Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Which TV show's fans get to claim the actor: Joss Whedon edition

Jennifer Thomas of Pioneer Local is spending finale week musing over her favorite Whedon characters:

As all the news is starting to come about fall TV schedules and new shows and who's acting in what, I started thinking about how some of the actors have played at least two memorable TV characters on different shows and which character they really are associated with. It's obviously a good thing for actors to be able to reinvent themselves (and a sign they're a good actor if they can) and build an entire new fanbase. But it's sort of like the question baseball players face if they get inducted into the Hall of Fame -- what team hat do they go in wearing? The team they played with the longest, the one they had the best career with or the one with the strongest fans? So, in honor of Joss Whedon directing tonight's episode of "Glee," "Dream On," this is an all-Whedon alum version deciding which TV show's fans get to claim an actor as their own. For example, should David Boreanaz be known as Angel on "Buffy" and "Angel" or is he Seeley Booth on "Bones"? I didn't include every Whedon alum who has had more than one memorable TV role, and didn't include every role for the ones mentioned, but I picked roles based on longevity and impact.

David Boreanaz -- Angel on "Buffy" and "Angel" or Seeley Booth on "Bones"

The verdict: Boreanaz has spent slightly more time as Angel/Angelus than Seeley Booth, but this one's a toss up. While there are certainly some cross-over fans between the shows, these are very different animals, and very different characters. Seeley Booth is actually a closer (though much less evil) version of the sarcastic Angelus than Angel, but Booth and Angel are flip sides of the coin. Angel was dark, broody and gorgeous and Booth is light-hearted, playful and gorgeous. Fans on both sides can claim Boreanaz. Although he'll always be Angel to me.

What about the other characters? Do you agree with her assessment?


Anonymous said...

No. (BBshipper)

Stephanie said...

According to IMDB, David had 111 episodes of Angel and 127 of Bones, so he's already spent more time as Booth. I looked it up because that line about him spending more time as Angel sounded wrong to me.

I've personally never watched any of the Whedon shows (never more than a handful of episodes, anyway,) so I'll know David from Bones, Alyson Hannigan from HIMYM, and Nathan Fillion from Castle. I don't see why only one show's fans can "claim" the actor, though.

Jeannie said...

Stephanie, 127 episodes of Bones? That can't be right, given that we just had episode 100.

Stephanie said...

Oh, that's true, haha. Maybe they're counting next season, too, since it's already been confirmed?

Stephanie said...

Yeah, the Bones IMDB page already has 22 slots listed for season 6 episodes, so that's what it is.

Anonymous said...

There are 111 episodes of Angel, plus he was on 57 episodes of Buffy as Angel, so yes he's been Angel for many more episodes than Booth. Booth is still my favorite though.

Elizabeth said...
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pfenix-goddess said...

I will always see him as "Angel" when I think about it, but I think that it's a real testament to just how damn *good* of a character actor David Boreanaz is: Seeley Booth is just as fully realized a character as Angel/Angelus was, and they are POLAR opposites, and yet Boreanaz plays them with realistic flair. I'm one of the people that started "Bones" because I was a fan of him, and I haven't been disappointed; Booth is totally real to me...However (and this could just be the fact that I hero-worshipped Angel when I was younger), I think that in some capacity David Boreanaz will always be "Angel" to me.

Elizabeth said...

I fell in love with David as Angel, but Booth will always be my man.

.m.a.n.o. said...

I was a *big* fan of David as Angel. I was going through the teen phase where Vampires are awesome, and seriously, the Whedon universe at that time could easily take on and crush any vampire universe of today. And during the earlier seasons, the 'starcrossed' thing Angel had for Buffy was a true romantic classic. His social awkwardness, the dark brooding, tortured soul thing...
Oh, and Angel never sparkled nor glittered in the sun.

I love David as Booth; in my mind he's the only person who could bring out his personality.
However, I'll always know him as Angel first.

Shep said...

He's fantastic as Booth but he'll always be Angel to me. I feel that Booth doesn't have the depth and development that Angel had. David got to play many different sides to Angel's personality.
Besides, to quote the Furies:

And Christ! He really hasn't aged much betweeen those two photos! None of them have, actually. What does Joss feed his cast?

As for the others:
Willow - because she's Willow!
River/Cameron - haven't seen Terminaor: SCC
Mal - he'll always be my Captain
Dawn - haven't seen Gossip Girl. Don't particularly want to
Darla? - haven't seen Dexter, but I think I'll remember her more for Darla
Connor/Pete - haven't seen Mad Men. Sounds like it could go either way for me.

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