Friday, May 28, 2010

Behind the Scenes with Mr. Billy Gibbons

A fun look at filming the finale.


Vorpaks said...


Angela's real name is Pearly Gates??? Poor kid!!!


Did I miss that somehow? I thought she never said her real name.

Anonymous said...

wow! i missed that too

Stephanie said...

Pearly Gates is Angela's middle name. We still don't know what her original first name was. I kind of doubt we ever will.

And they said that Pearly Gates is Angela's middle name during both weddings - so at the end of season 2 and when she married Hodgins this season.

Anonymous said...

oh thanks stephanie!

Vorpaks said...

Thanks Stephanie!

Her first name must be reeeeally bad if she doesn't mind admitting to Pearly Gates. :)

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