Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Another Blind Item!

Spoiler warning!!

Ausiello shares another blind item. The last one did NOT pertain to Bones. Do you think this one will? Do you HOPE it will?


Stephanie said...

Nope, don't think this one is Bones, either. We just did a huge flashback episode. Doing a flash-forward 6 episodes later just doesn't seem likely. Seems even less likely when you consider the theory that the opening of last year's finale episode was a glimpse into the future.

Plus, wording is everything for these blind items, and with a sentence like "A big-bang kinda mind-blow," it certainly seems like he's pointing directly to CBS's "Big Bang Theory."

Sarah said...

I don't think it's Bones, but as long as it's not permanent, I can deal...

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