Wednesday, May 12, 2010

More revealed from the conference call

Spoilers ahead!

Fox News hints at the close of the fifth season and attempts to interpret Emily Deschanel and Hart Hanson for us.

In another take on the conference call, there's talk of "closure," fan reaction, and ultimately, should we trust ANYTHING these two sneaky people tell us?

Look at those two! They're always trying to trick us. :-)

What do you think about the comment made by Hart Hanson about "a glimmer" of villain possibilities to come? (Comments on this post are considered spoilers, so comment away on your speculation!)

Here is a link to the entire interview. Spoilers, of course!

Look closely in each of these for hints at season 6 spoilers. I'll leave it at that for those that like to stay spoiler-free.


Vorpaks said...

I like the comments about Max. I can't help but remember that he has already shot and incinerated another top FBI executive who threatened his children... Poor Gravedigger may be better off going to jail.

I am sure whatever the season finale holds it will be the classic Bones mix of heartbreak and happy. I am gald to see the spoiler that Booth and Brennan WILL be working together at the beginning of season 6. Hopefully the Jeffersonian will be a part of season 6 too... I guess we will see!

So much to speculate about... so much time to wait for 6.1...

pfenix-goddess said...

I was very interested to hear that "Bones" might do another "arc" villain that will reappear. I love the way that "Bones" is, and how it focuses on the characters, but it's proven three times now that recurring villains are very intriguing: Gormagon, Epps, and the Gravedigger. While I'm very glad that they use the "big bad" villains sparingly, I'd love to see them introduce another big villain for Booth and Bones to go up against!

Am I the only one who hopes that Booth will snipe the Gravedigger and get away with it tomorrow night? o.O!

Elizabeth said...

No... don't want Booth sniping anyone. I don't like to see him kill, unless it's to protect Bones. If anyone is going to be 'gunning' for the Gravedigger, I rather imagine it will be Max. Not sure Bones could deal with that, but I wouldn't lose any sleep over it.

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