Sunday, May 2, 2010

Season Finale spoilers

The finale spoilers are getting more specific!

SPOILER WARNING!!! Please, please, please keep comments about this article restricted to this post. Other posts need to remain spoiler free. Thank you!


Sarah (#2) said...

Ug. This makes my stomach hurt.

Looks like scuttlebutt is true -- they'll be separating for a given period of time (months? a year?) and we won't see that time, we'll just see them coming back at the beginning of season 6.

Double ug.

k said...

I had already heard/read as much, so I'm not surprised.

I must say I'm terrified though. How can they change jobs and still keep the show?

or perhaps this means that they will break up the partnership so B&B can be together. I agree with the poster above: they'll likely be separated for a long period of time, but maybe that means that at the beginning of season 6 they'll realize how much they mean to each other and make the necessary changes to accommodate that.

I have to say that as much as I'd like to see B&B together, I like them working together. I like that partnership, and I don't know where the show would go without it.

Courtney said...

Great - more gimmicks that are supposedly going to make me wait with anxiety for next season - not going to happen.

There is no show without B&B together whether as partners and/or lovers - so, this dangling question just sounds like the usual season finale hooey that every show has to do these days.

I finally got to see last week's show as I'd been away - and the chemistry between DB and ED is dynamite - and as silly as I think all this stuff is right now - there is just no show without them sharing most of the episode scenes.

I like them as the early season crime fighters and solvers that they used to be rather than just the crime solvers they are now - that, to me, was a big mistake HH made, but he has a successful show on his hands - why change it back?

Anonymous said...

yipee! i hope Booth never comes back and finds his happiness somewhere else. maybe he can get his own show a la Angel. ;-)

Elizabeth said...

I am actually excited about the upcoming changes. Shows can and do get stale when it's the same week in and week out. It's taken me years to accept that change can be good. So, bring it on HH!

Stephanie said...

I'm not concerned about them separating for a year or whatever, because I don't think we'll actually see it. Like with this past season, we know Brennan spent the entire summer out of the country and Booth spent the entire summer on medical leave from the FBI, but we never saw the team apart.

I think they may do maybe one or two episodes where some of the team still isn't back in DC, but I think everyone involved (Fox, Hart, ect) knows that they can't do Bones with Brennan on a dig, Booth with the army, Angela & Hodgins in Paris, and Cam & Sweets in DC. The only thing that concerns me is the career changes. I don't want the Jeffersonian to go anywhere! The Jeffersonian is practically another character on the show.

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