Thursday, May 20, 2010

What song was that in... "The Beginning in the End"?

If you have a question about any of the music from tonight's Bones episode "The Beginning in the End," post them here so they don't get lost in the episode discussion.


melanie said...

The song at the very end was "Kandi" by One Eskimo

Anonymous said...

Candi Staton - He Called Me Baby

When Booth and Brennan are saying goodbye.

Anonymous said...

YOU ALL ROCK!!! THANX for posting this. I was diggin' that tune, and you answered my seeking.
You have been smiled upon!
The Kandi by One Eskimo
is correct.

Anonymous said...

The song was Kandi, by One Eskimo, which sampled the Candi Stanton song, and looked at the story told in Stanton's song from a new perspective. very cool.

iheartbooth said...

Just listened to this on youtube...fits B&B PERFECTLY!

Anonymous said...

In a clever touch, the instrumental at the end of the 100th is basically mirrored in the scene with B&B on the park bench discussing change. Same music, different scene outcome!

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