Monday, May 3, 2010

Positive Reactions to Bones

This article called "Positive Reactions to Bones" gives a list of reasons why the Fox show is so popular, for example:

"The show has been praised for many reasons. The first is that it depicts a strong female lead in a non-traditional role. Usually when women are shown as ’strong’, that means they are attractive, confident, and powerful all around. Bones is a more realistic view. She is pretty but not vain, awkward, geeky, and good at her job. Her character is a role model whose life style younger girls could actually healthily achieve."

However, I expect some statements might spark discussion, like this one:
"Another reason why Bones works so well is because any sexual tension or romantic interludes it has are pushed to the background. It is subtle and it keeps its priorities straight. A show like Gray’s Anatomy is far more about romance and relationships than about medicine. Bones does not go into the prime time soap opera territory. The job comes first."

In your opinion, why else is the show so popular?


chillip said...

the author makes some interesting points -- some i don't agree with, such as the csi series being "darker" than bones. maybe not as dark as the x-files, but bones isn't light.

i think the idea that the various STs are put in the background to be not quite right. they are often right up front, but the relationships rarely drive the plot.

i think it's popular because it's well put together -- writing, acting, execution, etc. it addresses an area of crime investigation (forensic anthropology) that isn't often seen and avoids the over-the-top gimmicks of say a CSI.

Anonymous said...

David Boreanaz pure and simple LOL!!

Stephanie said...

The job comes first? Really? It always surprises me when someone thinks the cases are the most important part of Bones. I usually say it's a romantic comedy built around a criminal setting. I didn't know anyone happily watched this show for the cases anymore. I know some people still watch for the cases, but they're usually the ones complaining, in my experience.

I think the fact that it's a character-driven show helps make it so popular. The crime aspect is there, but it's not strictly procedural like CSI or Law & Order because we get to really know the characters that we see every week. Also, this is the rare show where every single one of the main characters and cast members are likable, and they're all developed and layered and have distinct personalities. Even the interns that only show up 3-4 times a season have great character development! And I think giving us lots of people to love and root for plays a big role in drawing people in. Like, Angela & Hodgins are technically supporting characters, but a lot of fans care as much about them as they do about Booth & Brennan, and I don't think that's necessarily true for a lot of other shows.

Anonymous said...

David is the reason most of the viewers are hooked, I agree, but the partner relationship and the possibility of a loving relationship is what keeps everyone coming back week after week. The show would be gone in a matter of weeks without either David or Emily. Neither of them is replaceable, and the whole show revolves around them. Most fans are biding their time through the episode, anxiously awaiting the last few minutes when Bones and Booth have their time alone together.

I still can't understand why HH and the writers don't see how fabulous it would be to have them in a loving relationship discussing the cases at the end of the program in bed (tastefully done, but with cute inuendos),in front of their gaint tv, in the shower (again, tastefully done), etc. etc. etc. The possibilities are endless! Come on guys, these two will always bicker and fight and disagree(while we watch and love it). If any couple can be together romantically and still keep us all interested, these two can! They have already accepted each other for who they are and what they believe. They don't agree and never will. That's what keeps it interesting!

You've created a fabulous pair that will always be loved by the viewers! Let them come together before many of the fans get tired and give up. There's only so much we can take.

Look at the best ratings--the ones where there is actually a chance they might get together--when there's a kiss or possibility of one, and the 100th episode was a huge hit because of the fabulous scenes of love and affection and angst! Give us more. Let us see and believe that a couple can be together and still have the tension. If anybody can pull it off, David and Emily can!!!

aardvark508 said...

I keep thinking all the positive attributes given for why Bones became popular, at least for me, are clear attirbutes of the show in seasons 1-3. By the end of season 4, it was morphing into something else. After the last three minutes of episode 100, it became 100% about B&B's "realtionship" or why there was a lack thereof. How long this will last is, of course, to be seen but, for me, they need to get out of this mode ASAP. If they can't find a credible way, I will follow Booth's advice and move on. The current scheme is like a revised version of Pride and Prejudice which runs to 5,000 pages with the same ending.

Jeannie said...

Just for the record (because it keeps being said that David Boreanaz ist the sole reason people are watching), I had never heard of him before Bones, and I doubt I'm the only one. But I do appreciate him on Bones, of course, but he's not my entire reason for watching the show.

Stephanie said...

Am I the only one who had absolutely no idea who David Boreanaz was before Bones? I didn't know any of these people before Bones! Well, I had seen TJ Thyne in several guest roles, but I didn't know him by name like I do now.

I forgot to mention that I really liked that first article excerpt posted, the one about Brennan and her role as the female lead of Bones. She's the reason I went from zero to obsessed in about 5 episodes. I just really, really love her character and the way Emily portrays her.

Jeannie said...

Hah, Stephanie, to quote Michael Jackson, 'you are not alone'... ;-)

EMGettings said...

I'd never heard of Boreanaz either, and he's definitely not why I watch the show.

I agree with aardvark508. The reasons listed here are some of the reasons *I* fell in love with Bones, but they're also reasons that have disappeared somewhat in seasons 4 and 5 as TPTB go for a more comedic angle, with the light humor and somewhat caricatured interaction that comes with it.

Rita said...

To all you Boreanaz haters. You are obviously all big ED fans,and that is ok,for she is a lovely woman. A lot of fans watch this show for different reasons, and a good amount of viewers watch it for DB only. What's wrong with that?

Jeannie said...

Rita, I'm not sure who you mean by "Boreanaz haters". Did anybody on this thread say they hated David Borenaz? Didn't think so. All I (and some others) said was that the presumption that most fans started watching the show because of him didn't apply to me (and them) because I had never heard of him before (same goes for Emily Deschanel, by the way).

Rita said...

Sorry Jeannie, I didn't mean you. There are some people on this site who always have something negative to say about DB. WE ALL KNOW WHO THEY ARE!!!

Courtney said...

Oh, for pete's sake - no one said anything negative about him. They just said they didn't know of him before Bones.

I hadn't either - I did go back and watch Angel because of him and actually really liked the characters on that show and some of the clever writing.

For me, it's the chemistry of the two lead characters that kept me watching this show - it was the first three seasons that hooked me as I really found it more my taste as to how they were telling the stories - and I loved them out there fighting crimes - Now, I think the crimes are boring and the crime solving stuff is now boring me.

I'd like them out in the field again - confronting the bad guy (or gal), fighting for their lives and then solving the crime.

I keep hoping HH will throw us a bone once in awhile and harken back a bit to the way the early seasons were written but I don't think it is gonna happen.

I wish we could have Caroline again too - I really miss her character. She was a hoot.

Rita said...

Just read about the indiscretions of Mr Boreanaz. This is for all the posters who might have had an issue with Boreanaz. I truly apologize, The guy is a scumbag. God, I feel so sorry for his wife and beautiful children, I have always defended him,when my friends said that he was a womanizer. I know now that they were right. I am so sad...

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