Friday, May 7, 2010

Bones Ratings: The Witch in the Wardrobe

Bones ratings dipped a little with "The Witch in the Wardrobe," but jumped by nearly a cool mil. going into the 2nd 1/2 hour.

Source: TVbytheNumbers

Time Net Show 18-49 Rating 18-49 Share Viewers Live+SD (Millions)

CBS Survivor: Heroes v. Villians 3.8 13 12.266
8:00 FOX Bones 2.4 8 8.490

NBC Community 2.0 7 4.488

CW The Vampire Diaries 1.6 6 3.426

ABC FlashForward 1.3 4 4.806

8:30 CBS Survivor: Heroes v. Villians 4.3 14 13.358

FOX Bones 2.6 8 9.272

NBC Parks & Recreation 1.9 6 4.107

CW The Vampire Diaries 1.6 5 3.316

ABC FlashForward 1.3 4 4.693


Anonymous said...

It can't be denied anymore. Ratings have dropped since the they decided to have Brennan shoot down Booth and move on. The were pulling in solid 10 million viewers and topped it at 12 million pre hiatus. Low marks first week back (when no one knew it was on) up for the 100th - - peaked at 9.74 the following week (probably to see where they took it) and it hasn't cracked 10 million viewers since. The hightest was 9.58 for the second half of the rocker in the rinse cycle. I think HH and company.

Anonymous said...

If people think the ratings are down now, just wait till after the season finale. There are a lot of people waiting to see how it all plays out. If there was a backlash after the S4 farce that was the final, wait till you see what happens after this. Should be interesting. LOL!!!

Anonymous said...

I'm disappointed. I thought the case was solid, and the supporting cast was good. This episode felt more like a throwback to season 1 and 2, but there is no denying the viewers are unhappy with the story arc since the 100. They are clearly sending a message, and the message is that Bones has missed its moment. Can he turn it around by the finale. Maybe. There are many viewers on the fence who are hoping for a great BB finale. If they don't get they may abandon the show.

For comparison Castle's ratings were 10.8M.

Louise S said...

I agree with Anon 2:52. The season finale is the key to whether this show continues to be as popular. I belong to a woman's club with 122 members, and we are all Bones fans. We have all hung in there to see how the BB relationship was unfolding. It seems that it has gone backward since the 100th. We all know that HH doesn't care about us, so the only way to protest is not watch, if the S5 is what we all expect with no BB resolution on the horizon.

Anonymous said...

Actually also Survivor has lost 2 million viewers since last winter.
In this season, May, Bones has always pulled same number of viewers even in the previous years. In spring 8pm is just too early. Look at the raise, every week, at the numbers after 8:30.

I don't believe people are stopping watching Bones because of the 100th episode (which I loved by the way, it was perfect for me).
I also don't believe the ones saying they stop watching Bones because of David's "outing".

Castle cannot be compared because it is on a different night and different time. If Bones was on a monday at 10/9 maybe they would do 12 million.

Anonymous said...

I agree with those who think the season finale is the key for the show. I hated the finale in season 3 and 4, and I was really annoyed with the 100.

Hanson has been toying with us viewers, and as viewers we are losing out patience. Each one of us asks ourselves why become invested on this show if the show runner himself is unwilling to give us what we want. Hanson has said that he will "eventually", but to many "eventually" is now. We won't wait another season.


Anonymous said...

FGP, talk for yourself, not for the viewers. I am a viewer and I LOVE season 5, and I think ep 100was the best thing I have ever seen on TV.
Just my humble opinion, but as valid as yours.
So, this viewer, is extremely happy Hanson is not just "giving you what YOU want", but happy he's following the story arc the way he thinks fit. I trust his story telling skills more than I trust some fans demands.

Anonymous said...

Anon 4:26,

The show has lost 800K viewers since the 100 -- a 10 percent decline. It has lost nearly 3.4M since (The Dentist in the Ditch) which hit 12.7M, the highest for the season.

But you are right. I will speak for myself.


Anonymous said...

Someone poseted this on the ABY.

The season 5 ratings:

09/24/2009 (TBitB) 8.8M viewers. (Survivor/ Flash Forward)
10/01/2009 (TPitP) 9.0M viewers. (Survivor/ Flash Forward)
10/08/2009 (TBDitN) 9.9M viewers. (Survivor/ Flash Forward)
10/15/2009 (ANitBM) 9.3M viewers. (Survivor/ Flash Forward)
11/05/2009 (TTMinTC) 8.9M viewers. (Survivor/ Flash Forward)
11/11/2009 (TDwarfinD) 10.1M viewers. (Survivor)
11/19/2009 (TFitF) 10.2M viewers. (Survivor)
12/02/2009 (TGameritG) 9.93M viewers. (Survivor)
12/09/2009 (TGoopitG) 10.8M viewers. (Survivor)
1/14/2010 (TXiTF) 10.2M viewers.
1/21/2010 (TPiTP) 12.4M viewers.
1/28/2010 (TDiTD) 12.7M viewers.
2/05/2010 (TDevItD) 12.6M viewers
4/01/2010 (TBoaBL) 8.4M viewers. (Survivor)
4/08/2010 (TPinSotW) 10.1M viewers. (Survivor)
4/15/2010 (TDotQB) 9.7M viewers. (Survivor)
4/22/2010 (TPitP) 9.3M viewers. (Survivor)
4/29/2010 (TRitRC) 9.6M viewers. (Survivor)
5/06/2010 (TWitWT) 9.2M viewers. (Survivor)

Early in the season, Bones faced two strong competitors: Survivor and Flash Forward. Flash Forward had just premiered, and there was a huge marketing push by ABC. The race was between these 3 shows. Eventually, FF started to decline and Bones pick up the slack. Bones highest ratings were achieve in the absence of Survivor. When the show came back after the hiatus, the shows ratings decline. Survivor was once again the competition and FF had by this time faded away. It is a two show race. Bones however has not grown.


Anonymous said...

you know a lot of people, are outside when the weather gets better and recording / downloading their favorite shows for later viewing.

Wendy said...

You've basically proved one thing with that list - Survivor > Bones in ratings.

Same thing happened last year.

Survivor on, Bones 8.88 m

No Survivor the next week, Bones 10.76m

Next week, Survivor, Bones 8.72m

People still love Bones. The winter haitus, and Survivor, hurt Bones ratings.

Anonymous said...

@Anon 4:10PM, If Castle and Bones were both running at the same time,Castle would kill it the ratings.

Anonymous said...

I respectfully disagree about Castle beating Bones if they were up against each other (not that that would ever happen, but still). If you notice Castle's ratings from last week, it was a 2.5 rating and 10.6 million viewers. Same rating as Bones, and slightly more overall viewers. Not a big difference in my opinion.

Not to mention, that compared to last year, Bones has actually increased slightly. The ratings for a May episode last year were 2.3 rating and something like 8.8 million viewers. The point: I think people still LOVE Bones, and it is probably one of the most dependable shows on in my opinion.

Anonymous said...

Anon 11:04, I agree with you, it has not deviated much in viewership, but I have to agree with previous posters that if the S5 finale is anywhere as bad as the S4 finale, you will see a dramatic drop in viewers for S6. If this show loses only one quarter of it's fans, that means they will lose 2 to 3 million fans. Just wonder how HH would put a spin on that? The 100th episode left a lot of people with a sour taste in their mouths.

Stephanie said...

Castle's ratings have absolutely no relevance to Bones or the ratings Bones gets. Different show, different network, different day, very different timeslot. Thursday at 8 pm has always been one of the most competetive timeslots for television shows. Monday at 10? Not so much. While I definitely agree that the two shows are similar, comparing the ratings will get you nowhere.

And guys, seriously? Bones has been on for five years. It's pretty commendable that the ratings are both holding steady, for the most part, and higher than what the were a season or two ago. Most shows have their highest ratings in season 1 or 2 and then steadily decline from there, if they even make it that far. Bones somehow managed to hit its rating high in seasons 4 and 5. It's doing fine.

Courtney said...

I'm not happy with the show any longer but I still watch it - Just hoping, I guess for some glimpse of the past glory of the show.

But, I do DVR it and watch is sometimes live but more often I watch the recording because I find I fast forward through much of the parts about the case because the cases now are so drab and I just don't care about them the way I used to.

I used to look forward to the show - now, a lot of times I forget it is on.

I still think shows have a shelf life - usually after 3 or 4 years I have found that I begin to lose interest as the writing, etc seems to decline.

We don't know the reason why the ratings are lower - I think it is presumptuous to speak for all fans by saying the show will lose a few million people next year or that fans were mostly unhappy with the 100th episode - that was actually my fave episode of the season because it had some hints of the old days - a victim I cared about more than any this season, and a terrifically acted final scene.

I don't care any longer about B&B getting together - they have worn me down with that. I just think the quality has declined enormously. But, nothing to do about that.

Anonymous said...


Like yourself, I really like the episode. It reminded me of the season 1 and 2 episodes were BB was not the prominent story on the show. From my standpoint, you could take this episode an place it in the earlier seasons.

As to the ratings, my comments have been simply to illustrate the what I believe to be the audience's dislike of the current story arc. Like you, I was a BB shipper, but I'm at a point were I no longer care. I just want the show to be good, the cases to be interesting, with interesting killers, compelling victims, and an ensemble cast that is always professional with the occasional comedic scenes thrown in. I don't want to see the Goofy Booth or the Childlike Brennan.


Yssel said...

I didn't like this episode. I found it boring. But season 5 is up to date my favourite season (I watch since the pilot).

I don't like people posting that they will stop watching UNLESS the creator is doing what they want. I find it also a nonsense predicting that ratings will go down because of that (all experts and pros in ratings and media?).
By the way, ratings seemed to have dropped since the first episode after the hiatus, not since ep 100th. So if something ruined the ratings, it was the hiatus (i.e. when survivor was back).

Bones is pulling extremely good ratings for its day and timeslot, in fact is one of Fox top shows and they are considering more than 6 seasons.

I understand some fan's frustration, but we are supposed to enjoy a TV program and have fun. If you don't maybe you should just look for something you like more.

Stephanie said...

I think Season 5 is my favorite, too! I always seem to love the seasons or episodes that everyone else hates (and vice versa,) so glad to see I'm not alone on that.

And yeah, I've read comments from both Hart and Kathy Reichs about how Fox is already talking about extending the actors' contracts so Bones can have 8 seasons (they're currently contracted for 7...or at least Emily is,) so I'm not at all worried about the ratings. Fox is happy.

What I really hate is when one person tries to project their opinion onto the fanbase as a whole. If you want to stop watching because you don't like what Hart is doing, do it, but there's no need to try and ruin it for everyone else. I've abandoned shows in their 5th or 6th seasons before because watching was no longer fun for me. But I didn't go onto the fan sites and try to convince all the other fans that the show was about to massively fail.

Vorpaks said...

I am quite happy with the story line, episodes and relatio ship... but I only recently got into the show. I watched seasons 1 through 4 over the course of a month, so I didn't have any sense of suspense. We'll see how I feel after this finale!

I think it is a testament to the quality of the show that I was able to watch multiple seasons without burning out. I hope the ratings stay high - I'd love to see another 2-3 seasons.

I watch castle too, and really enjoy it, but it doesn't (yet) have the depth of bones. I really care about everyone's storylines on Bones (even the interns), where on Castle it is really just about the main characters. I am very happy that I don't have to choose between the two, but if I did Bones would win.

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