Friday, May 14, 2010

Reviews for "The Boy with the Answer"

Here you can find reviews for that episode as they come out so this post will get updated frequently. Come back to check what other viewers thought about "The Boy with the Answer".

Fox recap and episode stills
TV Obsessed (speculation on the finale in the last paragraph)
Zap2It: The Gravedigger finally comes to trial
EW: I ain't saying she's a Gravedigger. (But she is.) (some speculation on the finale at the end)
TV Squad (spoilers for the finale)
Give me my remote
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N2seeleybooth said...

I loved it I was so nervious the gravedigger would get off and Brennen getting more and more afraid of her feelings was done really well, I loved watching that progression and Booth sees it to. I Think the grave digger has a partner like The Blonde in the Game. Can not wait for the final I know it will be heart crushing

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