Saturday, May 1, 2010

More Kathy Reichs on TV writing

The Charlotte Observer did an interview with Kathy Reichs about the difference in her process for writing novels and writing a TV script. Slight spoilers regarding this week's case.

Screen Rant also did an interview. They claim: "Oh, and Bones fans… In case you’re wondering, this is entirely SPOILER-FREE." However, there are pictures and minor speculations regarding The Witch in the Wardrobe. Enter at your own risk according to your level of spoiler-tolerance.
A particularly interesting bit about Kathy Reichs' view:

On the switch in popularity from police dramas to forensic dramas:

“We did our work in our lab for years and nobody paid any attention to us. Then, somewhere in the mid-to-late 90s there was this swell of interest in forensics. My colleagues and I were totally baffled – we didn’t know why all of a sudden we became hot and sexy.”

“…Which [was] not long after the O.J. trial and I think that’s where this whole interest came from. People listened to that stuff 24/7 and heard about blood spatter patterns, DNA and angled stab wound trajectory.”

EDIT to add: There are two more links to articles very similar to these.
One from The Winnipeg Free Press and one from Canwest News Service.
But according to The Canadian Press/Winnipeg Free Press, even Kathy Reichs has an opinion on whether or not Booth and Brennan should get together:

As for the whole "should they or shouldn't they" debate about the two main characters on the show, Reichs is firmly on the "shouldn't" side.

"Once you do the deed, you're done," she says, referencing such past TV romantic entanglements as those on "The X-Files" and "Moonlighting." Reich says the chemistry between the two leads was there "right from the day Emily auditioned" and the producers — of which Reichs is one — should keep that simmering.

Bringing the two leads romantically together, she feels, "speaks to the beginning of the end."

That's not something Reichs is anxious to hasten.

ANOTHER EDIT: The Deadbolt interviewed Kathy Reichs paying special attention to any case she has worked that inspired the writing of this episode. They also ask about any new technology we might be seeing. No Angelator in her future, sorry guys!

And the Toronto Sun gives us a little Narnia humor about tomorrow's episode. "Stay away from the Turkish Delight, just to be safe."

Yet another edit: Hollywood News has posted an article about Kathy Reichs. Much of the content is the same (same spoiler warning applies), but there is a bit of new information about her next book near the end of the article.

And TV Tango has a similar article, but a nice friendly format to look for anything new you might have missed in the other articles. Spoiler warning--some pictures are included.


Mindy said...

There's another article out about Kathy Reichs. There are a lot of repeated items, but the first half is original. I found her travel schedule to be very aggressive!

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