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Episode Discussion: The Boy with the Answer

Episode discussion for:

Bones, Season 5, Episode 21
The Boy with the Answer

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Anonymous said...

I loved this episode but I felt that it was ruined by the terrible continuity throughout the whole episode. There were lost of little things like the hug on the different shoulders but what i found most distracting was the costuming. There were soooooo many mistakes here that I just can't list them all but watch everyone's outfits and how they change throughout the episode and you will see what i mean. It's really disappointing as the storyline and acting were fantastic and these mistakes just distracted me away from that. Whoever was in charge of set costuming and continuity should be fired!

Jen said...

I did notice that. It was wierd.

But overall a very powerful epi. lots of Brennan emotion and can't you just hear Booth's heart ripping?

Kay Yams said...

Just finished the ep. I'm shocked. It seems that things with Bones haven't been working out lately so I was actually surprised when the Gravedigger was (thank God) put away.

I dunno anything, but I really hope that Bones doesn't leave the Jeffersonian or stop her partnership with Booth. It seems that he has to keep reassuring her that they have each other, so with out each other, they won't have anything to keep them grounded.

Major deja vu at the end there right???

I really hope the season has a happy ending. I can't wait to see what happens next!!!

Anonymous said...

The episode was ok - the end was sooo sad. Anyone else finding themselves really depressed after every episode since 100...

Courtney said...

I wasn't emotionally moved - I saw the thing coming with Max as soon as I read about him hanging around the trial - it was just too obvious which is why I didn't like that part.

For me it is that the writing of the dialogue just isn't as sharp, witty or smart. So - I wind up not feeling anything.

But, I have to say that the dream sequence was done really well - usually I don't see those as being realistically like a dream, but this one was really well done.

The show won't exist without B&B together in some way - so I'm not feeling anything about the idea that she re-thinking working on solving murders. It's not like they are really going to split them up so I feel no suspense - just irritated that they are just throwing out whatever obstacles they can think of to avoid the inevitable.

Oh well, one more to go.

8490 said...

oh, that ending... :(

I noticed the costuming issues, but tried to ignore them. the storyline/script was pretty good, one of the best as far as bones goes, so it's unfortunate that they wouldn't pay so much attention to things like that. ugh. but I tried to ignore it as best I could so I could enjoy what was, otherwise, a great episode.

and did anyone see the end of the preview for next week's finale? talk about sad face :(

Rolywa said...

I did not notice the costume/continutiy issues- can someone give me an example?

I thought it was a good episode. Not great but solid. I thought the promo for next week's was a bit too light though...

ceecee said...

An intense episode.. everyone's feelings on edge. Booth was the together one...the voice of reason.
I liked Brennan in this epi. Serious, smart, focused. Booth is so there for her all the way.
The ending (yes, deja vu ending) left us feeling bad for both of them. It's not like Brennan to be all doom and gloom and not enjoy her work.
Caroline was enjoyable as usual. The thing with Max was kind of weird, but I like it when he's back in her life.
I believe next week will be heart wrenching and then we'll have to wait entire summer.

millie said...

definitely a deja vu ending....not sure what that is supposed to foreshadow/imply though...

and brennan better not leave. she can't leave. SHE CAN'T.

Anonymous said...

I'm getting caught up on the wedding thing. So the Bones people said there would be a wedding before the season was over, and then we had Sweets propose to Daisy...and then Angela and Hodgins got married. So what did they forget about Sweets and Daisy? or did I just miss something crucial?

Lisa said...

I was fairly disappointed with this episode. The continuity had issues. I was also a little disappointed in Brennan at first, it seemed like a digression in her development...I didn't know what to think. But then...this is Brennan's compartmentalizing behavior that we have seen before.

I did like the edgy-ness & helplessness the whole group endured as a whole. It was nice seeing them vulnerable & not as solid in solving the was realistic in the sense that sometimes in a real trial the evidence isn't that cut & dry & things get twisted. (Even though we all knew that woman did it.)

Altogether, the episode lacked the emotional punch or normal little touches of humor that breaks the tension.

Sarah (#2) said...

@ Kay Yams + ceecee + millie -- I got deja vu there, too. It was almost the exact scene from 6 years ago when she is driven away in the cab and looks back at a forlorn Booth.

It literally made my stomach hurt to watch.

Courtney said...

I just thought of something that was glaringly missing that would have added more emotion for me - the little boys parents weren't seen - they should have been at the trial - in real life they would have been there and in past seasons, they would have added the "heart" to the episode.

And, heart is what was really missing for me.

It seemed to be combination of both poor/dull writing and pretty lousy directing.

I'm wondering if they will do a time jump - have Bones take a year away and then we will see her return in the Fall. If so, yuck.

catnapping said...

is it jsut me, or did it feel like the writers just wanted to get that episode done, so they could get home?

the ending was supposed to be clever, i guess. but given that the 100th episode came out of the blue...maybe not so clever. I mean until the 100th episode, there was never any indication, allusion, reference, etc, that bones and booth had that heavy of a history.

so when they repeat the closing scene from a contrived, revised history - moved, not so much.

i'm annoyed with the writers. they could have brought these two together without all this crap. it's like moonlighting all over again.

there won't be a seventh season. and if this keeps up, bones will be remembered for their embarrassing final season.

Deborah said...

I liked it, very intense. I just wish they would have explored Booth's feelings about the whole thing a bit more. They even gave Cam a scene where she's worrying, but Booth is just very supportive throughout all. I would think he would have deeper feelings about being buried himself and thinking Bones would die when she was buried.
I don't understand what the last scene is trying to convey... does it mean she's going away? Are thing's changing? Does she care too much for him so she's leaving? If someone knows for sure, please explain away...

Eli said...

When Brennan and Booth were eating the chinese foods while doing/searching the paper work, Brennan worn a pink blouse and the same blouse when the verdict was finalized.

I love this episode but the intro doesn't do me. I think when Brennan woke up from her nightmare she has no sweats at all. It doesn't as intense as Aias or HitH. May be it doesn't not involve any of their friends.

And kudos to Taffet, I think she is stand out in this episode.The way she manipulated Angela's work on her voice's is excellent. First I'm not sure how the evidence can be dented but based on experience watching other shows, I think they have to list down all the evidences/witness before they present to the court.

@Anon 10:31
There is a spoiler mentioned that there will be a wedding in the episode before the finale. So Sweets and Daisy were engaged after the spoiler came out. But it will not surprise if they are getting married. But based on Hodgins and Angela current situation at that time it quite doesn't look like they're in the progression in that direction. So it will not a surprise if they reunited in one episode and married in the next episode. That's why it quite a surprise in one minute they're playing with the coins and later they married.

Anyway, I love all the episode since they started in April(except 100th). I like the fight between Brennan and Hodgins when she wanted to drop their kidnapping case. The Hodgins and Angela interaction and Sweets, Caroline and Cam were following them and throwing the confetties was cute. I just don't understand how Angela get the number from the victims picture and analyze and become a GPS no. Kudos for stated Angela's qualification.

Stephanie said...

To the Anon poster at 10:47 - Sweets and Daisy just got engaged 6 episodes ago. Their wedding, if it happens, will probably be next season. The average length of an engagement in the US is 18 months or something ridiculous like that. Angela & Hodgins was our wedding.

I loved this episode. I did notice that someone forgot to tell the cast to change clothes, but it's not really a big deal, so it didn't bother me. I actually kind of like it when TV characters wear the same things twice. I'm glad we finally heard Angela's credentials. I've always been curious about that. I'm a little nervous about Brennan, but I've always expected their partnership to be broken at some point throughout the series. I didn't expect that Brennan would be the one to consider breaking it, though, so that's surprising.

Deborah - if you want more info on what Brennan's thinking/how the last scene will affect next week's episode, I suggest you check out some spoiler websites because we can't really talk about it here.

Eli said...

eh ... i got the wrong time for Anon.

Not that it difficult to put the name there. ABC also is the name. ;)

Anonymous said...

Wow, surprised at lots of ambivalence or downer views, which of course is everyone's right to feel and express, especially as thoughtfully as happens here, unlike other places.

That said, I personally totally loved this episode and was glad it was so intense and lacked the usual more humorous breaks; also felt that the writing was definitely a cut above some of the last epis and reflected a more mature hand (i.e., SN's). I just flat out loved the ride and that I had not been spoiled except that Ryan O'Neal was a guest and it was the Gravedigger trial

I thought TJ was especially believable and in character as potentially losing it, but the tension that radiated from the rest of them also was brilliantly acted--kudos to them all.

I also thought ED was amazing in portraying Brennan's vulnerability and struggle to maintain rationality, and that DB was awesome in reverting to the Booth who looks after Brennan in ways big and small with the little gestures and glances that show us he hasn't moved on at all (not that I thought he had, but the nuance of his acting in this epi really was terrific, I felt).

@Courtney, completely agree that dream sequence was really well done when they usually aren't. Aside from acting, big props to director and editing on that one.

gabriel said...

I'm in an emotional phase in my life, so I have to admit I cried towards the end. So that affects my judgement of this episode. I needed an emotional epi like this for a long time, I really missed this kind of involvement from the team during this season. There were mistakes for sure, which I am always ready to overlook :) for the story's sake but will probably destroy my future rewatching experience. For now, I really felt the helplessness of these people, and it was really up to the jury to make a good or bad decision, so the suspense was great. You could really hate Taffet, and feel sorry for the Jeff team, which I credit to great acting on everybody's part. I for one didn't see what Max was going to do, but that might be the result of English not being my first language, and I didn't get Max's meaning before he left Booth. I think they did the best with the team's feelings towards the Gravedigger, Hodgins was very intense, Brennan was sufficiently shaken in her self-esteem, and Booth felt the need to act brave in this situation to help Brennan out of her misery (it wouldn't have been appropriate to confess past feelings after the 100th nor in in this situation where Brennan really needed him to be strong). I saw all the pain and helplessness on Booth's face alone, he didn't need the words to express what he felt.
What I also missed was the boy's parents, it would have added some more heart to the episode as in previous seasons, and since the case was no longer focusing on the kidnapping of the team members, they should have made it more realistic with this step. (Also their presence at the trial would have helped the jury to make the right decision and made Taffet look more guilty.)
I liked the looks on Brennan and Booth after they learnt about the Hodgela wedding. And I'm pretty sure the taxi de ja vu was intentional, and if I'm right, it must mean the same thing it meant in the 100th (=a separation in their working relationship?). (I hope that's not spoilerish, it was pretty much foreshadowed in this episode.)
I feel pretty sad, but am still hopeful. I haven't been disappointed so far to the point where I start revolting against what I see.

Tara said...

Poor Bren. Many things are beating her up this episode. 1. Since Sweet’s book and Booth’s confession, she has been struggling with the different vibe between her and Booth. 2. Having to remember being buried alive and almost losing Booth. 3. Taffet specifically taunting her. 4. Her father demonstrating that he might not have changed after all. 5. Her best friend getting married and not telling her.

I can see it perfectly for Brennen character to want to go away. For the most part, that is how she likes to handle things. I did think it was interesting that Brennen allowed herself to be comforted by Booth the entire ep, only to abruptly leave him on the sidewalk.

I really liked how evil Taffet was. I was so hoping she would be acquitted because I really want to see her again.

I also have to admit, after recording the ep, I brought it into FinalCut and mirrored the Bren on Booth’s shoulder shot. So my personal copy doesn’t have a distracting editing mistake now. ^_^;; ED’s hair part changes sides, but meh… I also always edit out blatant product placement. Screw you Toyota! (although I own on Pruis)

Kath said...

Done watching this episode last night.. but i can't give out anything to spoil many people..

It was a relief for everyone I think that the gravedigger was locked up... but still I don't think she'll give up.. after the last work she gave out to brennan... But still I'm happy about that...

On BB I'm kinda scared and sad for last night.. coz Booth is really giving out his best for bones not to give up and really trying very hard to keep their partnership.. and the look on his face is just heartbreaking in a lot of ways...Hope Brennan would get past this confusing estate... I mean she's been through a lot... Hope everything will just be okay...Brennan is really very emotional on this episode.. trying to be logical on everything but God we know and she knows the walls she build up a long time a go was already down and that scares her.. *sigh*

Just a little distracted with their outfit as well.. c'mon! So not accurate.. lol and the Hug... first her head was on booths left shoulder and the next time it's on the right.. Gawd..

And the ending is very similar on how they seperated during the 100th episode on their first case... Same as the look on their face.. and it made my heart aches a lot...

okay maybe I'm a little freaked out on everything about the duo but hey... I'm not the only one right?! and besides they would not break the partnership or bones won't leave coz.. Bones will not be Bones without the Bones.. lol okay I made that really confusing.. anyway here it is.. :)

anxious though for the next episode...

Anonymous said...

Last night I was on the nerve to slap/kill taffet. She really is very evil and how she can twist almost everything.. God!

Anonymous said...

I wanted to say something about Brennan in this episode. In the first 2-3 seasons what really worked wonderfully for me was (1)seeing the vulnerable side of Brennan as the story of her past was gradually brought out - ED played wonderfully - she did it again here(2)seeing how the case impacted her and brought out things in her own life. Finally, after all these last 2-3 season, I am seeing this now in this stage, I think it is brilliant - that is the continuity for me - it is this deeper part of her internal person with struggles and evolving process - not just "emotion" but the vulnerability. I am very glad to see that.

Somehow I remember reading that HH had Brennan's back story all thought out/plot out when they started the series. Since that back story, there are many well done story lines in between - but it is this deeper piece within her (and of course affects others around her, no doubt) that has made this show different than others for me.

I think any relationship without this vulnerability - it will just not be as interesting -

I think it is great that they let her to be real. No matter how much Brennan develops as a person - there are some things that is so core to her - without them, it won't be Brennan anymore.

my 2 cents

Stephanie said...

I had very high expectations for this episode and I was not disappointed! It was as good as I hoped. I was so into it, I didn't even notice the outfit problem or the switched shoulders during the hug, though I am sure I will see that on the rewatch.

This episode was as emotional and intense as I hoped it would be. I am really looking forward to next week though sad it's already the end of the season. I know some people feel differently, and that's fine, but I have really loved season 5 overall. It's felt very steady and consistent to me.

Stephanie said...

I didn't notice the switched shoulder thing until people pointed it out after the preview clips were released. And I've been thinking maybe they told Emily to do that? It was obviously two different takes since it was two different camera shots, so I was thinking maybe they shot the scene with the camera facing David first and then told Emily to put her head on his other shoulder once they changed the shot so they could clearly get her face on camera. It might've just been a mistake, but I was thinking it might've been more difficult for the camera to get Emily if she had stayed where she was.

I agree with those of you who thought the dream opening was well-done. It was really creepy, and I loved it. Emily's just really been fantastic this season.

Anonymous said...

I absolutely hated this episode. Everything were fake; Max's appearances and panics, Booth's close ups...

It used be just bad writing but now it is bad acting too. Only Caroline and Taffet's acting were good.

And what's up with the last scene? Brennan is quitting and Booth is suppose to beg again for her love! Come on, we already had that. First she can be in relationship because their partnership is very important to her. Now she can't even be his partner?!?!! because she can't deal with loosing him. I though she supposed to be logical!

Why not admitting that everybody is tired of this series and move on to something better. Please don't make season 7.

chillip said...

dang. i got carried away in the quotes discussion. i see some have hit some of my points here. i hope this isn't too redundant.


overall, i like. i think this episode, like the pain in the heart, didn't deserve a few more minutes, but maybe should have been a two-parter.

if anyone can help figure out what bones said under her breath after identifying the body i'd appreciate it. i'll keep trying.

as far as brennan, i think we are seeing the beginning of what for some would be a mild mental breakdown or just a "moment" -- for brennan, it's closer to a psychotic break.

a) attempt to separate her relationship with booth into a work only relationship -- after what is, in her heart, the man of her dreams, her white knight -- an attempt that has failed from the very start and seems near complete failure.

b) seeing her best friend making the leap into a committed relationship, with a co-worker, and the world didn't explode (at least yet :) )

c) finding that pinning the gravedigger down, though driven by her realization that throwing away their own cases was the key to winning, was primarily team-driven -- she contributed few breakthroughs. though her testimony on the stand was important -- the key parts were driven home by emotion, not science.

so what do we have left? a final retreat inside the citadel -- back to where temperance was temperance, not bones, not surrounded by friends and family. back to where tempe could do it all herself and not rely on others to help and give her the freedom to have a normal (for her) life outside of work.

this final retreat, if it occurs, also seems doomed for failure. in what form and how, who knows? i'd love it if HH & Co. when the direction i'd like, but there are a wealth of ideas that will work.

Yssel said...

I loved the episode, I think the acting was perfect, by everyone.

The deja vu taxi scene was genius, it surprised me and I love the meaning behind it (another chapter is closed, a new one will begin).

Brennan's emotional development is very consistent in my opinion. Booth had opened her heart, and now she has to find a way to deal with the overwhelming emotions she feels.
She even got threatened at the end, again, by Taffet. Her speech of needing time off is understandable.

I think they are preparing the ground for a great season 6.

Season 5 has been fantastic.

Anonymous said...

I overall loved this episode - best overall episode since the 100th for me. Although like many I did think after where were the boy's parents? That would have made the epi even better in my opinion and given the trial an even greater emotional impact. Maybe they just didn't have time...
Yssel(to quote):
"The deja vu taxi scene was genius, it surprised me and I love the meaning behind it (another chapter is closed, a new one will begin)".
Now that is a very interesting and great take on that end scene. Was sooo sad. Looking forward (although a tad scared) to next weeks epi can't believe it's the finale already seems 2 mins ago I was watching last years! Kaz

Steph said...

loved this episode, it was so intense!
i'm not sure if anyones mentioned it, but did you guys see the look between brennan and booth after angela says "no, it's love" ?
nawww :)
anyone else nervous for the season final!!??

Lily said...

@Anon 1:39 AM .. well i personally love the show and obviously plenty of people here do too.. so thats not everybody!

i loved this episode, i found i was able to become extremeley involved in the story and i could really feel the diverse emotions coming from eveyrone. i loved the argument between hodgins and brennan, i thought it was really well done the way they juxtaposed the emotional reactions from those two characters. i thought the 'deja vu' bit at the end was really beautiful and has left me feeling really sad, i don't want brennan to leave! overall, i loved this episode, up there with some of my favourites.

Meres15 said...

Overall I really liked the episode. The one thing that bothered me more than anything else is the fact that they don't even mention the GD's previous victims from AitS and HitH (Matthew and Ryan Kent and the others which originally started the GD investigation as well as Thomas Vega and the original US Attorney assigned to the case). I didn't really understand why she wouldn't be on trial for those crimes as well. I suppose they were omitted since it is only TV and there is a limited amount to time to work with but still!!

Aga said...

@ Meres -
the thought passed my mind as well - but I think there is one pretty good explanation - since they could not use the evidence from the locker, as Bren mentioned in the epi (when dropping the kidnapping charges) that it is only logical to built up a new case with new evidence. One that will hold in court. Mind that a lot of evidence was blown up in Hero in the Hold.
I would love to see her being prosecuted for all her crimes, but unless something can be proved, she is considered innocent.
Loved the episode overall. And I do agree with people liking the Temperance storyline. She so needs to move on, it is time for her, with everything has happened. She needs to 'run away'; while 'going on holiday' as Booth mentioned would mean coming back to the same things, unchanged. She can see things changing around her; that is how she feels, I assume. And feel the need to change herself. Just thinking out loud because as much as I can see she needs a break, I don't want her to go... Bones without Bones? Heartcrushing.
Just as this moment, the 'deja vu' in the taxi... she left him them, and I hope with all my hopes (it is only TV show! lol) that she won't... Or come back quickly!

dee-em said...

A niggling question I have--hope someone can answer it if I missed it in the epi--what did Cam use to compare the DNA from the dust-mite with? At what point did they get a sample of Taffet's DNA? Bet she wouldn't have simply given them a sample without asking why they wanted it!!

Shep said...

This episode actually felt more like a Bones epiosde! Loved having caroline back - she's just a breath of fresh air!

The good:
-They kept the episode serious. No goofiness about the actual case. -Thank God! Time wasn't wasted with pre-trial stuff. They got the courtroom scenes fast.
-I liked Brennan's angry outburst at Hodgins. It felt more like the old Brennan.
-Great acting from ED and T.J.

The not-so-good:
-I can't believe they only mentioned the case of this little boy. There was no mention of any of her other victims! And yes, where the hell were the boy's parents? And what about the other surviving victims - shouldn't they have been there to testify?
- I didn't like the dream sequence. It felt too generic with Hodgins and Booth's slow, long speech. I think it would have been more effective had it been shorter, a little less sequenced, more random.
-I love Angela/Hodgins but I found the gravedigger-is-coming-between us conversation mushy (in the boring way) and generic.

I have to say I did wonder at the end whether the Taffet would be found guilty or not. Whilst the pattern for each episode is supposed to end in the catching of the bad guy, I wonder if it might have been more interesting for the trial to have been more difficult, with the result being that she was found not guilty. It would have been braver of HH and they might have been able to develop an interesting arc out of that. Then again, I suppose that would mean they'd just have to have more gravedigger killings next season and it would have to end well eventually. And I guess it would end up echoing the Howard Epps arc, which was well done and remains my favourite.

As for B/B, well I don't know. I'll wait until the finale. I think it makes perfect sense that Brennan would get tired of murder solving. Before she got involved in this, she was dealing with skeletons that were centuries old. Even when she had to identify victims of mass genocide (the horrors of which she expresses more than once in the show), I doubt she would have been as emotionally involved as she has been working with Booth: she's had to meet victims' families and sometimes the cases have been very personal. I just wish that we had recieved some sort of build up to this through the season, instead of more wacky stuff.

Some good stuff in this episode. One of the better ones of the season. However, the writing is still lacking in the old Bones wit and spark. It's been so long since we've had a cracking good one-liner IMO.

Debby said...

I liked the episode. One nitpick though. What happened to the Catherine storyline. In last week's episode comments, someone said that we will never hear about Catherine and Hacker again. Whoever said that seems to be right. It seems odd that they would introduce Catherine as a possible love interest for Booth, and then kill it immediately. Can we all assume that he is still seeing her. Is Brennan still seeing Hacker? It seems a certainty that Brennan is going away for a while and does this mean that Booth is going to wait around for her to make up her mind about their relationship? WHEN is he going to wise up? I really feel bad for Booth. Oh well it's only a TV show.

Courtney said...

I know HH wants me to enjoy this journey as B&B explore their feelings, their potential work opportunities - but, for me, the writing is just not good enough for me to be caught up in it.

All I see/hear is every possible boulder being thrown in their way to prevent them from becoming romantically involved - so, I'm not feelin' this whole thing of them going separate ways (not spoiling; just thinking it based on what we have seen) -

With good writing I would be caught up in the story - now I just see it as a ploy. We know they will be together in one form or another or there is no show, but I don't feel the real angst Bones is supposedly feeling.

A slower build up to this with better writing would be really interesting.

Maybe after they the writers take their summer break they will come back with some more spark and wit again.

I'm pretty sure that Booth at least is still seeing Catherine - it's just in the background. Maybe we will hear mention next week. If they drop the Catherine and Hacker storylines, they will have really messed up.

monicaisabel said...

Last night episode, of course, made me cry. I was so sad when it finished….
But today, thinking about what happened I began to see it in another way.
Yes, at the end Brennan seems to have taken the decision of leave behind Booth, their partnership and murders solving too. And this is, of course, very, very sad.
But the point is that Brennan is showing for the first time since she and Booth began to solve crimes, how much murders and victims affect her. She used to compartmentalize things. The dead bodies were never persons while she was working on their bones. That was the way that allowed her to work in the terrible murders she usually deal with.
But this time, in the trial she was really sad when she described the way Taffet reduced the boy after kidnapping him. She told Booth while they were eating she was weak compared with the gravedigger because of her feelings and relationships.
Maybe the shell will be cracked at last. Was it Booth telling her that he loved her in episode 100th? Was it seeing Angela and Hodgings married? Was it to see that Booth is with her no matter how she acts with him. He is always there, always protecting her.
I don´t know the reason, but Brennan is definitely more human in this episode.

On the other hand, I am very sad for Booth.
Poor guy, unbelievable !!!! He is so supporting and loving and hot.
I am sure that they will not be together a as couple on the final episode. And so, I am sure that they will not be together until the end of the show.
And I have to admit it bothers me a lot !!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I liked this episode overall. The courtroom scenes on tv shows always bother me because they never seem realistic at all. But, I can overlook that.

The rest of the episode was great with each character having a chance to have great moments. I especially liked the acting by Emily and TJ. When the storage locker evidence was thrown out, and Caroline was asked if she wanted to continue the case, she looked at everyone, and Hodgins expression was so perfect! It was such a combination of anger, fear and embarassment at being scared.

I also thought the scenes with Brennan were awesome. I didn't notice costumes or heads on the wrong side. I saw her fear, uncertainty, and determination. The scene with Booth where she talks about the possibility of losing her objectivity and logic advantage--brilliant. It really speaks to the core of her character. She has kept herself so locked up emotionally for so long. Now she realizes that that is no longer the case. She is involved in relationships, and relationships can complicate logical thinking...relationships are risky...relationships are uncertain...unlike facts and logic, which to her do not change or possibly hurt you. Earlier in the season, I thought the episodes were just "treading water" as far as character development, now I think this aspect of the show is very strong again. If only they could have the cases and victims side as strong again, I would be in heaven! I hope they pull it all together next season!

Anonymous said...

Somebody try to explain to me why after she tells Booth that their PARTNERSHIP IS SO important to her, why she would even consider breaking it up and going on a dig? No continuity here and to me it doesn't make sense.

Courtney said...

Oh, I just realized: Bones got a TV - hmmm...I wonder why.

Something that also struck me as weird was watching Bones walking around the body in the lab in high heels - it seemed so un-Bones like.

And, this is now like the 4 or 5th episode in which we haven't seen Booth in the lab...I miss him there. I love seeing him listening to all the squint comments and not knowing what they are talking about.

I also miss them not having their end scene in either his or her apartment. It's always in the same place now - they removed that level of intimacy that came with being in one of their homes.

ceecee said...

Brennan seems to be feeling inadequate because she now has friends and relationships and loves people and thinks she has lost her edge because of it. She's also scared of losing all that.
I couldn't believe she was ready to stop their partnership, though, so soon after stating their partnership is so important to her.
The end was sad to me mainly because she left Booth....I don't believe they've ever had an ending scene that one of them left the other. He so did not want her to could she not go back inside with him and have another drink and talk some more?
I agree with someone who said, that Brennan had built up such walls .....that now she doesn't have them, she feels so vulnerable and can't deal with the possible consequences. It's too late cannot undo relationships so easily, once they have been formed and you've become close and care so much.
Our hearts are going to be so broken next week for Booth and Bones and all the team.

Anonymous said...

can anyone tell me the song that was playing when they went back into courtroom to hear the verdict?

I absolutely loved this episode. I love all of them.

chillip said...

Driving near sedona today but can't help but chime in a bit more. Continuety. Was good up until the final courtroom scene. Mild annoyance. Brennan with the "so" comment and this episode works as part of the mental breakdown aspect I describe above. As far as sweets and Daisy (and I love Daisy ) and Catherine and hacker, these are minor characters. HH and Co. are giving you the main course and you ask why didn't I get more salad? As far as DNA matching, in Virginia and many other states, anyone charged with a felony had to give a sample.

Mike said...

Liked it: Caroline was in it.

No worries about Tempe leaving: I just have a feeling next year will be the last season and we will get what we want. I do agree with several of the posters who say the road blocks are getting tedious.

Also the lady who played Taffet was awesome! What other shows has she been in?

Anonymous said...

I remember reading a comment a couple of weeks back that mentioned how they are taking a break from this blog because there are so many negative comments. I've only started checking this blog for the past season, but I'd have to agree with that person.

People are so worried about every nitpicky thing that is wrong with every single scene, that they forget to enjoy the episode. Someone mentioned how the court room scenes weren't real enough. Well, it's TV! Of course the scenes aren't going to be real enough! People are mentioning the errors in outfit continuity. Seriously, get over it and just enjoy the show! This was my favorite episode after the 100th and I'm so surprised that instead of talking about how amazing, intense, and game-changing this episode was, people are talking about the continuity of shoulders in a hug! Ridiculous. I doubt HH could do anything to make a lot of you guys happy.

Before anyone tells me to stop coming onto the blog, I probably will. Like the comment I read a few weeks back said, I enjoy the show much more when I don't read the negativity coming from consistent fan critics who will never be satisfied.

Anonymous said...

I agree completely with the last anon... Season 5 has been awesome in my opinion. I was so into this episode I didn't even notice the shoulder changing and the clothes. The tension was great, I really thought that maybe Taffet was going to be found not guilty. I continue to enjoy Bones. And although I too think that people seem to not be pleased with a lot of things, what can we do anyway? Just try to enjoy the show as it is (and it is a great show!)

Anonymous said...

@ Mike - The actress portraying Heather Taffet is Deirdre Lovejoy, and I agree, she's fantastic! She also plays a DA of some kind on The Wire. She's not in every episode, but she has a frequently recurring role. Her character's pretty bad-a** there, too, but still one of the good guys.

isabelm said...

Booth is Brennan toy or how Seely became Silly (part 1)

On the last episodes I began to feel uncomfortable with the way Bones manipulates Booth feelings.
So I looked back and I realized it began in season 4. Of course I caanot remember, not even mention here all the situations in which she manipulated him. But a s an example, I will mention some that come to my mind now.
1- Brennan dating Jared Booth. And trusting him immediately when he suggested that Booth was a looser. She repaired it at the end of the season, but only due to Cam´s comments.
2- Brennan trying to use Booth sperm to become pregnant and keeping him apart of any kind of participation. It sounded like :”You are not a man, you are my toy, so just give me your sperm (if doctors say it is good enough for me) and disappear from my sight”

In season 5, dating Hacker even when Booth asked her no to do so. Then at the end, in the museum, she manipulated him again making him think that she was going to kiss him.
But, up to that moment, she was supposed to ignore Booth feelings.
After 100th episode, there is no excuse. She knows Booth loves her. So what she does is pure, cruel and cold manipulation.

isabelm said...

Booth is Brennan toy or how Seely became Silly (part 2)

She asked Booth to dance a slow song even as he tried to avoid that situation.
She spoke about Hacker (such an idiot!!!!) several times even knowing than Booth should feel sad for it.
She remarked the importance of their partnership after rejecting him in 100th episode (can we still work together….thank you !!!!) and after the rock and roll episode (our partnership is so important for me !!!!).
And now what ????? During the gravedigger case she is going to abandon that too? What is Brennan except a selfish and capricious woman? And what is Booth reduced to when he tries all the time unsuccessfully to be with her?
Can he tell her to stop? Why is Booth always waiting like a poor abandoned dog ? Can´t he act as a person instead of acting like a puppet?
And what annoy me more is that everybody says oh…poor Bones, she is fragile, she can be hurt.
Remember when Booth confessed Cam his feelings for Brennan. (Be sure about your feelings, because if you crack that shell and you change your mind… she will die of loneliness…)
And Sweets, in Harbingers…. Telling Booth that his feelings will fade and so he had to be careful with Brennan because inside she is so fragile…..
And in 100th is the same Sweets that asks Booth to confess his love. WHY?
Nobody considers Booth? Evevn him has forgotten his own life to run after that icy woman.
I really hope Booth will be hooked up with Catherine very soon, to enjoy a real and since long ago deserved happy and hot romance.
He is so strong, handsome, sexy and hot and so idiot waiting for Brennan.

Cookie said...

BRAVO Isabelm!!! I come on this site every day,but have never commented before. Her obliviousness concerning Booth's feelings is getting tiresome. The Brennan lovers say that she is this way because of her childhood (being abandoned,etc.etc). On almost every episode, she will do or say something to crush Booth's heart. We get it, Booth is gaga over her. I know this only a TV SHOW, but it should imitate life in some way. NO MAN would ever put up with all her bullcrap, no matter how pretty and intelligent she is,ESPECIALLY one that looks like Booth. My hopes and wishes that Booth sticks to her when she decides to try a relationship with him, I think are doomed.

chillip said...

i almost responded before but cookie pushed me over the edge :)

oblivious? in no way shape or form.

cruelty from brennan? self-inflicted, really, if you want to look at it that way.

we got another glimpse into the b&b relationship from hodgela -- hodgins admitting that one reason he let them break up the first time was that he was afraid that he could maintain that level of happiness forever. brennan is unable, so far, to even experience the happiness.

Anonymous said...

WHAT A SUPRISE!! A Brennan lover trying to explain how she is not oblivious. UNBELIEVABLE

Stephanie said...

I don't think she's oblivious or cruel, either. If anything, this season has shown us that she's not oblivious. Even Booth's grandfather knew it! She told him that she didn't know what he was talking about, and he looked right at her and said "Yes, you do" after knowing her for about, what, three days?

I'm not sure at what point in this fandom that "Brennan lover" became a bad thing to some people, but it's unfortunate that so many viewers seem to see it that way. Some people easily relate to Booth and have trouble understanding Brennan, others of us easily identify with Brennan and have trouble relating to Booth. Nothing wrong with either perspective.

I think everyone was telling Booth to be so cautious in the season premiere for the same reason Booth is telling Brennan not to make any decisions about her future yet. It was too soon after his surgery, and Brennan hadn't even been around since he woke up. Nobody wanted him to rush into a rash decision that could end up hurting both of them. Sweets eventually encouraged Booth to gamble on them because he felt they were both ready for that. He was wrong, obviously, but...that happens.

Cookie said...

@Stephanie, Cookie here. I respect everybody's opinion on whom they relate to more. Please let me try to understand, after saying that her partnership with Booth was so important to her, why would she now decide to go away on a dig and abandon the one constant in her life. That seems oblivious to me.

Stephanie said...

I'm not sure why you're calling her oblivious in this situation. Oblivious means to be unconscious or unaware of something, so I'm not sure what you think she's oblivious of when it comes to her considering leaving after telling him their partnership was important to her. It's a contradiction, yes, but since the idea has just barely been touched upon, we don't really know what's going on yet. That's what the finale is for.

Basically, I think it comes down to what she said to Booth in her office in this episode. She's worried that her personal relationships have destroyed her ability to be logical and objective, which is the very basis of her belief system and how she views the world. Her partnership with Booth IS important to her, which is why she also, in this last episode, talked about how she was afraid of him getting hurt or almost dying again, but she's scared of how Booth and his place in her life influences her. Why's she thinking about leaving? Because when Brennan gets scared, she runs. That's been a part of her character since Day One. But I'm sure this contradiction will be explored in the finale this week, so hopefully you'll get your answers then.

chillip said...

is it me or is it getting a little spoilery in here?

stephanie is right -- brennan runs from emotional commitment.

there were other echos of brennan's standard reaction to answering tough questions in this episode as well.

i must admit i find some of the reactions/analysis here quite revealing.

isabelm said...

Come on Stephanie, Bones is very clever and she knows exactly when she is hurting Booth.
After episode 100th in the prom party when Booth is trying to scape, she asked him : can we dance Booth, "if it is not too hard for you"......
And when he puts some distance between them ...."why are you so far????"
And then she began to dance literally sticked to him.
She is playing with him all the time. She is concious of his feelings and he manipulates him anyway.
She is selfish and Booth has to wake up and find another woman who respects him.

pepi said...

I am with Cookie and isabelm.
I think that Bones is unnecessarily cruel with Booth.
And may I ask to everybody if it is good to love someone who is always denying her feelings and causing a lot of pain?
Is it in any way good for Booth?
I don´t think so. Brennan, the abandoned child is always abandoning Booth. Is it fair?

Anonymous said...

@Stephanie,Chillup, Brennan does run away form emotional commitment,but does that mean she constantly has to hurt Booth in saying cruel and stupid things while doing so. I know this is NOT going to happen, because Hanson doesn't have the guts, but I just wonder how all the Brennan lovers are going to feel if Booth decides to FLAT OUT turn her down when SHE wants to pursue a romantic relationship with him. I can just imagine OMG! how can he do that to her?

pepi said...

what a funny and nice idea anonymus !!!!! Booth turning Brennan down !!!!!
that is exactly what she deserves after all her selfish behaviour.
fingers crossed !!!!!!

Anonymous said...

you guys are railing on Brennan for deliberately hurting Booth and in the same breath hoping that he'll deliberately hurt her. really? that's what you want out of this ride?
i *do not* believe she is in any way aware of how much these things she does hurt him. she's come a long way, sure, but he's been her teacher the whole time, and he's made sure not to teach her about that, about how much she can hurt him, so is it any wonder she's clueless?
also...if Booth turns her down it would mean one of two things: 1) that she's been right this whole time and there is no such thing as the love he believes in, or 2) that he's not the man we've always thought he was. i cannot hope for either of those.

Stephanie said...

First you guys argue that Brennan is oblivious...then you argue that she knows exactly what she's doing. So which is it?

I'm not sure why that dance scene is sticking out so much for you. I just rewatched it, and she asks if it's too hard for him to dance and then apologizes for asking. They don't begin dancing until he tells her it's okay. She sticks to the distance he puts between them, even though dancing with outstretched arms like that is extremely awkward, especially for two people who are supposed to be pretending to be married. And then when she starts to cry, Booth moves towards her and they dance close together. No, I'm sorry, I don't see any cruelty in that. I agree that she's conscious of his feelings, but I don't think she does anything out of cruelty.

Honestly...I won't be shocked if they have Booth turn her down. It would be weird after his big "I'm that guy, Bones! I know!" speech from the 100th episode, but it's something I could see happening.

This is just a simple difference of opinion. You hate Brennan. I love her. There are other characters I dislike, but I won't try to convince their fans that their character is terrible. Why does "Brennan lover" have to be such a bad thing?

chillip said...

don't start attacking that dance scene! i will get medieval :)

that scene is so well done it's really hard to describe. it's a beautiful back-and-forth scene as each character breaks down a little more every step of the way.

the part where brennan reaches for booth and pulls back is such a nice touch and, i think, quite telling. so much not the action of a person looking to hurt someone else.

pepi said...

just a small clarification: I don´t hate Brennan but I think she doesn´t deserve Booth. He is such a guy!!!!
I wish he can love someone better than Bones, that´s all.

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