Thursday, May 6, 2010

Why Bones is such a great show

Check out this article in The Atlantic about why Bones is such a great show. (spoiler-free)

One tidbit:

And it's also possibly the best show ever about the adult lives of nerds. The team of scientists who work with Booth (the token adult popular kid) and Brennan are successful, well-dressed, attractive, and brilliant, even if they still make Star Wars jokes, wear elf ears to holiday parties, and obsess over conspiracy theories. And unlike the leads on shows like The Big Bang Theory, they're also (with one notable exception) resolutely functional—enabled rather than crippled by the collective experience of their past social awkwardness and academic devotion.
Thank you Carly, Courtney, and, of course, Alyssa, for the tips!


Anonymous said...

I LOVE this article! It sums up EVERYTHING that I love about BONES.

Shep said...

I'd say this applies to Seasons 1-3 but not so much now. I don't like the way they deal with the murders now - it's just too goofy.

I also disagree with this: 'David Boreanaz has revealed skills even Joss Whedon couldn't pull out of him over two entire series'
Whilst I love Booth, I think that the character of Angel gave David the chance to really show the range of his acting talent. Angel is such a multi-faced, complex character that David got to play him in various ways, which he did well. I don't think that he's been given that opportunity with Booth.

Wendy said...

Angel/Angelus may have been a stronger, more varied character but DB's acting abilities have come a LONG way.

I almost quit Buffy in Season 1 after I'd already watched him as Booth simply because he was so novice by comparison.

Maybe it's just time and experience, or maybe HH has helped the process, but DB has definitely grown.

Trish said...

While the article writer seems to like Bones, the comments below the article show mostly seem to dislike the show. Guess there's no accounting for their taste... :)

chillip said...

i think if (as i expect, not know) they start exploring booth's backstory as much as they have brennan's, DB will have a chance to add faceting to booth.

i'm glad the author brought up ED's skills -- i've become very impressed with her from watching bones.

overall a very nice writeup. i have a couple of quibbles, but they are very minor.

Alyssa said...

Thanks for the kind words, you guys. And thanks so much, Wendy, for posting it.

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