Thursday, May 13, 2010

Favorite TV Girlfriends

Buddy TV has compiled a list of favorite TV girlfriends and guess who comes in as number 9?

Angela Montenegro, Bones

Any girl who knows an awful lot about sex and romance is a pretty good catch but Angela has a lot more to offer than that. She’s quirky, friendly and intelligent—traits that perfectly compliment her wild-child personality.


Anonymous said...

Are they kidding.,Where's Emily?

Stephanie said... all fairness, we've never really seen Brennan be a girlfriend on Bones. She may not have even qualified for the list since they seem to mean "girlfriend" in the romantic sense of the word instead of the best friend use of the term.

Anonymous said...

Sorry Stephanie, I misunderstood what they meant as girlfriends. I thought it meant who men viewers would want for a girlfriend. In that case Brennan would have to be if not at the top but pretty near it.

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