Tuesday, May 11, 2010

King of the Lab - Trivia

Name at least 20 specific and personal items in Booth's office. This does NOT include items such as carpet, walls, windows, desk, etc. Your 20 must include items specific to Booth. Judges will determine most accurate answers and appoint this week's: King of the Lab!


Anonymous said...

hmm this seems like to much "work" when compared to other kotl trivias....and i was looking forward to it to...

AshleyG said...

1. A Bobble Head Bobby
2. Picture of his beloved Flyers
3. Wanted poster of John Dillinger
4. Army Service Medals
5. Picture of Parker
6. A bald eagle statue behind his chair
7. A magic 8 Ball
8. A liberty bell on his desk
9. A Mini Stanley Cup on his desk
10. His college degrees
11. A Steeler's coffee mug
12. The chair that he petitioned for and finally got
13. A football
14. An old baseball mitt and ball and bat
15. A picture of a hockey game with a puck and plaque in the matting
16. A Flyer's candy jar
17. A pair of binoculars
18. A picture of an old place, probably one like his father used to pilot
19. A bronze bald eagle statue
20. A picture of a Boston Bruin skating

I don't know how specific these are to Booth, but the all screamed 'Booth' at me when i saw them.

Leah said...

1. Bobblehead Bobby
2. John Dillinger wanted poster
3. Stanley Cup pic
4. Special chair that Bones got for him
5. Nameplate
6. Pointy gold pen
7. Trophy
8. Bobby Orr pic
9. President meeting (can't identify exactly, three men)
10. Picture of Parker
11. Certificate
12. American flag
13. Jar of candy
14. Eagle
15. Magic 8 ball
16. Globe
17. Bust
18. Baseball bat and glove
19. Picture of Charlie Chaplin (?)
20. Medals

Anonymous said...

i agree with anon 1.... this i lameeeee. all they r doing is looking @ screenshots of the office. Wendy cld have done better, thts all im sayin

Lyndsey said...

i do agree tht it might have been better if the number was less than 20, thats awfully high and no one (imo) has chance of doing that from memory. But thats ok Mindy! Its still a good kotl, just not for everyone... shame on u Anonymous 2 (lol it ryhmes)

Lyndsey said...

i do agree tht it might have been better if the number was less than 20, thats awfully high and no one (imo) has chance of doing that from memory. But thats ok Mindy! Its still a good kotl, just not for everyone... shame on u Anonymous 2 (lol it ryhmes)

Wendy said...

Thank you, Lyndsey.

It was a good KotL, and different from any before. No different than someone finding quotes by searching easily available online transcripts, you know?

Don't be so negative.

elmarie said...

bobble head bobbie, picture of Parker, hockey picture, army medals, bottle of liquor, Steelers mug,globe(one shiny, one matte), miniature flags, gold trophy, football, wanted poster,tall model rocket,american flag and sky picture,glass water pitcher,large american flag on pole, mini basketball hoop, stereo, black binoculars, coat rack, silver trophy, a bust (probably of the head of the FBI), Seeley Booth name plaque, various pictures of presidents, and Bones is usually in there too!

Cheryl said...

Ok u guys who can think of 20 things? Deserve chocolate...srsly. I can only think of 4.

Also a friend of mine has a policy: if u discover a fault, u must propose & implement a solution. Therefore if u think this is lame, email Wendy with a better idea, which is way better than saying it sux & leaving it alone.

Jeannie said...

Thank you, Cheryl, and your friend for this suggestion. :-)Any ideas are welcome!
However, emailing requires giving some sort of identification so our "anons" might not follow your suggetion after all.

First, I’d like to say that I’m really surprised to see the negative comments here. Please remember that this is supposed to be a fun quiz and there is no actual prize involved, save the honor of the title for a week, of course.

Second, please don’t “blame” Mindy just because she was the one who did the actual posting. Be assured, nothing gets posted on this blog without having gotten Wendy’s approval first. All of us liked this question or else it would have never made it onto the blog.

In fact, we have a pool of ideas we pick from every week. Yes, some of them are harder or involve more work than others but if you consider the readership of this blog, it makes perfect sense. The fans who come here live in different time zones all around the world, so offering only questions where the first one to post wins isn’t fair. Screen cap questions are popular but some fans simply don’t have the resources to check them for the right answer, and we also try to go for variety with the questions so that different people have a chance of winning. If this one seemed to much work for you, maybe next week’s question will be more to your liking. I can assure you, it will be a different one.

AshleyG, Leah and elmarie have all proven that it was not impossible to answer. In fact, a quick look at the current Bones Blips video on the Fox site (called “What does Booth have on his desk?”) would have revealed most items you needed for your answer.

Teri =) said...

You go Jeannie! I am a frequent reader & occasional poster. I like the variety of things to read and greatly appreciate the work that goes into keeping spoilers well labeled and a positive attitude overall.

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