Friday, May 14, 2010

Hart Hanson's Pilot Doesn't Get Picked Up

No more double duty for Hart Hanson. A while back, Wendy reported that he was working on another project: Hart Hanson gets a second gig.

But then he tweeted this yesterday:

Hey, thanks for asking, since most of you are BONES fans, but "Pleading Guilty" did not get a series pick-up. TV is a tough game, baby!

So, are you sorry for him or happy for Bones?


Stephanie said...

Both, haha. Pleading Guilty sounded interesting, and his tweeting the whole pilot process was very cool, so I was definitely going to check out the new show had it been picked up. But the selfish, die-hard Bones fan in me is glad he won't have to split his attention since Hart's written a good portion of my favorite Bones episodes.

Anonymous said...

that's too bad :(

but I gotta say, I'm glad he can focus the majority of his attention on bones :)

Mindy said...

I'm disappointed for him--I'm sure that's crushing, even if you're used to the fact that it happens in this industry. You still hope all that work you did wasn't in vain.

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