Tuesday, April 6, 2010

You'd think I just started doing this yesterday...

I just realized that, while investigating my options for dealing with misplaced (to be nice) spoiler comments, I mistakenly turned on moderation for all comments. If you put up a comment over the weekend and never saw it, that is why. I apologize, and I have turned off moderation once again. I hope to leave it that way.

Please refer to the spoiler post if you have no idea what I'm talking about

On another note, part of the reason I didn't notice is that because, it seems, huge things always happen on Bones day now!

Last season, I had a baby 7 minutes before an episode.

Last week, on same day Bones returned from a stupidly long hiatus, I started a big new promotion with the company I work for from home. If you see me being even less on top of things, I sincerely apologize, and you know why.

I would consider opening up the blog to at least one helper poster, if anyone is interested, but I have not firmly decided. This blog has been my baby for 2 years!

I definitely welcome any and all email tips and will endeavor to post them as quickly as I can.


Cheryl said...

Congrats on ur promotion Wendy & all the best with ur new position. :) What would a helper poster do exactly?

Wendy said...


That's a good question, and something I'm still considering. There's a variety of things that go into keeping the blog going, from finding information, to the actual posts, to administrative things like keeping the Master List up to date (which needs to be done now, hah!), deleting spoiler comments, and so on.

Taking any of that off my shoulders, even a little, is the reason I am considering it.

Cheryl said...

You're welcome :)

I couldn't commit to helping all the time but when I have some space in my schedule I could help with the Master List, as long as u show me how first...I'm teachable ;)

jenny said...

Congratulations on the promotion!I would like to volunteer as a helper poster,as well,if you think I could be of help.What is a master list?

Meres15 said...

Congrats on your promotion! I wonder if it would be possible to have two separate episode discussions - one that is spoiler free and one for those who love spoilers? I don't know if it's a good idea or if it would make even more work for you but it was just a thought that I wanted to share. Keep up the awesome work you do on this blog!

Jeannie said...

Oh, that's a great idea, Meres15! It would definitely help.
Wendy, would that be a lot of extra work for you?

Wendy said...

Just a couple of minutes to create a separate post, not bad.

It's a great idea :) But with people unable, or unwilling to read a PROMINENT spoiler warning, do you think it will make any difference to have a separate one that they have to find if they see the wrong one first? They will still have one that is supposed to be spoiler-free that can get ruined.

Wendy said...

The root of it is, at least in many instances, is that anonymous people don't care about respect or what is right. They hide behind the anonymity and use it as an excuse to be animalistic, rude, or catty.

Alex von Reisikmeindoffer said...

I absolutely love this blog and would be more than willing to help out. I have maintained my own blog for quite some time =) And btw, I LOVE this place. =_

kba said...

Does the blog allow you to require people to register in order to post? That way you could maybe block those who tend to violate the spoiler rule... Not an intrusive registration... just a user name & email maybe.

I hate being required to register, but in this case it is worth it. I REALLY appreciate being allowed to choose whether to be spoiled or not (and right now I'm not...it seems more fun :-) ).

Thanks for all you do with this blog!!

Jeannie said...

While a separate spoiler episode discussion might not be the final solution to the problem, I think it's worth the shot.

As for people posting as Anon, I agree about it often being a cover to hide behind in order to be rude or disrespectful.

You don't even have to register in order to leave a non-anon comment, there is the option "Name/URL". I for one would be perfectly alright with disabling anon comments (if that' even an option with the blog setup).

Meres15 said...

I know you don't want to have to moderate comments because then it won't be a true discussion but maybe if spoilers were to keep appearing in the non-spoiler discussion then only that discussion could be moderated? I know that's maybe more work than it's worth and agree that some people purposefully ignore the NO SPOILER rules. I was pretty annoyed myself from that one anonymous person who put up the spoiler for this week. I was really into spoilers for a while but decided that for the rest of the season - at least for tonight and the finale - to remain as spoiler free as possible but still want to remain connected in some way to my fellow bones fanatics :) and not give up reading your blog!

Wendy said...

I have to mod all or none and I am an East Coaster who goes to bed early so if I put on moderation for the discussion comments you'd all get about 2 hours before it cut off completely until the next day.

It just feels like completely stunting things.

Thank you for all the offers and suggestions. I am looking at my options, just very busy right now. Keep it coming! :)

I will check on some options today, time willing, and if I change anything I will put it in the top of the discussion post tonight.

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