Monday, May 24, 2010

Season finale fallout: 'Bones' fans, have a little faith

Zap2It has posted an appeal to fans to stick with their show, even if they are unhappy with the season finale. The article actually addresses the shows 'Bones', 'Castle', 'House' and 'Grey's Anatomy' but I'm just going to highlight the parts about 'Bones'. The original article can be found here.

It's that time of year again.
The sun is shining, the summer is upon us ... and TV fans are freaking out.
Ah, yes, the season finale. The episodes where a series attempts to go out with a bang, hoping you'll spend the summer months counting the hours until it returns.
"Grey's Anatomy" shot half its cast. "House" finally went there with House and Cuddy. "Brothers & Sisters" left several characters' lives in the balance.
But the finales that arguably got the most passionate reactions? "Castle" and "Bones" -- and it's no coincidence that both shows had their core couple take a significant step back.
On "Bones," fans were crushed when Booth and Brennan decided to leave each other -- her to a dig in Indonesia, him back to the Army -- for a year.
The result? Some viewers are threatening to jump ship.
And while we're not going to tell you what to do, we do have one favor to ask: have some faith in your shows.
Yes, we know that might seem like a lot to ask right now. You're feeling a bit burned. We get that. And you're absolutely entitled to your feelings, we're not saying you're wrong. We too had our own words for "Castle" and "Bones."
But that is, most likely, exactly what the shows set out to do: get a reaction and have us talking. How much worse would it be if these finales brought about silence and no one cared enough to get upset?
Let's think about this.
Booth and Brennan are apart from each other for the next year, but is this really a bad thing? After Booth attempted to take their relationship to the next level in the 100th episode -- and was promptly shot down -- they've been different. They've been struggling to figure out how they fit in each others' lives now that his feelings are out in the open. This year apart could be exactly what the duo needs in order to realize what they want out of their relationship.
For fans of the couples, frustration is understandable. But giving up on a show because you're unhappy with the season finale is like quitting a book in the middle of the story. True, it's the end of the season, but very often it's just the starting point for a whole new tale.
Sure, these summer months will very likely be torture for you. But, see, that just means you're invested. And that's a good thing. That means the writers are doing their job.
So at least wait until the season premieres roll around before you decide to cut these shows off. Because there's likely to be some payoff for the finales. Payoff that you may perhaps be happy with.


Crevek said...

They're both going to be gone for "a year" but won't they be back in 4 months?

I always hate it when they write themselves into these situations. Where they cast aside the UST(unresolved sexual tension) and try to resolve it. I'm sorry, TV doesn't work like that. The actor who plays the character Anthony DiNozzo on the show NCIS said something to that effect. He is to be believed.

Sarah (#2) said...

I'm sticking around until the very end. Hart Hanson & Co. got me!

Also, on a related note. . .I've been pondering the finale's ending song. "He called me baby, baby" -- didn't Booth call Brennan "baby" in the Season 5 opener (Harbingers In The Fountain)?

Perhaps it was Hart's way of bringing Season 5 full circle. . .

Elizabeth said...

@Sarah (#2).. yes, he did. Not sure that's exactly what the reference is to, but it's a good guess.

Hart says that Bones is a journey, and I'm in it for the entire journey. I just wish I were enjoying this leg of the journey for now.

aardvark508 said...

OK. I suppose I could be patient with the story if I was really "invested." But, at some point, you unavoidably remember the Charlie Brown/Lucy/football cartoons and realize you are being played for a sucker and the value of your investment has been trivialized. I was invested in the characters. I was never invested in the manipulative cynicism and self-absorbed cleverness of the producers/writers. I got confused over what the show was about. Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me three or four times, shame on me.

Anonymous said...

finale was good / SPOILERS HURT.

Vorpaks said...

I'm definitely on board for next year, and the next even if they don't end up together for another.... whole... year. :P

k said...

I think the season finale is taking Bones in the right direction. I do have to admit though that it made me cry.

As for Castle, that was a terrible season finale. TERRIBLE. but this blog's not about that, so I'll stop there.

Carrie said...

I have no idea what it means but I wonder if the blinking clock in the hoarder's apartment is some kind of a signal/symbol to fans? The time is different (4:47 or something?) but it sent me back to the digital clocks in the S4 finale. Any thoughts?

Stephanie said...

The clock was put in there for the fans, as was the giant stack of chicken wings & celery (Fisher's specialty from the S4 finale,) but I have no idea what either of them mean. Hart tweeted the other day that we would get it eventually, though.

I think the season finales as a whole have been terrible this season. All of them (the ones I've watched anyway) have ended with either death or separation. I know that everything doesn't have to be happy, but because the finales have all been so depressing (and mostly without cliffhangers,) I don't particularly care about next season of anything right now.

chillip said...

Given past history Stephanie, the House finale, especially for House, was positively sunshine and baby animals, don't you think? :)

Stephanie said...

Not really, haha. I mean, House did end on a high note this season, but the rest of it was pretty depressing! I seem to only be able to remember 2/5 of their other finales, though, haha.

√Čtienne said...

Or we'll hang in there and find ourselves befuddled like I am with Lost :( I no longer believe writers when they say they'll eventually get around to answering those pesky unanswered questions.

What I don't get, what I have never understood is, why it's considered a death sentence to have Booth and Bones together as a couple? It's television! The writers can create even more passion, depth ,fireworks and interesting story lines. It's not that I object to their year apart, I just don't trust that the writers will do anything profound with it.

Sadly, it seems that all the great shows start to go downhill after the first 3 seasons. I'll never forgive JJ for what he did to Alias after the first few seasons. But I digress....

Anyway, I'll stick around but I fear that the truly great story writing with Bones is in the past. I would of course, dearly love to be proven wrong ;)

Amy said...

Uh, Sarah #2 EskimO One's song "Kandi" is about a woman cheating on her man. I, highly, doubt it has anything to do with "Harbingers". I wouldn't put too much stock in the song.

These type of articles annoy me. "have a little faith"? Really? "Bones" has been off it's rocker for the past two seasons. It's been all drivel. I really hope this reset on BB's will they/won't they makes the show good, again. You know compelling cases, drama, humor, individual character development? The BB will they/won't they focus(going nowhere) has been detrimental to the show. I REALLY hope we see confident Booth back. The lost puppy crap needs to go. It's not cute.

Anonymous said...

Ok, Carrie, so I have some ideas about the clock and the chicken wings on the two season finales. I have neither seen nor read anything that corroborates my theories, so shoot me down if you don't agree!

At first I thought the times were related and may indicate some sort of flashback to Brennan's book, but I couldn't wrap my mind around that logically. The 4:47 may represent Air France Flight 447 which crashed June 1, 2009 going from Brazil to Paris. Hopefully, Angela and Hodgins won't be on that flight, but maybe they will help with body identification? Many fans have postulated that the season 5 finale was actually May 2009, and the jump in time this summer/year will put the characters into May (or fall) 2010.

So, I think the chicken wings are the only reasonable "impersonation" of wings that Hart could put in the show. Back to Brennan's last book: (season 4 ender) wings = love, they are burdens that allow us to fly. Sorry for the paraphrase.

And, although I would love to believe that Brennan and Booth hooked up prior to the airport departure, I just can't believe that Hart would have hidden that from us. He always involves the audience in secrets, even if the characters don't know about it. (Hodgela's marriage, Booth's grandfather's comments to Bones about Booth's upbringing, etc.)

Anonymous said...

Sometimes I think that Hart is trying to go "Lost" on us, but he can't really do that in a show like Bones.

The stuff with the "tower of wings" and the clock at 4:47--if those are Easter eggs for the devoted fans from season 4's finale, fine. If they are going to have some cryptic meaning that will dramatically fall into place (!) I'm inclined to shrug my shoulders. Other shows do that better.

We haven't established any sort of magical elements in Bones, so for him to start messing with timelines or something similar is just going to fail. Epic fail.

You can't have a procedural crime drama, that's also funny, and romantic, and also include reality-bending time warp mysteries.

Bones takes place in our reality, and that's where it should stay... otherwise viewers will bail.


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