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King of the Lab - Screencap trivia

Name this episode:

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Season in Review: Fox - The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

Remember when FOX couldn’t compete on Thursday nights against juggernauts like Survivor, CSI, and Grey’s Anatomy? For years, the network struggled and struggled. Boy those days are over!

Finally, FOX has found its winning formula on Thursday nights with Bones and Fringe. Did you know Bones BEAT Survivor on a few occasions this season? It happened, well deserved may I add.

If you'd like to find out what TVDoneWright considered the Bad and the Ugly, go here.

Learning English with 'Bones'

This is only remotely related to the show, but it has been a slow news week so we figured we'd share. :-)

'You say 'shined', I say 'shone'

Once in a while, like a tickle in the back of the throat, the repetition of an unusual word or form will create discomfort. The discomfort is not always rational. The word may fall into the category of unfamiliar rather than incorrect. Millions of people may happily use it. That it has the same effect on my inner ear as chewing metal foil would on my teeth probably says more about me than about the word. Still, off to the hunt.

The tickle this time is an increasing tendency orally and in print to use the past participle “shined” instead of “shone.” As an example, a magazine piece on the forensic-detective show Bones said the fourth season wasn’t the best “for Booth (David Boreanaz) and Brennan (Emily Deschanel), but John Francis Daley shined as brilliant, put-upon Sweets, the Rodney Dangerfield of shrinks.”

It's a really interesting and fun read, so go check it out!

As an aside, which word or phrase has made its way into your vocabulary after you've learned it from 'Bones'?

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Behind the Scenes with Mr. Billy Gibbons

A fun look at filming the finale.

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The Ten Grossest Murders of the TV Season

Well, here you have it! Bones made the list of grossest TV murders from this year.

Do you agree on their grossness level?

What is the grossest Bones body ever, not just this season?

Guest Episode Review: The Girl in Suite 2103

Our next review is "The Girl in Suite 2103", by Rose

~*~ ~*~ ~*~

"The Girl in Suite 2103"
Written by Christopher Ambrose

Directed by Karen Gaviola

I prefer openings where we immediately see Booth and Brennan instead of some unsuspecting person coming across a body so right away this episode appeals to me with Booth and Brennan in the elevator lightly bickering about why he is humming and swaying to elevator music. This is the Brennan I love – slightly snarky.
Booth: Why can’t you just hum like a normal, happy person?

(Elevator opens onto a room dripping with water and destroyed by fire)

Brennan: Not really in the mood (and snaps her right glove)

Booth: Okay, here we go.


There has been a bombing at a reception for attendees of a drug trafficking conference. With a number of deaths Brennen is called in to identify one of the badly burned bodies. However, she discovers another body in the chandelier that appears to be the bomber. The squints identify the body as a young woman, Lisa Winnaker, who worked in the hotel’s bar. The room next to the reception is actually the room that exploded and where the young woman was killed. At first the assumption is that this woman was the bomber, but instead she was murdered in the adjacent room and a fire started to cover-up the murder ignited combustibles in the room which exploded.

The case is complicated by a State Department representative, Alex Radswell, whose main function is to protect the United States relationship with one of the attendees, Columbian Judge Delores Ramos. Throughout the episode he is hindering the investigation by not providing access to the suspects or information needed to investigate. Because he is a little person Booth feels uncomfortable around him but doesn’t like Radswell because he is interfering in solving the murder. Brennan is very upfront about his size but doesn’t like that Radswell takes advantage of people deferring to him because of it.

The squints determine that the victim died from a cracked hyoid and silk fibers around her neck suggest she was strangled. The first suspect in the death of Lisa Winnaker is Judge Ramos son, Antonio Ramos. He had sex with the victim right before her death. However, Lisa was strangled and Antonio did not have the strength in his right arm to strangle her from an accident 6 months prior. The second suspect is the Judge’s husband, Juan Ramos. Before Booth can question Juan Ramos, the judge and her family plan to leave the United States by private jet. Booth asks Hodgins call in a fake tip to the FAA and have the plane stopped which buys the team an extra 24 hours on the case.

Brennen figures out that the murderer is Judge Ramos. The judge killed Lisa because she was having an affair with the judge’s husband and seduced her son. Yet, with diplomatic immunity the most Booth can do is turn the evidence over to the State Department. In the end, Radswell convinces the judge to waive diplomatic immunity so she can have a fair trial in the United States.

The Squints:

Cam: In this episode she is still trying to integrate herself into the team and is doing this by trying to have the squints run everything by her. As she says, “every circus needs a ring master and in this circus it is me.” She and Booth are trying to keep the fact they are involved in a personal relationship to themselves. We see another side of Cam when she fabricates a file to force Judge Ramos to confess by framing her son for murder. Cam sees this as a bluff when Brennan and Booth see this as crossing a line.

Angela: Uses her computer skills in this episode to determine that someone was in the room next door while the fire was burning but left before the explosion. She and Hodgins figure out that Booth and Cam are in a relationship outside of work.

Zack: Uses his skills to realign the jaw and identifies the victim from dental records. Additionally, he and Hodgins conduct an experiment to determine if the combustibles located in room next to the conference would explode. Though he did the math very carefully the explosion was greater than he calculated and both he and Hodgins are knocked down but unharmed. We also learn that Zack’s closest acquaintance outside of work is a performance artist who locked herself in a Plexiglas box with rabbits.

Hodgins: Is the first to realize that Booth and Cam are involved in a relationship. He also tries to encourage Angela to engage in one with him. He uses his mad science skills to identify the chemicals in the room and that the victim had something silk around her neck when strangled. Finally, Booth acknowledges Hodgins by having him stop the plane from leaving the United States. The best Hodgins scene is at the end when two men in black come and take him away. Booth says it is Hodgins’ dream come true.

Booth and Brennan

Booth: Is the quintessential cop in this episode. He is frustrated since he believes the State Department is blocking his investigation. He and Brennan engage in banter the entire episode and from the looks he gives her you can tell he is enjoying the exchanges. In his conversation with Cam he is concerned if the others find out they are seeing each other. At the end, he and Brennan are discussing that the team fabricated evidence and he says that Cam just wants to catch the bad guy and that sometimes it is grey instead of black and white. In a really lovely scene Brennan tells him that it isn’t for him – that he did the right thing.

Brennan: With Radswell, Brennan is her blunt self in acknowledging his dwarfism. Where other average size people defer to him, Brennan treats him like an equal. Throughout the entire episode Brennan is keeping up with Booth verbally and physically. I love the scene in the bar where they are questioning a waitress (Denise) about Lisa and Brennan tells Denise that someone is trying to get her attention. She then calls Booth on the fact that the waitress had been hitting on him during the conversation. They go over to question Antonio Ramos who just came into the bar and during the conversation Booth tries to take Antonio into custody. Antonio’s bodyguard pulls a gun on Booth and Booth disarms him while Brenan disables Antonio and immediate takes the gun Booth hands her. This scene shows how in tune with one another they are.

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Guest Episode Review: The Woman in the Sand

We kick off our summer reviews with Megan's take on "The Woman in the Sand".

Season 2 Guest Reviews List
Suggestions/Tips for Upcoming Reviews

~*~ ~*~ ~*~

The Woman in the Sand:
"Underground in America's Frying Pan"

I will begin with a confession: I am a complete sucker for 'undercover' episodes. I find it absolutely delightful to watch familiar heroes being placed in unfamiliar surroundings and take on new personas. I especially love the romantic undertone these episodes always have. New surroundings equal safe flirting almost all the time. So of course, this one had me at hello! "The Woman in the Sand" did not disappoint.

As long as you are willing to allow for a certain level of implausibility (as is true with any TV show, so really why dwell on that) this episode will take you on a very fun ride. We begin with Booth and Brennan being called to the Nevada desert to examine the body of a prosecutor who disappeared 5 years prior. As happens more than you'd think, Brennan discovers yet another body, out there in the heat and killed in the same way. Brennan immediately wants to accompany the body back to the Jeffersonian, but Booth insists she stay. They determine this to be the body of Billie Morgan, who is originally thought to be a victim of domestic abuse, but turns out she's a no-holds-barred ultimate fighter. Brennan and Booth decide the only way to get to the bottom of her death is to infiltrate the world of underground fight clubs as Tony and Roxy: a loosely committed couple of high rollers! Let the fun begin!

I love all the colorful "Vegas" elements added to this episode! Booth's clothes (did everyone notice his Guys and Dolls t-shirt?) and the poker chips sliding across the screen and scene breaks add such a cool charm. For a show overflowing with characters unfamiliar with pop culture, it’s a nice balance to throw those references in.

Brennan is concerned about Booth being in the Vegas casino, as he has a past gambling addiction, and her remark, "it's like sending an alcohol to a distillery" is priceless. I also love when she smacks his hand over a Keno card- always watching out for him! Of course, Brennan, can't just "observe the culture" for too long and gets into a game of Blackjack, and does very well counting cards. So Bones!

Getting dressed in the hotel room, Booth reminds Brennan the style they are going for, and can't help checking her out when she comes out in THAT dress. Let’s also not miss Cam's face when she hears Booth zipping Brennan's dress and exclaiming it “hot”!

While "Tony" is not a far cry from Booth’s everyday personality, "Roxy" comes out of left field and I love it! I find it delightful watching Brennan live it up when she has "permission" to not be herself! She may be all business, but tell that gal to play a role and she goes gangbusters! Even when she is out of character, I find “Vegas Brennan” just more fun all around. All of a sudden, she who trusts only science believes in jinxes and beginners luck. Put her in a hot red dress and serious Brennan is calling the Jeffersonian staff "squints" and talking betting odds like she grew up in a casino. The walk, the talk, the wad of cash in her bra- I love seeing what a top comic actress Emily Deschanel is- she really does not get enough credit for her impeccable timing!

They visit the gym of ex-fighter Joe Nolan, and thanks to Brennan, get the 1-800 number needed to locate the fight. Like Booth earlier in the night, Brennan can't quite hide how much she likes watching Booth punch the bag. And as a viewer, I didn't even try to stifle my grin when Brennan leans into Booth to say they are "engaged to be engaged". Sigh.

Back at the Jeffersonian, science continues as usual. Angela gives us a picture of what the victim looked like after her last fight. "Ah, the sweet science” as Hodgins shares. Hodgins uses his knowledge of The Godfather to figure out the prosecutor was killed with a wire garrote. Thanks goodness he owns a DVD player! They also find the steroid on her body of that of the prosecutor, which will end up being the big break in the case. The side story of Zach (described nicely as a "Vulcan"), who has never been in a fight is awesome. Hodgins eggs him on until Zach pops him one right in the nose. Hodgins, once again, has the best delivery: "Dude, you got pissed"!

At the fight club, Booth finds out he is not the only FBI agent undercover there, but gets knocked out for his trouble. This other agent is almost out of the fight club due to multiple losses and Brennan suggest he fight Booth so he can win and get back in the gangster's good graces. Things don't go quite as planned, unfortunately, and Booth ends up having to fight the biggest dude they have: Monroe!

Perhaps it is the school girl in me, but I always delight in watching Booth pummel some guy and this scene is no exception. What makes this one stand out, however, is how Brennan uses her anatomy skills to help him win. And we all win when she dashes across the ring to hug her Tony after the fight!

The last time Billie stepped in the ring, she fought a girl named Marisol, and Brennan arranges for this fighter to travel to DC for a live "autopsy" using Angela's fancy computers. I think the effect of intermixing Booth's fight with the examination of Billie and Marisol's wounds was a nice touch. In the end though, the fatal blow came from a baseball bat and likely because Billie bet on herself in the ring.

Brennan, testing the theory, decided to bet on Booth. In the end though, she admits there is another reason she placed that wager. She had used her "beginners luck' to help Booth win, and we get a nice bit of eye contact here between the partners. There is also a bit of sadness here on both their parts, and I really do think both will miss these alternate personas and the escape they provide. I know I’m always a bit sad to see them go!

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King of the Lab - Quote Trivia

“If you’d please, provide specifics ahead of inference.”

What is the real quote, characters involved, episode name, and circumstances surrounding this line?

Remember to leave your name in order to receive credit!

Season finale fallout: 'Bones' fans, have a little faith

Zap2It has posted an appeal to fans to stick with their show, even if they are unhappy with the season finale. The article actually addresses the shows 'Bones', 'Castle', 'House' and 'Grey's Anatomy' but I'm just going to highlight the parts about 'Bones'. The original article can be found here.

It's that time of year again.
The sun is shining, the summer is upon us ... and TV fans are freaking out.
Ah, yes, the season finale. The episodes where a series attempts to go out with a bang, hoping you'll spend the summer months counting the hours until it returns.
"Grey's Anatomy" shot half its cast. "House" finally went there with House and Cuddy. "Brothers & Sisters" left several characters' lives in the balance.
But the finales that arguably got the most passionate reactions? "Castle" and "Bones" -- and it's no coincidence that both shows had their core couple take a significant step back.
On "Bones," fans were crushed when Booth and Brennan decided to leave each other -- her to a dig in Indonesia, him back to the Army -- for a year.
The result? Some viewers are threatening to jump ship.
And while we're not going to tell you what to do, we do have one favor to ask: have some faith in your shows.
Yes, we know that might seem like a lot to ask right now. You're feeling a bit burned. We get that. And you're absolutely entitled to your feelings, we're not saying you're wrong. We too had our own words for "Castle" and "Bones."
But that is, most likely, exactly what the shows set out to do: get a reaction and have us talking. How much worse would it be if these finales brought about silence and no one cared enough to get upset?
Let's think about this.
Booth and Brennan are apart from each other for the next year, but is this really a bad thing? After Booth attempted to take their relationship to the next level in the 100th episode -- and was promptly shot down -- they've been different. They've been struggling to figure out how they fit in each others' lives now that his feelings are out in the open. This year apart could be exactly what the duo needs in order to realize what they want out of their relationship.
For fans of the couples, frustration is understandable. But giving up on a show because you're unhappy with the season finale is like quitting a book in the middle of the story. True, it's the end of the season, but very often it's just the starting point for a whole new tale.
Sure, these summer months will very likely be torture for you. But, see, that just means you're invested. And that's a good thing. That means the writers are doing their job.
So at least wait until the season premieres roll around before you decide to cut these shows off. Because there's likely to be some payoff for the finales. Payoff that you may perhaps be happy with.

Reviews for "The Beginning in the End"

This is the place for all reviews about the season finale we saw last Thursday.
Since all of us are currently really busy, we'd be grateful for a little help. If you found a review that you'd like to share, please post the link in the comments so that we can update this post regularly.
Thank you!

(Fox has also put together a little photo album for Booth and Brennan called "Will they or won't they? Check it out here.)

Fox recap
Zap2It: Everyone goes their separate ways
Fan review that was highlighted by HH on his Twitter Parting is such a sweet sorrow
Give me my remote
'Bones' fan columnist: One year from today
CliqueClack TV: Why don't showrunners trust their fans?
EW Popwatch: Here is to change

Thanks to Sarah(#2), Pwee, Deborah and Mindy for the tips!

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Guest Reviewers: Suggestions/Tips

Thank you for those who have already sent me reviews. I will start posting them shortly, probably Monday!

Here a few tips for those still working on them (borrowed from last summer):

- Add commentary! That's the fun of this - you get to give your opinions, spark discussion, etc. Make it more than a transcript or recap. Go out on a limb! We'll still love you, I promise ;)
- If you want to include pictures, that is fine (but totally up to you). If you do, it's best to make some kind of mark at the spots in the review where you want them (1, 2, 3, etc) and then give me the corresponding links to find them or attach them to the email.
- Please, please spell check and do not use any text speak. When it comes to spelling and basic grammar, please write it as if this were an official paper or article.
- Please don't add any formatting, other than something easy to replicate like the bolding of the names for quotes. Blogger is not friendly to copying from Word (or is Word not playing nice? who knows) and I have to convert to plain text, which means I have to put any formatting back in myself.
- If you think you won't be able to do your review, it's ok! Just email me and let me know as soon as possible so that someone else can take your place.

Bones Ratings: The Beginning in the End

Ratings for last night:

Source: TVbytheNumbers

Time Net Show 18-49 Rating 18-49 Share Viewers Live+SD (Millions)

8:00 FOX Bones (finale) 2.7 10 8.736

NBC Community (finale) 2.0 7 4.410

ABC FlashForward (finale pt. 1) 1.6 6 5.321

CBS The Mentalist (repeat) 1.3 5 7.577

CW Smallville (repeat) 0.5 2 1.495

8:30 FOX Bones (finale) 2.9 9 9.674

NBC Parks & Recreation (finale) 2.1 7 4.548

CBS The Mentalist (repeat) 1.6 5 8.711

ABC FlashForward (finale pt. 1) 1.6 5 5.205

CW Smallville (repeat) 0.5 2 1.408

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Season 6 spoilers officially begin!

Well, we already have our first "clear" spoilers for next season! Ausiello checks in with Stephen Nathan to find out what results we will see post-finale.

Please keep any spoiler comments HERE on this post and NOT in the episode discussion thread.

Are you happy with his answer?

Behind the Scenes photos from tonight's episode

Bones's Photos on Facebook has posted a few behind-the-scenes photos of Mr. Billy Gibbons and TJ Thyne. This cast always looks like they are having such a good time on set!

What song was that in... "The Beginning in the End"?

If you have a question about any of the music from tonight's Bones episode "The Beginning in the End," post them here so they don't get lost in the episode discussion.

Favorite Quotes: The Beginning in the End

Post your favorite quotes from tonight's Bones episode: The Beginning in the End.

Episode Discussion: The Beginning in the End

Episode discussion for:

Bones, Season 5, Episode 22
The Beginning in the End

Please, please, PLEASE -

Please, don't give anything based on interviews, etc, about next season. Stick to unsubstantiated theories =) I will have to delete any comments that include spoilers for future episodes or download links.

Please discuss away, every aspect of this episode. Disagreements, as long as you are respectful, are more than welcome!!

Happy Season Finale Bonesday!

Tonight's Bones episode is: "The Beginning in the End." To read about it in advance, check out the tag here on the blog. Jeannie has also started a great post: Getting Ready for Tonight.

I will post the episode discussion tonight by 8pm eastern. I know no one has seen it early, but still... keep the spoilers off this post please!! You can talk about any speculation and spoilers in the spoiler post.

The promo for tonight:

Getting ready for tonight...

Bits and pieces about tonight's finale keep coming out, and we will update the post throughout the day to keep you well informed. :-)

TJ Thyne has started teasing about tonight's episode on his Twitter (not really spoilery, very vague)
John Francis Daley and Carla Gallo on what might be ahead for "Swaisy" (How do you like that name, by the way? Definite spoilers!)
L.A. Times: Short but spoilery summary of the episode
TV's best bets (spoilery episode description)
USA Today: Spoilery episode description
Audio Spoiler: Audioboo - Emily Deschanel takes over Hart Hanson's question about the season finale
Boston Herald: A strong finale? Deschanel feels it in her 'Bones' (definite spoilers)
Hart Hanson's TwitPic: A non-spoilery photo from tomorrow night's Bones finale. (Guest star spoiler.)

This is not exactly in relation to tonight's episode but I wanted to share this story anyway. Amazing lady, I say, and very thoughtful and sweet of TJ!

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Clips and clues together

We've been given another mash-up of the sneak peek clips and spoiler info for the finale.

How many of you noticed the "nod" she speaks of before she mentioned it? After all, we are OBSESSED WITH BONES, so we notice these things!

Spoiler Warning!!

Which TV show's fans get to claim the actor: Joss Whedon edition

Jennifer Thomas of Pioneer Local is spending finale week musing over her favorite Whedon characters:

As all the news is starting to come about fall TV schedules and new shows and who's acting in what, I started thinking about how some of the actors have played at least two memorable TV characters on different shows and which character they really are associated with. It's obviously a good thing for actors to be able to reinvent themselves (and a sign they're a good actor if they can) and build an entire new fanbase. But it's sort of like the question baseball players face if they get inducted into the Hall of Fame -- what team hat do they go in wearing? The team they played with the longest, the one they had the best career with or the one with the strongest fans? So, in honor of Joss Whedon directing tonight's episode of "Glee," "Dream On," this is an all-Whedon alum version deciding which TV show's fans get to claim an actor as their own. For example, should David Boreanaz be known as Angel on "Buffy" and "Angel" or is he Seeley Booth on "Bones"? I didn't include every Whedon alum who has had more than one memorable TV role, and didn't include every role for the ones mentioned, but I picked roles based on longevity and impact.

David Boreanaz -- Angel on "Buffy" and "Angel" or Seeley Booth on "Bones"

The verdict: Boreanaz has spent slightly more time as Angel/Angelus than Seeley Booth, but this one's a toss up. While there are certainly some cross-over fans between the shows, these are very different animals, and very different characters. Seeley Booth is actually a closer (though much less evil) version of the sarcastic Angelus than Angel, but Booth and Angel are flip sides of the coin. Angel was dark, broody and gorgeous and Booth is light-hearted, playful and gorgeous. Fans on both sides can claim Boreanaz. Although he'll always be Angel to me.

What about the other characters? Do you agree with her assessment?

Gravedigger Review and spoilers

After last week's episode, there has been a lot of speculation about Ms. Taffett's comment, "This isn't over." Was it just a way of "saving face?" Was it a real threat? What could she possibly be thinking?

Buddy TV went straight to the source to find out if it meant anything. If you are interested only in a review of the episode, feel free to read the first half of the article. She gives fair forewarning of when you should stop reading if you want to avoid any spoilers.

Thoughts? Interpretations? Do you like it? Do you hate it?

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David Boreanaz on 'Late Night with Jimmy Fallon'

Here is a video of David's interview with Jimmy Fallon last night.
I *heard* that there is talk about the finale, including some spoilers, so I didn't watch it. Other than that, it's supposed to be good, lighthearted talk.

Spoiler alert for the comments for this post as well!

Edit: The Youtube upload as been pulled, but you can view the video on the Jimmy Fallon show website.

First look at the Upfronts

It's Upfront week in New York! Here is a glimpse of our stars from the Fox Upfront After Party.
How do you like Emily's new look?

I expect more info and interviews to come out today. So far, we only know that Bones will stay in its timeslot for the new season.

(Credit for the picture goes to

Edit: E!Online has managed to gather some info from Emily:

Reggie in New York: How about some Bones scoop!? Did you run into the gorgeous Emily Deschanel?
I did just hours ago, my friend! And you'll be happy to know that she's looking fabulous in a short new hairdo (lighter, too) and if I get five seconds of free time here maybe we can even find a photo for you. (She said she'll keep the look for Bones.) Anyhoo, I asked if she knows if Booth and Brennan will ever, you know, have a serious relationship, and Emily told me: "[Spoiler] I am a producer, so I do have some say." (David Boreanaz showed up at the Fox presentation but did not do interviews with the press, to the shock of, well, no one.)

Quick addendum: I hid part of Emily's answer as a spoiler because it seems to hint at the 'outcome' of the finale. However, this might very well be a calculated move to stir interest in that episode, and it's working just fine! One of Emily's comments seems to have caused a giant uproar in the Twitter-verse, and HH had a tough time fighting off the worked-up crowd ;-).

Here are the bits I'm talking about:

Emily: [about whether BB should be together, spoilery parts omitted] "Funny enough, when we did Comic-Con the last time, the crowd cheered more loudly for them not to get together, so we'll see."

Hart's reply: "@seriously_what Now where did this crazy idea that we are making decisions based on applause come from? That's sheer lunacy!"

And after someone obviously explained the origin of that worry:

@sirenizzed Oh, I see. Thanks. Well, that was an interesting moment at ComicCon and gave us a good laugh but isn't a major guideline.
@Poetic_line Our guideline? The Bones family, the network, the studio, the stars, the fans, the internet, testing - and my own instincts.

'Bones' star Michaela Conlin on her on-screen relationship: "I have faith in them"

EW did a really good interview with Michaela in New York last week where she seems to be spending the hiatus.
Most of the interview focuses on the relationship between Hodgins and Angela but the finale comes up frequently so I'm only going to post a few non-spoilery bits. You can read the full article here.

Did you like the [wedding]ceremony? Did you think it matched who they are as a couple?
Yea. That’s a good question. I hadn’t thought about that, but yea I do. I think underneath all the ex-husbands, ex-girlfriends, engagements, separations, they really just like being around each other and really get each other. I think that was enough for her.

Did you feel cheated at all because you didn’t get to wear a big wedding dress again?
No, I didn’t. Actually, I’m glad we did that because I already did that. She already walked down the aisle at the end of season 2. I was glad that we didn’t try to top that and make it something else. I was glad they did it the way that they did.

So what can we expect from them now?
I don’t think it will be too typical with them. I know that. I think it will be a challenge, definitely, but also happy…hopefully. [Laughs] But I do think it’s going to have its ups and downs. I know she loves him, but I don’t know. We’ll see how they fare. I have faith in them. I think they’re going to do fine.

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King of the Lab Trivia

It's screen-cap-Monday!

Guess the episode.

Please leave your name when commenting so that the winner can get credited.
Have fun!

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Reviews of RECKLESS, by Andrew Gross

A few statements come to mind when I think back over what I've read from Andrew Gross...

It's never just 'a murder' .

No one is safe.

Thing Big. Bigger.

I have to admit that his name had never made an impression on me before. He's written best-sellers, many of them, some with James Patterson. He's not new.

RECKLESS centers around his character, Ty Hauck. Ty is a 'top cop', at least he was. Now he works for a high-powered security firm deeply involved in important companies, industries, and Federal Government. His position gives him access, causes him headaches, makes him question his own moral fiber, but it doesn't quite satisfy that familiar itch for the action, the chase, the puzzle, that his former line of work provided. The new car and the salary are nice, but there's something missing.

In this novel, a former friend is killed and Ty is once again pulled into a mystery. It's not just about her murder though; it's much bigger, no matter how horrible the crime may be in itself. But it will take him much further than he expects, and he will have few friends along the way.

His books don't necessarily tie in to Bones and the FBI as The Bricklayer did, but I would highly recommend them. The pace is page-turning, the twists are sharp and often unexpected, and the story, in the end, is much more complex and well thought-out than you can predict. If you like suspense, mystery, and danger that also makes you think about how the world around you really works, you will like Andrew Gross and RECKLESS.

~*~ ~*~ ~*~

Once again, I received no compensation for reviewing this book other than my review copy and the two I was able to offer to you all via the contests in April.

Happy Birthday to David Boreanaz

David Boreanaz turns 41 today. Here's hoping for a very positive, happy year ahead!

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Fox Upfronts

Hart Hanson has confirmed that David Boreanaz and Emily Deschanel will be representing Bones for upfronts. For anyone who said, "I don't know what that means," he also explained.

Emily Deschanel's summer project, more info

Michael McGrady played the coach of the college basketball team in Player Under Pressure. He will be starring with Emily in her summer project, The Perfect Family.

Mr. McGrady is blogging his experience filming this movie, and you can keep up with the progress. He has nothing but wonderful things to say about Emily Deschanel...but who wouldn't?

Thanks, Mickey, for the link!

Finale Sneak Peeks

Spoiler warning!!

Fox has released 5 sneak peeks for the finale.

What do you think? Is it going in the direction that you hoped?

Comments are also considered spoilers.

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Great article about Billy Gibbons

If you're like me, you maybe wonder how much enjoyment established stars get out of new ventures. Is it beneath them? Is it a fun change of pace? Were they pressured into it or did they jump at the opportunity?

This is a great article about Mr. Billy Gibbons and his role on Bones, how Michaela Conlin reacted to the news of casting Angela's father, and how Hart Hanson pulled it off in the first place. A short excerpt:

Conlin remembers her surprise when reading the script for the Christmas 2005 episode, which revealed that Angela had a famous dad.

"It kind of came from out of nowhere," she says. "But knowing Angela, it also made perfect sense. My dad is a big ZZ Top fan. So that was really cool to be able to call him and say, 'Hey, Billy Gibbons is playing my dad on the show. So in a way, he's playing you.'." (

Minor spoilers about when you'll see him again.

Hart Hanson's Pilot Doesn't Get Picked Up

No more double duty for Hart Hanson. A while back, Wendy reported that he was working on another project: Hart Hanson gets a second gig.

But then he tweeted this yesterday:

Hey, thanks for asking, since most of you are BONES fans, but "Pleading Guilty" did not get a series pick-up. TV is a tough game, baby!

So, are you sorry for him or happy for Bones?

Bones Ratings: The Boy with the Answer

Bones still gets big jumps in the 2nd half hour, starts mid 8m with a 2.4 18-49 rating (the key advertising demo). The Boy with the Answer held steady. Think we'll see a big jump next week?

Source: TVbytheNumbers

Time Net Show 18-49 Rating 18-49 Share Viewers Live+SD (Millions)

8:00 CBS Survivor: Heroes v. Villians 3.7 12 12.485

FOX Bones 2.4 8 8.682

NBC Community 1.9 6 4.391

CW The Vampire Diaries (finale) 1.6 6 3.431

ABC FlashForward 1.3 4 5.056

8:30 CBS Survivor: Heroes v. Villians 4.1 12 13.451

FOX Bones 2.7 8 9.426

NBC Parks & Recreation 2.0 6 4.257

CW The Vampire Diaries (finale) 1.7 5 3.537

ABC FlashForward 1.2 4 4.624

More spoilers for the finale

Personally, I would agree that last night's case could be considered "bigger than a root canal." So what does that make the episode to come? Check here to see what TV Fanatic has to say about what is ahead.

David Boreanaz on 'Late Night with Jimmy Fallon'

David Boreanaz is set to appear on 'Late Night with Jimmy Fallon' next Monday, May 17th. I'm sure there will be lots of talk about the finale and the upcoming season!

Thanks, Lauryn, for the tip!

Season finale prep: Five episodes to rewatch first

Ever since "Bones" creator Hart Hanson tweeted that the fifth season finale would be called "The Beginning in the End," fans have speculated about what the cryptic title means.

The obvious connection is to the fourth season alternate universe finale -- which was titled "The End in the Beginning" -- and while there are some tie-ins between the two hours, they're more like subtle nods.

That being said, Korbi TV has compiled a list of five episodes you should be familiar with in preparation for next week's season ender.

While we can't tell you why they relate to the upcoming finale, we can tell you what the original FOX press releases said about the individual episodes. We can also maybe say whether the press release mentions the reason(s) you should be rewatching them.

So, without further ado...

1. "Pilot"
2. "The Soldier on the Grave"
3. "The Boneless Bride in the River"
4. "The Passenger in the Oven"
5. "The Parts in the Sum of the Whole"

(Please go to the original article for the respective press releases. I didn't want to push the episode discussion for "Boy with the Answer" too much by making a really long post.)

Hm, that seems like a really odd list but I do have an idea what the common factor is in all of them. What do you guys think?

Spoilers and speculations ahead!

Reviews for "The Boy with the Answer"

Here you can find reviews for that episode as they come out so this post will get updated frequently. Come back to check what other viewers thought about "The Boy with the Answer".

Fox recap and episode stills
TV Obsessed (speculation on the finale in the last paragraph)
Zap2It: The Gravedigger finally comes to trial
EW: I ain't saying she's a Gravedigger. (But she is.) (some speculation on the finale at the end)
TV Squad (spoilers for the finale)
Give me my remote
Associated content

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Season Finale Promo: The Beginning in the End

Here's the promo for next week's episode, the season 5 finale.

Are you ready for it?

Favorite Quotes: The Boy with the Answer

Post your favorite quotes from tonight's Bones episode: The Boy with the Answer.

What song was that in... "The Boy with the Answer"?

If you have a question about any of the music from tonight's Bones episode "The Boy with the Answer," post them here so they don't get lost in the episode discussion.

Episode Discussion: The Boy with the Answer

Episode discussion for:

Bones, Season 5, Episode 21
The Boy with the Answer

Please, please, PLEASE -


Please, do not say "wow, that must be what leads to..." or "well, that won't last because Hart Hanson said that 2 episodes from now she will..." or whatever. I will have to delete any comments that include spoilers for future episodes or download links.

If you see something in this that makes you think of an upcoming episode and possible impact, you can always find that episode's spoiler post here, and go wild. But PLEASE keep spoilers off this post.

Other than that, please discuss away, every aspect of this episode. Disagreements, as long as you are respectful, are more than welcome!!

Happy the-season-is-almost-over (oh, wait, that's sad) Bonesday!

Tonight's Bones episode is: "The Boy with the Answer." To read about it in advance, check out the tag here on the blog.

I will post the episode discussion tonight by 8pm eastern. If you just can't wait, remember there is always the spoiler post!

Please, DO NOT SPOIL in advance of this episode, EVEN THE TINIEST BIT, anywhere but in the spoiler post.

(Yup, I still hate net-yelling. But it seems to be working.)

The promo

Michaela Conlin talks about tonight's episode

"This episode is pretty intense".

That's as far as I read since I'm trying to remain spoiler-free. However, if you don't mind spoilers, check out this interview.

Definite spoiler warning!

If you already watched this episode last night, please don't discuss it in the comments for this post but go to the Spoiler Chatter Post where you can talk away!

Happy Bonesday, everyone!

Ecollywood: Emily Deschanel, TV crime solver and real-life animal crusader

Best known as the brilliant but socially awkward skeletal evidence analyst Dr. Temperance Brennan on the Fox series "Bones", Emily Deschanel is also a passionate animal rights activist who works on behalf of Farm Sanctuary, an organization based in Orland, Calif., and Watkins Glen, N.Y., that does outreach, education and political work, such as helping to pass Proposition 2 in California. “In Ohio there’s going to be a similar ballot initiative to ban battery cages for chickens, gestation crates for pigs, and veal crates,” notes Deschanel, who became a vegetarian 17 years ago (and later, a vegan) after seeing a documentary about the state of factory farms in the U.S.

“The more I learned about it, the more I was horrified and didn’t want to be a part of that,” she explains, recommending that MNN readers take a visit to the sanctuaries. “You get to know these animals and you wouldn’t want to eat them again.”

The article also talks about tonight's episode and the finale and let's other celebs tell what they do to reduce their carbon footprint.

Favorite TV Girlfriends

Buddy TV has compiled a list of favorite TV girlfriends and guess who comes in as number 9?

Angela Montenegro, Bones

Any girl who knows an awful lot about sex and romance is a pretty good catch but Angela has a lot more to offer than that. She’s quirky, friendly and intelligent—traits that perfectly compliment her wild-child personality.

The Bones' Cast's Other Projects

Bones star David Boreanaz, aka FBI Special Agent Seeley Booth, shot a film last year called The Mighty Macs. It's expected to be released later this year. This time, he's in a role very different from the ones we are all accustomed to seeing him play. He'll play the part of a slightly chauvinistic husband of a pioneering women's basketball coach.

By the looks of the movie's official trailer, it might be a big hit. We should probably bring tissues with us to the theater, since we may shed a tear or two. Take a look here.

Emily Deschanel, aka Dr. Temperance Brennan

This summer, Emily Deschanel has a new project underway. While Bones is on break, Emily will be shooting a movie called Perfect Family. She'll be in a major role in this film, unlike her small role in last year's movie My Sister's Keeper. Here's a short synopsis of the film:

"A devoutly Catholic wife and mother has been nominated for one of the church's top awards. She then goes about trying to prove she has the "perfect" family, refusing to accept them for who they are."

The film also stars Jason Ritter and Kathleen Turner and is expected to release in 2012. You can read what Emily has to say about doing a film during her time off this summer in an interview she did yesterday (spoiler conference call).

TJ Thyne & Tamara Taylor, aka Dr. Jack Hodgins & Dr. Camille Saroyan

TJ Thyne, who plays Hodgins on Bones, has a movie expected out later this year in which he plays a priest. His character for this film is quite different from the fun loving but conspiracy theory touting character he plays on Bones. Here's a bit of a description for the film:

"'The Pardon' is the incredible true story of Toni Jo Henry, a story of love and despair, of hope and redemption, found in the only woman ever to be electrocuted by the State of Louisiana."

But TJ, who always seems to have multiple projects hatching at once, is also currently working on a film called Shuffle. There is no available information about the film's plot, but there are rumors that Tamara Taylor, who plays Dr. Cam Saroyan on Bones, is part of the movie's cast too.

There's a third movie in the works for TJ too. This film could be a big box-office hit, since it also stars Bruce Willis, Morgan Freeman and Laurence Fishburne. It's called The Last Full Measure and it may be out late this year. Here's a summary of its plot:

"An ambitious government bureaucrat is given an unwelcome assignment that could harm his carefully orchestrated career, to complete a long-unfinished report on whether the nation's highest award for bravery should, after 40 years, be given to a fallen hero. His investigation leads him down a path he could not have imagined and changes his life and the lives of others in the process."

John Francis Daley, aka Dr. Lance Sweets

And last, but certainly not least is John Francis Daley, who plays Dr. Lance Sweets on Bones. His Bones character is a case of art imitating life, or vice-versa. No, he's not really a psychologist, but like Sweets, he's a writer.

John has written six screenplays that are in various stages of development. The film that is the furthest along in the creation process is called Horrible Bosses. It sounds like a fun ride, since this is what it's about:

"Three friends conspire to murder their awful bosses when they realize they are standing in the way of their happiness."

The other five screenplays he's written are named The $40,000 Man, Hours of Fun, Vacation, Cal of the Wild and Burt Wonderstone. Even from these titles, it's a sure bet that John is great at writing comedies. I can't wait to see these films because they all sound terrific.

So it looks as if the cast of Bones always manages to stay busy, even when the series is taking a break. With so many very talented cast members, that's no big surprise.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

More revealed from the conference call

Spoilers ahead!

Fox News hints at the close of the fifth season and attempts to interpret Emily Deschanel and Hart Hanson for us.

In another take on the conference call, there's talk of "closure," fan reaction, and ultimately, should we trust ANYTHING these two sneaky people tell us?

Look at those two! They're always trying to trick us. :-)

What do you think about the comment made by Hart Hanson about "a glimmer" of villain possibilities to come? (Comments on this post are considered spoilers, so comment away on your speculation!)

Here is a link to the entire interview. Spoilers, of course!

Look closely in each of these for hints at season 6 spoilers. I'll leave it at that for those that like to stay spoiler-free.

Emily Reveals her Favorites

Question: What’s better than a bunch of awesome eco/vegan products? Answer: A bunch of awesome mainstream eco/vegan products!

We’re excited to report that green actress extraordinaire Emily Deschanel recently shared some of her favorite eco-friendly things with Marie Claire magazine. Deschanel has been vegan for over 15 years and is crazy about all things sustainable!

What made the list? Oh, just some all-time favorites, like shoes from OlsenHaus, candles from A Scent of Scandal, cupcakes from BabyCakes and clothes from Vaute Couture.

Find the full list (including slideshow) here at Marie Claire.

'Bones' Picked Up for Second Cycle in Broadcast Syndication

Twentieth Television has cleared its hour-long drama Bones for a second cycle in weekend broadcast syndication.

The off-Fox show, starring Emily Deschanel and David Boreanaz, has been picked up through the 2012-13 season on Fox, Tribune, Local TV and Sinclair stations. That represents 70% of the U.S. on more than 85 TV stations. Bones also airs on TNT, which acquired the rights to the show in January 2008 and started airing it last fall.

According to Nielsen, Bones is the fourth-highest rated off-net weekend hour with a 2.3 season-to-date household rating. CBS Television Distribution's CSI: New York is the highest-rated weekend hour at a 3.4, followed by NBC Universal's Law & Order: Criminal Intent at a 3.0 and CTD's CSI: Miami at a 2.4. NBCU's House comes in fifth at a 2.1.

Bones has aired on Fox for five seasons and is executive produced by Hart Hanson, Barry Josephson, Ian Toynton and Stephen Nathan. It's based on the best-selling series of novels by Kathy Reichs.


John Francis Daley: A Man of Many Talents

According to this article in the L.A. Times, John Francis Daley is re-writing the script for the movie "Horrible Bosses".

"The well-liked script from a writer named Mike Markowitz made the prestigious Hollywood-insider Black List a number of years back. It’s a dark comedy about a trio that teams to murder the titular overlords after being railroaded by them one too many times. Think "Office Space" with murder instead of theft. (Or maybe it's more like ..."9 to 5?")"

But why is he still being referred to as the kid from "Freaks and Geeks"? You'd think that a lot of people would recognize him from Bones by now.
"Perhaps even better, the kid who played the likable lead in "Freaks & Geeks," a guy named John Francis Daley, is involved in a rewrite of “Bosses,” along with the veteran writer-producer Jonathan Goldstein."

Jennifer Aniston, Jason Bateman, Colin Farrell and Charlie Day are currently in talks for roles in the movie.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

King of the Lab - Trivia

Name at least 20 specific and personal items in Booth's office. This does NOT include items such as carpet, walls, windows, desk, etc. Your 20 must include items specific to Booth. Judges will determine most accurate answers and appoint this week's: King of the Lab!

Conference calls, pictures, and speculations

Spoilers, spoilers everywhere!

Zap2it and Give Me My Remote have put out their two cents about the conference call with Hart Hanson and Emily Deschanel. Spoiler warning! I really mean it!

Matt Mitovich answers some lingering questions as well now that we're down to TWO episodes left this season. Spoiler...

And some speculation and hints about those three new finale pictures we've been given. Spoilers near the end!

Any thoughts on that last statement from KorbiTV?

Fan Petition: Emily Deschanel deserves an Emmy!

We decided that this would be a fun thing to support, and it's not as if wasn't true!
If you agree, sign this petition. The goal is 1000 supporters, and the current count is 263.

Emily Deschanel and David Boreanaz make Bones sizzle

Raise your hand if you already knew that! :-)

"I love to find out what shows my co-workers are watching. My Glee and Melrose Place buddy, Allison Takeda—who makes up many of Parade's spectacular online quizzes—says she really digs FOX’s Bones:

'I’m not generally a fan of procedural/forensic shows, though I do occasionally get sucked into an episode of Law & Order when my roommate watches,” she says. “But I love, love, LOVE Bones. What sets it apart from other crime-solving programs is the strength of its characters. Lead actors David Boreanaz and Emily Deschanel are absolutely riveting as FBI agent Seeley Booth and forensic anthropologist Temperance Brennan. Their chemistry is among the best on TV'."

Read the full article here. Slight mention of the finale (as in David Boreanaz compares it to last year's).

Monday, May 10, 2010

3 More Episode Stills: The Beginning in the End

Additional spoiler photos are out for the Bones Season 5 finale: The Beginning in the End. Added to the album.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Guest Reviews are Back!

Let's get a jump on the signups for this summer. There are only 2 Bones episodes left in Season 5!

We ended with part of Bones Season 2 reviewed
. Let's pick back up there. As soon as S2 is done, we'll go to S3!

I'd like to start posting them about a week after the season finale, so sign-up and start sending them to me as soon as you have them done!

Email me to claim a review

Season 2
# 222 - '"Stargazer in a Puddle" - Irene
# 221 - 'The Glowing Bones in the Old Stone House' - (Kathleen - commitment)
# 220 - 'The Spaceman in the Crater' - Emma
# 218 - 'The Killer in the Concrete" - (Curtis - commitment)
# 217 - 'The Priest in the Churchyard" - Kate
# 216 - 'The Boneless Bride in the River" - Cheryl
# 215 - 'The Bodies in the Book" - Kate
# 214 - 'The Man in the Mansion" - arla
# 213 - 'The Girl in the Gator" - Lyndsey
# 212 - 'The Man in the Cell" - Andrea
# 211 - "Judas on a Pole" - (Kay - commitment)
# 210 - 'The Headless Witch in the Woods" - Sai
# 209 - '"Aliens in a Spaceship" - Jeannie
# 208 - 'The Woman in the Sand" - Meg
# 207 - 'The Girl with the Curl" - (Kathleen - commitment)
# 206 - 'The Girl in Suite 2103" - Rose
# 205 - 'The Truth in the Lye" - Frieda
# 204 - 'The Blonde in the Game" - Cheryl
# 203 - 'The Boy in the Shroud" - Kay
# 202 - 'The Mother and Child in the Bay" - Frieda
# 201 - 'The Titan on the Tracks" - em-jay

PS I will post guidelines/tips today. I know some of you have emailed me asking. Rather than email individually I will post here for all.

Sneak Peeks for "The Boy with the Answer"

Oh, these are released early! Are you excited about this episode?
Watch the sneak peeks here. Definite spoiler warning for the comments for this post as well!

Friday, May 7, 2010

Behind the Scenes: The Witch in the Wardrobe

Check out these behind-the-scenes pictures from last night's episode.
Can you believe it, only 2 more episodes to go until the summer hiatus!

Bones Ratings: The Witch in the Wardrobe

Bones ratings dipped a little with "The Witch in the Wardrobe," but jumped by nearly a cool mil. going into the 2nd 1/2 hour.

Source: TVbytheNumbers

Time Net Show 18-49 Rating 18-49 Share Viewers Live+SD (Millions)

CBS Survivor: Heroes v. Villians 3.8 13 12.266
8:00 FOX Bones 2.4 8 8.490

NBC Community 2.0 7 4.488

CW The Vampire Diaries 1.6 6 3.426

ABC FlashForward 1.3 4 4.806

8:30 CBS Survivor: Heroes v. Villians 4.3 14 13.358

FOX Bones 2.6 8 9.272

NBC Parks & Recreation 1.9 6 4.107

CW The Vampire Diaries 1.6 5 3.316

ABC FlashForward 1.3 4 4.693

Reviews for "The Witch in the Wardrobe"

I will update this post as new reviews come out, so make sure you come back and check!

Fox: Episode Recap
Zap2It: Angela and Hodgins spend some quality time in jail
TV Squad: "Did you ever wonder what happened to us?"
TV Obsessed: Recap
Give me my remote: Wicca and a Wedding
Cliqueclack: The planets align (spoilers for next week's episode but nothing beyond the promo) A Wedding and a Wiccan Funeral (spoilers for next week's episode but nothing beyond the promo)
Beliefnet: Wiccans on Bones
Series.NU: The Witch in the Wardrobe (mentioning of the next two episodes, but no real spoilers beyond the titles)
The TV Cricket
Paul Levinson's Infinite Regress: Ergo Together! Jailhouse, rocked!
The Wild Hunt: A bit about Bones

Michaela Conlin on "Hodgela"

Korbi TV caught up with Michaela Conlin to discuss the relationship between Angela and Hodgins. She even shares some insight into what's to come.

Spoiler warning!!! There are definite spoilers about future episodes.

More Info on the "Choose Your Own Bones-Venture" Videos

Here's an article on the Choose Your Own Bones-Venture fun. There will be more! I don't know about you, but I love it. It's much more engaging and interesting than simply one long interview video. Plus, you can take a Dance Break!

TJ Thyne talks Hodgela

Were you surprised by last night's twist regarding Hodgins and Angela?
TJ Thyne for one was all excited about it. Check out this article and video where he talks about how they got their groove back.

No spoilers beyond last night's episode "The Witch in the Wardrobe".

Yoda and Me

Emily Deschanel's boyfriend David Hornsby is half of the Yoda and Me podcast team. Emily recently graced them with a guest-spot.

Here's the thing - the humor involved is definitely NOT for everyone.

Here's a more important thing - this Emily playing a role, just like she plays on Bones. It is NOT Emily, the person, on this podcast. It's not her boyfriend saying these things either. They are both playing characters.

Yoda and Me: Episode 11 "Yoda Samantha"

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Promo for "The Boy with the Answer"

Next week's episode looks pretty intense! Definite spoiler warning.

Favorite Quotes: The Witch in the Wardrobe

Post your favorite quotes from tonight's Bones episode: The Witch in the Wardrobe.

What song was that in... "The Witch in the Wardrobe"?

If you have a question about any of the music from tonight's Bones episode "The Witch in the Wardrobe," post them here so they don't get lost in the episode discussion.

Episode Discussion: The Witch in the Wardrobe

Episode discussion for:

Bones, Season 5, Episode 20
The Witch in the Wardrobe

Please, please, PLEASE -


Please, do not say "wow, that must be what leads to..." or "well, that won't last because Hart Hanson said that 2 episodes from now she will..." or whatever. I will have to delete any comments that include spoilers for future episodes or download links.

If you see something in this that makes you think of an upcoming episode and possible impact, you can always find that episode's spoiler post here, and go wild. But PLEASE keep spoilers off this post.

Other than that, please discuss away, every aspect of this episode. Disagreements, as long as you are respectful, are more than welcome!!

Choose Your Own Bones-Venture

Some general spoiling for Hodgela in this "Choose Your Own Bones-Venture". Pretty neat! (And sweet) The fact that ends with 'peace out 'shippers' kind of made my evening - until Bones, at least!

Why Bones is such a great show

Check out this article in The Atlantic about why Bones is such a great show. (spoiler-free)

One tidbit:

And it's also possibly the best show ever about the adult lives of nerds. The team of scientists who work with Booth (the token adult popular kid) and Brennan are successful, well-dressed, attractive, and brilliant, even if they still make Star Wars jokes, wear elf ears to holiday parties, and obsess over conspiracy theories. And unlike the leads on shows like The Big Bang Theory, they're also (with one notable exception) resolutely functional—enabled rather than crippled by the collective experience of their past social awkwardness and academic devotion.
Thank you Carly, Courtney, and, of course, Alyssa, for the tips!

Happy Bonesday!

Tonight's Bones episode is: "The Witch in the Wardrobe." To read about it in advance, check out the tag here on the blog.

You can also read numerous articles about Kathy Reichs and her TV Writing experience here.

I will post the episode discussion tonight by 8pm eastern. If you just can't wait, remember there is always the spoiler post!

Please, DO NOT SPOIL in advance of this episode, EVEN THE TINIEST BIT, anywhere but in the spoiler post.

(Yup, I still hate net-yelling. But it seems to be working.)

The promo

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Another Blind Item!

Spoiler warning!!

Ausiello shares another blind item. The last one did NOT pertain to Bones. Do you think this one will? Do you HOPE it will?

Finale stills and teasing

KorbiTV offers some speculation about each of the episode stills for our season finale.

Three pictures aren't enough? Well apparently the season finale is always pretty light on info. Since the spoilers are flying (some confirmed, some not), I suppose we'll take it.

Speaking of which: SPOILER WARNING on this link.

Michaela Conlin at the 2010 PRISM Awards

Michaela was photographed when she arrived at the PRISM Awards at the Beverly Hills Hotel on April 22. The PRISM Awards are awards to the entertainment industry for the accurate depiction of social issues.
Michaela is looking gorgeous as always!

Longer versions of Pause videos

Fox has posted some longer versions of their Pause Public Service Announcements. There is one video of Emily Deschanel and David Boreanaz together and one video of John Francis Daley. They share some fun answers about life as a teen, difficult choices, and embarrassing stories. The link won't go straight to the video, so you'll have to click Watch & Listen at the top, then click They Paused just underneath the video that starts.

Did you notice a roundabout episode reference? King of the Post to whoever notices it first!

Behind- the-Scenes-Pictures from Various Episodes

Fox has put up a couple of Behind-the-Scenes pictures from the latest episodes. They can be found here.

'The Bones in the Booth', a graphic Bones novel

Hart Hanson and the official Fox site are highlighting this fan project, a graphic novel about Brennan and Booth. The things people will do for their favorite show... ;-)
Check it out here.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Episode Stills: The Beginning in the End

Fox has released three episode stills for the Bones Season 5 finale: The Beginning in the End. As always, they are in a separate album.

What do you think? They don't say a lot, technically, but sometimes pictures are worth a thousand words. Spoiler warning applies.

Finale Calendar for May

The TV Addict has a download available for you to keep track of all the finales ahead of you this May. Spoiler warning!!! This calendar is for times and dates only, but there is a spoiler in the calendar's caption on this site. Proceed with caution down to the link at the end of the paragraph for PDF or JPG files.

Sweets "spoiler" for you!

Who is as excited as I am about this "spoiler" straight from Hart Hanson?

Who wants this to happen more? John Francis Daley or Hart Hanson? Or the rest of the team?

It will definitely be "A Very Special Bones."

Kathy Reichs: Was 'Devil Bones' linked to UK Murder?

What is the worst that could happen to any mystery writer? That somebody copies your book in order to commit a real crime.
What happened to Temperance Brennan on "Bodies in the Book" has now also happened to her creator, Kathy Reichs.
Read the full story here.

Emily Deschanel has a 'Family' Plan

Emily Deschanel is set to topline Anne Renton's indie pic "The Perfect Family," opposite Kathleen Turner.
From producers Cora Olson and Jennifer Dubin, "Perfect Family" also stars Jason Ritter, Michael McGrady and Richard Chamberlain.

Renton will direct from a script by Claire Riley and Paula Goldberg.

Storyline revolves around a devoutly Catholic wife and mother (Turner) who has been nominated for one of the church's top awards. She goes about trying to prove she has the "perfect" family, refusing to accept them for who they are.

Deschanel plays the daughter, a successful lawyer who is a lesbian. The daughter, who is five months pregnant, struggles when it comes time to telling her mother the truth.

The rest of the article can be found here.

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