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Episode Discussion: The Witch in the Wardrobe

Episode discussion for:

Bones, Season 5, Episode 20
The Witch in the Wardrobe

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Anonymous said...

well, i'm excited for next week's episode.

Sarah said...

Some of my thoughts as I watch the episode...

Booth not wearing the damn dolphin tie? Yes please. lol

I swear it sounded like Clark said, "I'm going to f*** up these boots" LOL!

Loved when Cam said, "It's like arguing with one of the founding fathers." lmao

Also - when Booth and Bones were approaching the coven outside, was her arm linked with his? Or possibly holding hands? Or her tugging on his sleeve? It's kind of unimportant, overall, but I love my little B&B moments, lol.

Them popping up from the bushes was cute. I think Bones's expressions will make great icons, lol.

I love Hodgela. So glad they're being given back to us. I loved the sharing of old memories - the cabin, etc. It's always those little things you remember the most, ya know? I cried when Hodgins took her hand. I also love when the team has to "make do" with one or more of them missing, etc.

"Let's throw some coal in that thing and fire it up!" LOL

I love how into the Salem Witch Trials Sweets is! I think our generation (mine and Sweets's) learned a lot about the Trials in school growing up; I've always been into them

"Those naked ladies were trippin'." BAHAHAA! LOL

Booth is looking so young and red-haired and handsome. *swoon* lol


Anddddd the B&B ending. It's so nice to see him happier/goofy again. I bet I know what he meant when he wished for her happiness... Oh man, the way he smiles at her. "How many do you have?"


Overall, great episode! Felt more like the old days to me. I really enjoyed it.

Stephanie said...

I really liked this episode! The hodgins and angela ending took me completely by surprise. I love being spoiler free.

Lizzy said...

I really loved the Hodangela in this episode!! I was only saying yesterday to a friend of mine that I thought that they would marry this season!! I hope the next episode also turns out as I expect!!
Have you noticed that big steps in Hodanglea relation are witch episodes?!? (they started dating with the " blair witch case" (or sth like that...)
Alsop loved B&B interaction, especially at the ending!!
It really seems like old times... they really love each other

Anonymous said...

I did not like this episode. Sorry to the people who did. It seems to me that what happened in the 100th is already forgotten and we are back to them just being buddies. Where is the continuity? I knew this was going to happen, because that is Hanson's MO. What happened to Booth's new girlfriend, or is that to be forgotten also? This episode was so BB lite, that it was boring for me. Very disappointing.

chillip said...

as i said in the spoiler post, since i cheated and watched the canadian broadcast last night, and granted it was from a much sadder moment:

"well, i did not see that coming."

i was looking forward to this being a KR written episode. i thought brennan was more technical, which wasn't surprising. i thought she did a nice job with clark. i thought giving KR the "hodgela" moment was clever. it let KR write a TV ep but not be overly focused on her tempe.

Deborah said...

Loved Hodgela. It was clever of them to at least give something to the audience. I don't think this episode was very relevant though. I feel like next week's episode is going to be much better.
I also liked Booth's definition of happiness: love, laughter, friendship, purpose, and a dance. It's all the things they both have shared, the things that are "theirs".

Trish said...

As has been said before, "I didn't see that coming,"

I didn't, with Hogela. Yay! Finally. Been so focused with BB, that I was just about ignoring them.

And I am glad that BB seemed like themselves and smiled and joked Yes, maybe not moving forward like some people seem to want, but this episode is what I watch for. You can tell that they love each other. Brennan knows it, but is just so afraid of giving in for fear of possibly losing him...what pain she must still feel from the loss of her family so long ago. I was hoping after all this time with Booth that she could trust and know that Booth isn't going to leave her.

KR did an excellent transition to TV writing. Brennan, Clark, Cam and Sweets handled the absence of Angela and Hogins well, which of course helped facilitate their relationship.

Shows seem to be getting better. Makes me a little worried about the finale...

I love this show.

Amanda said...

My only response after that commercial break was WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAT?!

Other than that ... yay Hodgela :)

Cheryl said...

I loved it (duh). Hello Hodgela! SO good to have u back! The Sheriff? Needs a present fa sure! "Sry I got caught up in the excitement of the chase" "I love the law" "...ignore a piece of paper today, tmrw we're releasing a murderer".

I like it when Clarke slips out of professional "The naked ladies were trippin'!"

And, duh, MoveOnExperiment!Fail.

@Anon I do not think it's a lack of continuity. Observe:

100- Bren rejects Booth's offer; Booth must move on

101- BB r AWKWARD pretending to be married at her high schl reunion so they can find the murderer

102-Booth starts dating Catherine; Bren is back with Hacker. Before their dates, they reveal that they are the standard by which all other dates r judged; they promptly meet up post-dates to discuss their dates over beer

103-More of Cathy & Hacker & social contracts, which Jealous!Bren can _not_ shut up abt. They are again at FF, together, affirming how important they are to each other & would die for the other, tho Booth is "moving on"

104- No Hacker or Cathy in sight. And it fits. cuz moving on? Has failed. And Booth? Wishes for her happiness which may as well be code for "moving on was a lie & it sucked cuz I still only really want u & it wasn't fair to put Catherine thru that any longer. So here's to UR happiness, & hopefully my role in that".

Anonymous said...

First, I will say that from a case standpoint it was interesting, but what I really like about it was the level of professionalism that was shown. Sure there were funny moments, but no one acted as though the case was an afterthought. I was impressed with Clark and Sweets; they were funny and not annoying. Cam was delightful. Hodge and Angela were engaging (wow they were in the screen for more than 30 seconds and were not props). Booth was professional in the field and in the interrogations, funny with Brennan and Sweets, and overall not the goofy guy he has been for the last two seasons. As for Brennan, where has this Brennan been. This is the Brennan from the first 3 seasons.

I will also like to thank Kathy Reichs for this good episode. She probably shares my opinion that the entire third party story arc is stupid. Maybe this is why there was no mention of Catherine and Hacker. You can really take this episode and place it outside this entire dreadful final story arc. It's more like a season 2 episode. Maybe Hanson should just hand control of the show to KR to get out quality show back.


Jen said...

Yay for Hodegela! I guessed it the moment I saw the barber/judge.
Where was Angela's ring from??
I like anthropologcally aware Brennan.
Also I was a little confused on how the coven took the drugs.

Courtney said...

I don't think Booth has stopped seeing Catherine - she just doesn't get mentioned this episode (neither did Hacker) - I'm pretty sure she is still in the picture - not spoiled; just my feeling.

It was okay though yet again I miss feeling any emotional connection to the cases/victims - I also miss seeing Booth in the lab. I have read the DB has said he hates being in the lab and if never had to be again he would be fine with that. But, I always liked his being there and watching him trying to keep up with all the squint talk and having his own case realizations while there - he wasn't in the lab last week either.

The more he is out of the lab, the less he and Bones are together. Another thing I miss is that they now just wind up at the end of a case at the restaurant. They used to end up sometimes at his apartment, even hers (when she made him macaroni and cheese) - we no longer see their personal spaces.

Glad they resolved the Angela/Hodgins stuff - I was getting a tad weary of it.

What I miss is what they brought back briefly in the 100th episode - and that was a case and a victim I cared about.

Anonymous said...

i'm just so over Bones. where is the chemistry? ALL GONE!

Anonymous said...


I was not disappointed in this episode. There were many elements that I enjoyed--many discussed in the comments above. My favorite moment, by far, was "the wedding"! Hooray for Hodgins and Angela!!

Clark did not annoy in this one, either. In fact, I actually liked him for the first time!

I liked the BB interactions in this ep, especially the end. Loved the "little Bones", and the wish. Although we want them to move forward, that isn't logical at this point in the storyline.

Also, agree with Cheryl above that there actually has been continuity in the episodes since the 100th. I was thinking about that this morning, and I think it is because they shot those episodes one right after the other, and they have aired in order. In the past, Hanson has talked about how sometimes they have to change the order of episodes for one reason or another.

Overall, I thought the case and the episode were good--not among the best I've seen of Bones, but solid. Again, what really recaptured some of the magic of prior seasons was the wedding at the end. It was such a great moment! Sigh....

Eli said...

I love every single scene that involved Hodgins and Angela.

The sheriff is my main suspect because he is the very bad guy among the bad guys in Prison Break.

So it is funny to see how loyalty he is to the country. And how excited he is throwing the confetti.

Eli said...

Angela's ring is her thing on her thing. LOL.

May be this is the inside joke, I don't understand what Hodgins means by we are not in Kansas anymore?

Cheryl said...

It's from a children's book (The Wizard of Oz) I think. Dorothy (main character) starts out in Kansas but when she clicks her heels together she ends up in Oz. I think there was a witch in Oz who wore red slippers. And I assume that at some point in the story she sees s'thing that causes her to say "We're not in Kansas anymore". I could be's been a while & Oz is fuzzy in my mind now.

chillip said...

it is a sign that i'm getting old that "these kids today" don't get an obvious wizard of oz reference :)

also, eli, good point on the ring. it didn't even occur to me as being an option but you are probably right. also, thanks for the prison break reference. clear inside joke, though i didn't watch prison break, it is nice to know.

Shep said...

I didn't like this episode much. I found myself not caring about anything. I'm glad Angela/Hodgins has been resolved (though it wasn't a surprise as I was accidentally spoiled about it). But nothing stood out for me, except for the end B/B scene which I thought was quite cute.

I miss the witty banter and cracking one-liners. I miss Booth in the lab, too.

Anonymous said...

@shep: with you all the way. miss the old 'Bones'.

i'm not a shipper, i don't care if B&B end up together or not. i just want an hour of entertainment and that is missng nowadays.

so sad. season finale title should be "the beginning of the end"....

Maggy said...

My care factor for Angela and Hodge went down when they threw Wendel in. I so didn't care. I was shocked they got married THIS EP but yeah, I was like. OH ok. Wow. Whatever. Moving on. lol I think it has to do with the fact that Wendel was a poor subplot IMO and I didn't they had any chemistry. At all.

I think the writers need to get a new hook/idea/ploy/whatever you call it... I mean they threw Wendel in to get Angela and Hodge back together/create tension whatever... so they bring in another two other people to do the same for Booth and Brennan??? I mean what is up with the need for "love triangles"? I can't stand Catherine and Hacker only amused me in that one episode where the Men in Black took over the lab. hah

Other than that, I thought it was an OK ep. I agree that I didn't care about the victim or the murderers. It was kinda meh. But I DID like Brennan more this episode. She wasn't the goofy idiot she's been in the last few.

I thought BB had more chemistry in this ep than they had mid season. Mid season was awful. I was ready to throw in the towel. The little bones thing made me smile. Poor BB. So many emotional obstacles there. I wish they'd climb them already. I can't continue to watch them dance for another season with other love interests and crap.

But I have an idea whats gonna happen at the end of this season... it happens in EVERY show where there are partners and I really wish they wouldn't go for this cliche but I FEEL it coming. And its gonna be a pain.

Colleen said...

I'm done. Last night was it for me. Hanson has killed what used to be a great show.

Angela drives me nuts, and the thought of her with Hodgins makes me sick. I'm out.

Anonymous said...

Most boring episode of season 5.

Uninteresting case, slow scenes, even the Hodgela was boring.

I hope KR stays with her books (that I like very much) and doesn't write anything for Bones anymore.

Anonymous said...

Obviously there have been mixed opinion on the latest episode, however I for one LOVED this episode it felt like old times. I thought KR done a great job and this is probably a more realistic view of how these things actually work so well done Kathy.
On to the episode itself the case was one of the most interesting of recent times KR has actually used this type of case in one of her books in relation to witchcraft the fact that half the team were locked up in the jail and the adaptation the other characters had to do was good also.
Angela and Hodgins story was sweet and the B&B situation was a bit more relaxed than in recent week although for me this should still be strained as much as a shipper as I am seriously damaged people -as they are portrayed to be - in my opinion would be a lot more strained in terms of their interactions with one another than this.

Eli said...

Thanks for the clarification.

I just watched S1 and S2 and a bit of S3. After that I'm tired who will they break the prison to save for.

Wow ... I don't know that I'm among minority who love this episode.

I'm ok regarding Catherine story line. I think I know how people will react if they shown Booth and Catherine in more intimate situation. After 7 years and many people pushing in their direction the only thing they get is I love you attagirl/boy.

I agree about Wendell story line. He supposed to be a Robin for a batman, a Robin that Phoebe (Friends) said a gay boy. He supposed to be just 'Sweets' for Hodgins and Angela. Of course it's a boring story line.

Like to see how they write stories for Hodgins/Angela in S6. Angela already promises a pain in the vow.

Elizabeth said...

Fun episode. This one and last weeks have me feeling like the old days of Bones. I especially love, love, love the ending on this one.

K said...

I was planning to resist Bones 'til the end of the season, but who am I kidding? I can't stay away.

I'm one of the folks with mixed reactions to this one. B&B were great--totally believable in terms of the post-100 dynamic yet also kind of old-school. The mushiness of Booth's wish was ok b/c this time, unlike lately, it was balanced out w/ some great bickering/flirting repartee. Brennan was also awesome in an old-school way--she was the smart, kick-ass, slightly awkward Brennan rather than the over-written idiot she's been. And while I agree the jail plot was ham-handed (stupid delayed phone call aside, wouldn't those warrants have turned up during, um, security reviews?!), I thought the wedding was perfect for H&A's characters.

As per S5 usual, my major complaint was the case. So much potential for awesomeness and just not enough time! If I'd cared about the witches or had even seen them for more than two seconds it would've been fascinating to think about what it must be like to have committed a crime under such confusing circumstances. Could've led to some interesting thoughts from the team about what people do when they're not in their right minds but alas, another missed opportunity.

Overall, though, even though I thought the ep was boring, it felt almost S1-3 boring rather than S5 boring, and (oddly enough) that's a very good thing.

Anonymous said...

I absolutely loved parts of this episode - Hodgela parts (especially the kiss and wedding scenes) and thought Booth and Brennan were better again this episode, particularly Brennan. Also really liked Clark and Sweets in the episode. But where have the great, moving, emotional plot/ storylines gone for the actual cases this season?! (and most of season 4 for that matter) :o( I just rewatched PITP (5x03)and HITF (5x01) and both had good interesting plots where you could actually feel sympathy for the victims and cared what had happened to them!! Especially PITP which is one of my favourite episodes ever but doesn't really have much BB but it doesn't need it. The end of that episode makes me cry my eyes out it is so moving. I want more episodes where the case moves me as much as the BB HA sub plots!!

Stephanie said...

And I thought Plain in the Prodigy was rather boring, haha.

I liked the case this week because I somehow managed to follow it. They usually lose me about halfway through the episode. Granted, I'm probably not paying enough attention to the cases, so that's probably my fault, but I didn't get confused with the case storyline this week, so I liked that. I also liked that they had to solve it with limited access to Hodgins and Angela. That was interesting.

LOVED Hodgins and Angela! But wow, they were in jail for a long time. I didn't notice the first time I watched, but if the other characters' wardrobe changes were any indication, Angela and Hodgins were in jail for three days! I can't wait to see married Hodgela, though. That's going to be fun. And I really hope we get to see them telling everyone they got married. I really want to see the reactions.

Anonymous said...

Stephanie - Interesting that you thought that PITP was boring I have a feeling that I like that episode so much because you find out so much info on the victim and you get to see him! Not only a photo but also videos. He is a boy that is loved by many and has a special gift a bit different than the victim in the latest episode!

IsabelF said...

This episode was completely boring. Except for Angela an Hodgings that are great.
I am pretty tired of Bones and Booth thing. How old are them? Teenagers? It is unbelilavable after 5 years they are still thinking if they should be together or not-
By the way, I watch the christmas extended kiss today, and I think it is the best of all, really hot.
The episode 100th old time kiss was good, just good, no more. The present time one was not a real kiss because it was only a Booth kiss, Brennan didn´t move or show interest.
So, what are they doing a serie for kids? It is natural and we all want B&B having a normal, hot and sexy life.
They are adult people so what´s up? Can´t they kiss and have sex like all normal people?
I am not sure if I will watch season 6 because there is nothing new under the sun, always the same game.

Elizabeth said...

IsabelF, not all "adults" have smooth relationships. Some of us, and I'm 50, have weathered rather rocky waters trying to find that perfect someone. Likewise, sex outside of marriage isn't "normal" for everyone either. It's rather nice to see a TV couple that isn't pushed into the "normal" TV relationship, but rather has to work at it, like real life.
Happily ever after is the fairy tale, after all.

Stephanie said...

I agree with Elizabeth. I don't think there is a "normal" when it comes to relationships, as everyone and every couple is different. And I don't think they're acting like kids. I feel like teenagers, as compared to adults, would be the ones to just do it and not think about the consequences or how changing their relationship like that could affect them in the future. Booth and Brennan are adults, so they're mature enough to understand that making those changes would have consequences. I think the writers are writing their relationship very well. They're staying very true to the characters they've created, in my opinion.

Collex said...

I can't belive some people were pissed there was "non continuity" because nobody talked about Hacker or Catherine this week.

It's not because one plot thread is not mentionned one episode that it means it's forgotten. Not every plot thread must be in every episodes. Angela did not talk about Wendell is every episodes while she was going out with him.

As for a mor ein-universe explanation -- Booth, Brennan, Hacker and Catherine are all extremely busy people. It would be totally possible that they just couldn,t see each other this week. They all have work, friends, family etc., that going out may not be their priority.

Anonymous said...

@Collex, I respect your opinion, even if I disagree. There is no continuity on this show. I would venture anything that Catherine and Hacker's names never come up again. This disappoints me because I thought that Booth was really trying to move on. Hanson will NEVER give Booth a new girlfriend for 3 to 4 episodes. I don't know why because it was certainly OK for Brennan with Sully.

Stephanie said...

Sully was three years ago...and happened shortly after Booth's 7 or 8 episode relationship with Cam. I don't think you can compare relationships that happened three years ago to what could/should happen in the show now because Booth and Brennan's relationship isn't the same now as it was when she dated Sully.

I do agree, though, that we may never hear about Catherine again. Hopefully they'll address her at some point, since we know that Booth did see her again after what we saw in "Predator in the Pool," but since Rena Sofer said her loyalties lie with NCIS, I don't expect to see her again. And I agree that Booth is trying to move on. But being successful at moving on isn't the same thing as trying to do so.

Courtney said...

I believe we will definitely hear about Catherine and Hacker again - we may not see the characters, but I don't think they will ignored.

I've been thinking - and this is not based on anything at all - that the finale will have Booth making a life changing decision that will separate them as partners and that we will know he is trying to make something of his relationship with Catherine - just a hunch. Or, what would the cliffhanger be in the finale exactly? HH isn't going to put B&B together because - heaven forbid - there wouldn't be some angsty finale for the viewers to be annoyed about for months until the next season.

Of course, whatever they do, B&B will have to reunite soon in the new season or, for me, there is not show without them as partners.

It will be interesting to learn what it is that eventually allows Bones to believe she can make a commitment to another human being - if, indeed, HH intends for them to eventually be a couple. I am curious as to what that catalyst will be because people don't change that much so, I guess we will have to wait and find out.

Anonymous said...

Who knows if we will see Catherine again? We know there is a Parker out there somewhere, but we haven't seen him in quite a while. That doesn't mean Booth doesn't have a relationship with him. Same with Brennan's father and brother. As far as Hacker, he has been on shows off and on this season. He sort of comes and goes, so he may be back as some point. Also, even though we see the show each week, and assume that a week has gone by in the lives of the characters, I don't think that is the way it works. Passing time is ambiguous on tv shows.

As far as the relationship between Brennan and Booth, there is a fantastic description at the website below. Everyone may not agree, but I think it describes their dynamic perfectly! Check out the "string of tension" at this website:

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