Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Kathy Reichs: Was 'Devil Bones' linked to UK Murder?

What is the worst that could happen to any mystery writer? That somebody copies your book in order to commit a real crime.
What happened to Temperance Brennan on "Bodies in the Book" has now also happened to her creator, Kathy Reichs.
Read the full story here.


Stephanie said...

This is really creepy (as was that episode of Bones...even though it's one of my favorites,) but part of me is surprised we don't hear about things like this more often. Remember Brennan's line last season where she said "If any group of people could murder someone and get away with it, it would be us"? I feel like someone who watches/reads a lot of murder mysteries could easily learn a few things about how to kill someone. Thank goodness it doesn't happen more often, of course, but it's a wonder we don't see more copycat murders out there.

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