at your own risk.

Since two of the three links here include spoilers, please consider comments to be spoilers, as well.


Stephanie said...

Haha, that's a little misleading of that headline to say that the execs are unsure of where the show's headed. I panicked for a moment until I saw that the interview was with two executive producers who are not also writers for the show. I'm sure Hart & Stephen and the writing staff know (or at least have an idea of!) what they're doing.

Courtney said...

I just hope that in their zeal to keep these two characters apart that they don't kill the chemistry - it has already felt flat to me this season - I miss the intense interactions of seasons past but I guess those days are gone.

If they continue to find schemes to keep them apart, they could end up really changing what has made these characters so compelling together. Moments like the ice skating scene; jasper the pig gift; "that's a lot of heart Bones" - and on and on. I want more moments like those.


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