Monday, May 3, 2010

Stephen Fry talks new series, 'Bones' and 'House'

The interview focuses mostly on his series 'Kingdom' that is being aired on Canadian TV. However, there are a few Bones mentions:

TVG: How do you feel about reinventing yourself for North American audiences? Most people here only know you from a handful of Bones episodes.

SF: It’s a very good point. It is interesting. One has gotten used to being part of the furniture in England, and to a lesser extent in Canada and Australia and other places that have a bigger link with Britain. So in America, they’re more likely to have known me from V for Vendetta or Bones or Gosford Park. It’s actually good. It means I’m less likely to be typecast. There are fewer assumptions. And I just love America. I enjoy being here. I like the people and the work ethic, the way television is done.
I’m doing something with HBO next year, which I can’t really talk about unfortunately, which will be a comedy idea. A comedy drama, half-hour, single-camera – that kind of drama. A sitcom that isn’t as studious as a multi-camera one.

The rest of that interview can be found here.


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