Monday, May 24, 2010

Reviews for "The Beginning in the End"

This is the place for all reviews about the season finale we saw last Thursday.
Since all of us are currently really busy, we'd be grateful for a little help. If you found a review that you'd like to share, please post the link in the comments so that we can update this post regularly.
Thank you!

(Fox has also put together a little photo album for Booth and Brennan called "Will they or won't they? Check it out here.)

Fox recap
Zap2It: Everyone goes their separate ways
Fan review that was highlighted by HH on his Twitter Parting is such a sweet sorrow
Give me my remote
'Bones' fan columnist: One year from today
CliqueClack TV: Why don't showrunners trust their fans?
EW Popwatch: Here is to change

Thanks to Sarah(#2), Pwee, Deborah and Mindy for the tips!


Sarah (#2) said...

A fan wrote this review. Hart Hanson Twittered about it. Reading it made me feel A LOT better about the finale:

Pwee said...

I still don't like the finale and don't particularly agree with that review, but it's interesting nonetheless;gumball;1

mom2abntb said...

I enjoyed reading both of these! Thanks!

Deborah said...

Give me my remote:

Anonymous said...

Brennan is going to make some pretty profound discoveries during her stay on the Maluku Islands, and not just anthropologically-speaking. She'll have time to process Angela and Hodgins' marriage. She'll observe how Daisy deals with putting her career ahead of her relationship with Sweets. She'll struggle with her own problems, instead of relating them to a psychologist. And she'll spend a year away from the love of her life. But, lucky for us, it builds character.

OR, she'll regress to what she was when Bones first started because she won't have Booth around to help her grow. And then we can start from scratch in season 6, LOL!

Anonymous said...

hey, what if the coffee cart is gone in a year???? lol!

Pwee said...

Lol ! That's really funny ! It could actually be fun to see them miss each other because it was demolished ! (fun now because of your comment, but I can imagine the bad reaction fans wouuld have if that was to happen !)

I may be totally clueless, but where exactly are they supposed to meet anyway? I watched online, and I didn't get it ... The diner?

Vorpaks said...

In this episode you see Sweets and Booth getting coffee at a "coffee cart" that is in front of the reflecting pool in DC. That is when Booth first notices the Ranger colonel staring at him.

I think that is the coffee cart he meant.

Stephanie said...

Pwee - Did you ever see the season 3 premiere? The final scene in that episode ends with Booth and Brennan drinking coffee on a bench by the Lincoln Memorial and the Reflecting Pool in Washington DC's National Mall. That's where they're meeting.

I actually wondered what would happen if they moved the coffee cart, too, lol. I like that they're going to meet in the same place they once had their discussion about how they were the center of the group, though.

Courtney said...

These types of articles only really address the issue of B&B - (and the idea of parting for one year).

It does not address my biggest problem with the show which is the sub-par writing and boring cases these past few seasons.

Good writing will keep me coming back whether or not B&B ever get together. I just want to feel moved by the cases again and hear well written, witty dialogue.

If the first few episodes continue along the path this past year did - I'll likely just not watch - that's not a threat, because really a few threats out of nearly 10 million viewers is not much of a threat. It is just a fact. I get bored by something, I tune out.

Pwee said...

Oh ok ! Thank you both Vorpaks and Stephanie. Bones' fans are really the best ^_^

Got the coffee cart down now. I'll wait for the happy reunion then !

Pwee said...

Here is a new one :

But I still don't like the finale !

Pwee said...

Another one ...

I'm ready for season 6 to be here now !

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