Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Episode Stills: The Beginning in the End

Fox has released three episode stills for the Bones Season 5 finale: The Beginning in the End. As always, they are in a separate album.

What do you think? They don't say a lot, technically, but sometimes pictures are worth a thousand words. Spoiler warning applies.


Stephanie said...

I've decided to just stop guessing at what the finale will bring, but I do have to say that I love this Hodgins and Angela picture! They're adorable.

Sarah (#2) said...

The first photograph looks like Booth is trying to convince Bones of something. To stay? To leave?

The second photograph looks like Booth is contemplating a letter. A letter for him? A letter for Bones? I'm assuming the letter is a job offer -- but for which one?

Anonymous said...

Hodgins! Angela! Ring! Enough said!

Meg said...

They are just teasing us with Booth sitting there alone. I belive nothing until I see :)

IsabelF said...

I think that what these photos show us is that we will have to wait for another year to see Booth and Brennan together.
I mean another year if the show finishes at season 6. If there are more seasons, maybe we will have to wait until they meet in the nursing home. And there they will kiss, but no sex, because they will be too old.

Sarah (#2) said...

LMAO @ IsabelF :-D Love the too old for sex idea. Don't let Hart Hanson hear it, he might just do it!!

Courtney said...

It looks to me like Booth asks Bones for her opinion about his choice and my guess is that she tells him to accept whatever the offer is - and the next photo is Booth looking a bit taken aback by her saying he should go -

Anyway - that's my guess...and, only that - a guess.

Anonymous said...


If you are right, we have to witness another Booth heart break. How many times does he have to tolerate Brennan crush him before moving on for real?

Courtney said...

I think that perhaps having them apart for awhile is what HH has in mind as the catalyst for Bones to realize they need/should be together - just a thought on my part.

I think if Booth is offered a terrific opportunity, it will show Bones' love for him by urging him to accept it rather than being selfish and urge him to say just so she can remain content with their partnership.

If she can't commit as a lover, she really should encourage him to take up a good offer - trying to keep him from going would make me lose respect for the character. Either she's in or she's out - and since she's declared herself out - let him go.

Anyway - that's my view.

Anonymous said...

@Courtney: i could not agree more. let him go!

let's just move on from this. the chemistry has died.

LotteMack said...

GOD i wish hart hanson read this blog.

then he'd realise how fast he'd better do something before he loses a tonna fans.

Courtney said...

I don't think the chemistry has completely left the building but it's getting there for me as we continue to get yanked around by these nonsensical obstacles they are placing in their paths - and, I can't stand what HH has done to the Bones character - gad, he's made her a cartoon.

When he gives us the few infrequent glimpses of Bones as less absurd - I see the chemistry in full bloom as it was in last scene of the 100th episode - I thought they both were really so excellent in that scene and on fire.

I was watching The Blonde in the Game the other evening and wow - she was so normal (well, for her) - she spoke like a regular person without all these weird clipped sentences and inane comments.

When she killed the bad guy, she cried over the photo of one of the earlier victims and he comforted her and offered her Jasper the pig, telling her she would be alright.

It was all so real and not cartoonish. If HH can bring back that Bones I won't gripe so much.

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