Saturday, May 15, 2010

Fox Upfronts

Hart Hanson has confirmed that David Boreanaz and Emily Deschanel will be representing Bones for upfronts. For anyone who said, "I don't know what that means," he also explained.


Anonymous said...

Ummm, yeah. They're the leads. Seems pretty obvious, unless I'm missing something...?

Stephanie said...

You're not missing anything. A lot of people just weren't sure if they'd make it this year. I wasn't sure if Emily would be there since she's working on that new movie right now. And I think some people were wondering if David would be making public appearances after the latest "news" about his personal life.

Anonymous said...

@Stephanie -- The "news" has already been proven false by TMZ. As far as anyone knows, he and his wife are going out on dates together and his mom and dad as well as her mom and dad are helping them move into their new house; this whole thing is already behind them and I personally think that they're going to come out of it stronger than ever. I'm glad that he knows that his fans are still behind him, even though we all really wish he hadn't done it.

Stephanie said...

I don't know what you're talking about since David himself admitted to cheating, so nobody can prove that false since it came directly from him. If there's been another story since People magazine's interview with David & Jamie, I haven't seen it. I don't read TMZ, and I don't really keep up with David. You commented on the other thread about not being sure he would really appear on a talk show, so it's perfectly logical that others would be wondering if David would appear at the Upfronts.

Anonymous said...

@Stephanie: Sorry! I was talking about the text messages that RadarOnline claimed were from him and Uchitel -- TMZ just proved that they were a load of BS.

catnapping said...

You can bet your bottom dollar that Boreanaz will not only be on that talk show, but that he's already practiced a short speech/mea culpa, and several answers to the questions he anticipates. He's an actor. He'll appear properly contrite.

It's ludicrous that he should have to do this shit; his behavior is none of our business. But since so many Bones fans (I've read some of the commments on this blog regarding his private life, as though we have some right.) will be watching, he'll make a point of appeasing them.

Given the inconsistent writing of these last two seasons, much of the show's popularity rides on continued public esteem of the main characters. It's amazing how many people still confuse the actors with their parts.

Seeley Booth is written as a stand-up guy who believes and practices serial monogamy, so when Boreanaz proves again that he's not Booth, it upsets the trailer trash who still watch the gossip shows and read the gossip rags.

Glad I'm not an actor. I can understand that politician's lives are not their own...but actors? Jesus H. Christ.

Courtney said...

Well, with all due respect, using the term "trailer trash" is pretty demeaning in any situation but, in any event, there were headlines on nearly every news website about DB and his big confession - one didn't need to go anywhere near a gossip show or gossip rag to find out about this -

Our NYC papers had stories on; Vanity Fair; Salon, and on and on - none would be considered what you call a gossip rag.

That said - I agree - I wish we didn't have to hear about all this stuff. It is none of our business but in this new world of technology people would do well to be very careful before doing something that will be unsavory news. Text messages, digital photos and video, voice mail messages - all this stuff that brings out the opportunists who want to make money when someone like DB or Tiger Wood (etc etc ect) stray.

I personally hope DB doesn't feel a need to pull a Hugh Grant (when Grant went on to I think Jay Leno or David Letterman's show) after being busted with a prostitute and did a mea culpa. I didn't watch it but I heard about it and ugh -

But, if they want to stay in this business they are adults and they know the score, the risks and the consequences.

The bigger problem to me is that people confuse the character with the actor. That is disturbing - and I'm not sure how or why that happens.

Anonymous said...

I don't care what David does, when he cheats, when he stays with his wife or when he divorces.
I want Brennan and Booth to continue to fascinate me in their amazing love story. So I'm more a Hanson/Nathan fan than David's.

Glad he's making it to the Upfronts because I like to see Boreanaz and Deschanel making photos and promotion together, it's good for the show. And it's their job.
He's a good actor and I would be sorry if he's is limited in his job just because of his own personal and private choices.
The rest I don't care.

catnapping said...

no offense meant to people residing in trailers...i'm not sure what to call these losers who read and repeat gossip.

i should have qualified my my personal experience: whenever i've met the type, they've almost always lived in trailer courts...dead weeds for a lawn, pets not neutered and running free, head lice, etc. if mom's not sitting in front of the TV, she's reading the gossip rags. she's totally clueless about how to properly feed or bathe her children...she's too broke to save for college, but she's got money to buy that enquirer or vanity fair.

the reason you're finding gossip in "newspapers" is because it sells. so i'm right back to the very losers who read that crap - people who don't happen to subscribe, but will pick up a copy because of the content. they're the bottom of the compost bin...worthless trash, wastes of space.

if not for those immoral (yes, i find that sort of behavior immoral) gossips, otherwise-legitimate media (sports, news, etc.) wouldn't waste time investigating (let alone reporting) gossip.

but anyhow, point taken: not all people who live in trailers are trash, and there is trash not living in trailers.

but to be clear, as far as i'm concerned anyone who reads gossip magazines or even the gossip sections of the trash, a waste of space. if not for them, the papers and magazines would carry more important news, and wouldn't waste even a page on worthless crap.

chillip said...

imho, catnapping, you have a very limited view of the world. the consumption and distribution of gossip has little to do with socio-economic status from my seat -- human nature is what is it (condescension included).

i've paid almost no attention to DB's issues -- people are human and make mistakes. the best of luck to him and his family from now on -- they are the only ones that matter.

catnapping said...

i don't care how much money they make. gossips are a waste of space and good breathing air.

better they should donate time at the local hospital or homeless shelter. or make dolls or quilts, and donate them to children in need. make sandwiches, and pass them out to the men holding up cardboard signs...i don't care. just for god's sake, they should stfu about other people's lives, and look to giving their own some purpose.

Stephanie said...

Wow, since when is Vanity Fair even remotely similar to The Enquirer? I also agree with chillip. It's human nature to be curious about the people we choose to spend our free time watching. So I disagree that everyone who reads entertainment magazines or newspapers is a "waste of space." That's rather insulting.

But you know why David now has to deal with the public fallout? Because HE made the story public! Other than one tiny little rumor that never went anywhere last year, nobody was talking about him being unfaithful. We're only having to hear about it now because he made the choice to speak publicly about his affairs.

I find the comment about understanding how a politician's life is public to be very interesting because I don't see politicians and actors as being very different in that respect. All of them knowingly sign up for public lives when they choose careers that rely on the public's approval for success, as a politician will get no where without the support of voters and actors require the support of the people who willingly spend their time and money to watch them. If someone chooses to withdraw their support for a politician who's cheated(even though the affair has nothing to do with his skills as a politician,) why should they be expected to continue to support an actor who does the same thing?

Anonymous said...

Catnapping - you are hilarious

Courtney said...

Actually, I see a big difference between politicians and actors and their personal choices -

Oftentimes we learn about legislators who have secret lives (mistresses, gay relationships, taking money from their campaign funds, etc) and these same people are influencing policies that impact the population even while they are hypocrits. There have been many revelations over the years about legislators who vote against equal rights for gays/lesbians only to be found out later that they themselves are gay.

When someone has an impact on public policies and legislation, if they are living their lives in opposition to their position on certain policies, I most certainly do care.

But, that's just me.

And, no it doesn't mean I want to hear details about these circumstances - only that when it happens, I hope they are voted out of office.

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