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Guest Episode Review: The Girl in Suite 2103

Our next review is "The Girl in Suite 2103", by Rose

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"The Girl in Suite 2103"
Written by Christopher Ambrose

Directed by Karen Gaviola

I prefer openings where we immediately see Booth and Brennan instead of some unsuspecting person coming across a body so right away this episode appeals to me with Booth and Brennan in the elevator lightly bickering about why he is humming and swaying to elevator music. This is the Brennan I love – slightly snarky.
Booth: Why can’t you just hum like a normal, happy person?

(Elevator opens onto a room dripping with water and destroyed by fire)

Brennan: Not really in the mood (and snaps her right glove)

Booth: Okay, here we go.


There has been a bombing at a reception for attendees of a drug trafficking conference. With a number of deaths Brennen is called in to identify one of the badly burned bodies. However, she discovers another body in the chandelier that appears to be the bomber. The squints identify the body as a young woman, Lisa Winnaker, who worked in the hotel’s bar. The room next to the reception is actually the room that exploded and where the young woman was killed. At first the assumption is that this woman was the bomber, but instead she was murdered in the adjacent room and a fire started to cover-up the murder ignited combustibles in the room which exploded.

The case is complicated by a State Department representative, Alex Radswell, whose main function is to protect the United States relationship with one of the attendees, Columbian Judge Delores Ramos. Throughout the episode he is hindering the investigation by not providing access to the suspects or information needed to investigate. Because he is a little person Booth feels uncomfortable around him but doesn’t like Radswell because he is interfering in solving the murder. Brennan is very upfront about his size but doesn’t like that Radswell takes advantage of people deferring to him because of it.

The squints determine that the victim died from a cracked hyoid and silk fibers around her neck suggest she was strangled. The first suspect in the death of Lisa Winnaker is Judge Ramos son, Antonio Ramos. He had sex with the victim right before her death. However, Lisa was strangled and Antonio did not have the strength in his right arm to strangle her from an accident 6 months prior. The second suspect is the Judge’s husband, Juan Ramos. Before Booth can question Juan Ramos, the judge and her family plan to leave the United States by private jet. Booth asks Hodgins call in a fake tip to the FAA and have the plane stopped which buys the team an extra 24 hours on the case.

Brennen figures out that the murderer is Judge Ramos. The judge killed Lisa because she was having an affair with the judge’s husband and seduced her son. Yet, with diplomatic immunity the most Booth can do is turn the evidence over to the State Department. In the end, Radswell convinces the judge to waive diplomatic immunity so she can have a fair trial in the United States.

The Squints:

Cam: In this episode she is still trying to integrate herself into the team and is doing this by trying to have the squints run everything by her. As she says, “every circus needs a ring master and in this circus it is me.” She and Booth are trying to keep the fact they are involved in a personal relationship to themselves. We see another side of Cam when she fabricates a file to force Judge Ramos to confess by framing her son for murder. Cam sees this as a bluff when Brennan and Booth see this as crossing a line.

Angela: Uses her computer skills in this episode to determine that someone was in the room next door while the fire was burning but left before the explosion. She and Hodgins figure out that Booth and Cam are in a relationship outside of work.

Zack: Uses his skills to realign the jaw and identifies the victim from dental records. Additionally, he and Hodgins conduct an experiment to determine if the combustibles located in room next to the conference would explode. Though he did the math very carefully the explosion was greater than he calculated and both he and Hodgins are knocked down but unharmed. We also learn that Zack’s closest acquaintance outside of work is a performance artist who locked herself in a Plexiglas box with rabbits.

Hodgins: Is the first to realize that Booth and Cam are involved in a relationship. He also tries to encourage Angela to engage in one with him. He uses his mad science skills to identify the chemicals in the room and that the victim had something silk around her neck when strangled. Finally, Booth acknowledges Hodgins by having him stop the plane from leaving the United States. The best Hodgins scene is at the end when two men in black come and take him away. Booth says it is Hodgins’ dream come true.

Booth and Brennan

Booth: Is the quintessential cop in this episode. He is frustrated since he believes the State Department is blocking his investigation. He and Brennan engage in banter the entire episode and from the looks he gives her you can tell he is enjoying the exchanges. In his conversation with Cam he is concerned if the others find out they are seeing each other. At the end, he and Brennan are discussing that the team fabricated evidence and he says that Cam just wants to catch the bad guy and that sometimes it is grey instead of black and white. In a really lovely scene Brennan tells him that it isn’t for him – that he did the right thing.

Brennan: With Radswell, Brennan is her blunt self in acknowledging his dwarfism. Where other average size people defer to him, Brennan treats him like an equal. Throughout the entire episode Brennan is keeping up with Booth verbally and physically. I love the scene in the bar where they are questioning a waitress (Denise) about Lisa and Brennan tells Denise that someone is trying to get her attention. She then calls Booth on the fact that the waitress had been hitting on him during the conversation. They go over to question Antonio Ramos who just came into the bar and during the conversation Booth tries to take Antonio into custody. Antonio’s bodyguard pulls a gun on Booth and Booth disarms him while Brenan disables Antonio and immediate takes the gun Booth hands her. This scene shows how in tune with one another they are.


Anonymous said...

I enjoyed your review.

This is not a favorite episode of mine - I don"t really know why. Maybe the hidden Booth/Cam relationship? I am going to start over from the Pilot next week, and you reminded me of several scenes I look forward to seeing again.

Anonymous said...

one of those so-so reviews mentioned in te last review comments :/

Meg said...

Thank you for the review! Never been a favorite episode of mine, but it does have it's moments: like Hodgins' delight at being led away by the feds! :)

Anonymous said...
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Vorpaks said...
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Vorpaks said...

*edited because I mispelled Booth! Oy!

Thank you for the review -- I went back and re-watched the episode and enjoyed it even more than I had the first time.

The scene that you called out, when Booth hands Brennan the gun, was excellent. I forgot how much I like watching Brennan kick people!

Anonymous said...

yeah didnt really like this episode. the only funny part was all the mean comments towards the short man. otherwise it was kinda...i dunno uneventful...?
but your reveiw was really good!

Anonymous said...

I enjoyed this episode, I liked all the scenes that had Booth and Brennan...I don't really like the downlow relationship between Booth and Cam, at least they are not constantly showing them in "romantic" situations though...Not much more that I would say about this episode.

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