Thursday, May 13, 2010

Favorite Quotes: The Boy with the Answer

Post your favorite quotes from tonight's Bones episode: The Boy with the Answer.


Anonymous said...

"I will never forget what happened to us, to Booth, to this boy"
"When are you gonna learn not to mess with me?"
"I have the sense that everything's changing, Booth."
"I might need more than a little time."

AshleyG said...

"One assumes in a just world one would pay"

"That's assuming a just world"

Anonymous said...

"just buy me a sweater like a regular dad."

Sarah (#2) said...

I loved the sweater quote! Fantastic! :-D

Anonymous said...

You're more brilliant-Booth

and the sweater comment :)

Deborah said...

Caroline: So, how's your girlfriend holding up?
Booth: She's fine...she's not my girldfriend.
Caroline: Oh! So those looks between you...
Booth: Nothing.
Caroline: Right... hope you're more believable in the stand.

chillip said...

overall, i like. i think this episode, like the pain in the heart, didn't deserve a few more minutes, but maybe should have been a two-parter.

if anyone can help figure out what bones said under her breath after identifying the body i'd appreciate it. i'll keep trying.

as far as brennan, i think we are seeing the beginning of what for some would be a mild mental breakdown or just a "moment" -- for brennan, it's closer to a psychotic break.

a) attempt to separate her relationship with booth into a work only relationship -- after what is, in her heart, the man of her dreams, her white knight -- an attempt that has failed from the very start and seems near complete failure.

b) seeing her best friend making the leap into a committed relationship, with a co-worker, and the world didn't explode (at least yet :) )

c) finding that pinning the gravedigger down, though driven by her realization that throwing away their own cases was the key to winning, was primarily team-driven -- she contributed few breakthroughs. though her testimony on the stand was important -- the key parts were driven home by emotion, not science.

so what do we have left? a final retreat inside the citadel -- back to where temperance was temperance, not bones, not surrounded by friends and family. back to where tempe could do it all herself and not rely on others to help and give her the freedom to have a normal (for her) life outside of work.

this final retreat, if it occurs, also seems doomed for failure. in what form and how, who knows? i'd love it if HH & Co. when the direction i'd like, but there are a wealth of ideas that will work.

da_Liza said...

Caroline: I'm cute; I'll find another job.

Brennan: (along the lines of) I admire your ability to replace reality with optimism

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