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Today's Chatter Post - June 30th, 2010

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We are back to an episode question today.

What do you think will happen with Hodgins and Angela, now that they are married?

Let's speculate!

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Today's Chatter Post - June 29th, 2010

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Have you made any new friends because of Bones? How did you meet them?

Please share!

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King of the Lab - Quote Trivia

Who is the first person, besides Brennan, to say, "I don't know what that means," and what is the setting?

Remember to leave your name if you want the crown!

Today's Chatter Post - June 28th, 2010

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Today's question:

What's your most rewound moment of season 3?

Talk away!

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Guest Episode Review: The Bodies in the Book

Today's review is "The Bodies in the Book", by Kate

~*~ ~*~ ~*~

The Bodies in the Book
Review and Commentary by Kate

Teaser: Brennan and Booth investigate a series of murders that mimic the deaths in Brennan’s new book, yet have no connection. Meanwhile, Sully and Brennan’s relationship heats up before hitting a great big boulder.

Review and Commentary: Oh, it’s a Sully episode! I had forgotten. That’s nice. I kind of miss that guy. Anyway, the scene opens with Brennan and Sully enjoying a morning romp that is rudely interrupted by Brennan’s publicist, Ellen Laskow, on the phone. I would have to side with Sully and say that’s not really the time to take calls, but Brennan is a consummate multi-tasker and insists on answering. She and Ellen agree to meet at the lab to discuss the press junket for Brennan’s new book, while Brennan and Sully finish their romp.

Arriving at the lab late, Brennan rescues her publicist’s assistant, Hank, from Hodgins, only to have Ellen inform her that she doesn’t have to work in the lab anymore, what with being a best-selling author and all. Ellen is forceful while Hank meekly tries to keep up. Booth interrupts by announcing there’s a body at the marina. Ellen insinuates that Brennan’s fictional male lead is based on Booth, which they both quickly deny with Booth volunteering that Brennan has a man, though he’s “a bit short.” They bicker for a moment over Scully’s height (which is a very funny bit), before hitting the docks.

At the dock is a body all wrapped in red tape, just like in Brennan’s new book. On the way to the body, it’s revealed for the first (though certainly not the last) time in the series that Booth reads Brennan’s books. “You have time to write it, I have time to read it.” With the premise firmly established, the scene ends and opening credits roll.

Back in the lab, the team works on identifying the victim. He’s in bad shape due to crab season, but they’re able to glean some basic data including cause of death. Zach and Hodgins are eager to discuss the similarities between the fictional victims and the current victim, but Brennan dismisses that with the classic “In this lab, we are concerned with science, not fiction.” Angela whips up a face—in between flirting with Hodgins—and IDs the victim as Jim Lapata. Also, how funny is it when Booth mocks them by whispering in Angela’s ear too. I love that Bones is amused by his subtle jab at them. Booth tries to check on how Brennan’s “holding up,” with the copycat murders and all, only to be interrupted by Sully doing the same. The jockeying for Brennan’s attention between the two allows Angela to get her revenge by quipping “Testosterone spill on aisle 4.” Booth agrees to let Sully sort through the fan mail for any psychos, but Brennan is unimpressed by her eager “protectors.”

Booth interviews Lapata’s widow, who is accompanied by her brother, Greg, and who also gets interviewed by Booth. This seems a little unusual, but whatever. Turns outs he wasn’t a big fan of his brother-in-law, what with the drinking. It’s perfectly understandable, really. Booth also asks Greg if he likes mystery books, which is extra weird. Evidentially, Greg thinks so too because his sister winds up answering the question for him. He does and thus is the Prime Suspect.

A cut back to the lab gives a useless case status update, but that’s all right because it’s really there to reveal that Cam is the only one in the lab who hasn’t read Brennan’s new book. She never intends to either, preferring to unwind with “feminist trash” (which is the best name for pseudo-feminist romance novels ever) rather than some more work. Can’t say I blame her. In the bones room, Zach expresses concern that the killer will carry out all three murders in the book. Booth interrupts to dispute that and reveal a motive for Lapata’s murder: he was abusing his wife. Booth theorizes that Greg killed Lapata and used the descriptions from the book to throw off the police. Hodgins and Zach confirm the red tape is used in Greg’s work and it looks like everything is tied up with a neat bow. Except, of course, there are still thirty-three minutes left in the episode. Under interrogation, Greg denies killing Lapata and Brennan notes his uniquely fused third and fourth fingers. On a side note, why on earth would that not have been fixed by now? The guy is like forty and having ten fingers is pretty useful. Also, the makeup effect is awful, especially when freeze-framed.

In Booth’s office, Brennan finally expresses concern that two more people may die if the killer really is re-enacting the book. Hank appears in the doorway to remind the viewer of his downtrodden and hen-pecked demeanor and deliver the fan mail for Sully to sort through. Booth gets a phone call and Brennan’s fear is confirmed. The second murder has been carried out. A woman has been killed and fed to rats. Booth mentions “Isn’t this how you killed the second victim in your book?” (in case the viewer suffers from short-term memory loss ala Memento)and Brennan grimly replies “Yeah.”

Back in Booth’s office, Brennan announces the ID of the second victim and Booth tries to connect a dead salesman with a young socialite. Sully pops in to say that Greg is in the clear with an ironclad alibi. The only connection remains the book. Brennan loses her cool, blowing up at the men to express her frustration at the situation in her own emotionally messed up way, that she’s really bothered by the loss of life that has been laid at her door. Booth and Sully trade looks to let each other know they understand what she can’t quite admit, though Booth can’t let the opportunity to needle Sully slide. “She wasn’t this emotional before you came into the picture.”

Meanwhile, back at the ol’ lab, Cam and Zach are poring over the second victim while Hodgins works nearby. Brennan’s book is characterized as “lots of gore with a splash of social commentary.” I wish writers in later seasons had remembered this. Before I develop into a broken record, Cam mentions x-raying rodents for bullets and Hodgins quivers with excitement.

Booth is questioning (he does that a lot this episode, doesn’t he?) the second victim’s husband. Turns out she wasn’t just a young socialite, but a young philandering socialite. Most of the questioning is done with Booth and the husband both facing the camera, which is great cinematically but probably not the most effective way to question suspects.

What follows is one of the finest scenes ever on Bones: the rat x-raying. Between Angela’s desire for rodent amnesty (“they’re material witnesses”), Hodgin’s general merriment and snappy come-back (“It’s not like they know sign language, Angela.”), and Zach’s hilariously inappropriate story about more effective killing methods (it involves warm water and “the clever use of a ball peen hammer”), there is literally nothing wrong in this scene. Did I mention Cam fed all the rats laxatives when they arrived? It kind of renders the x-raying moot, but I refuse to let that lessen my enjoyment.

Sully drops off lunch for Brennan, who returns the favor by biting right into Sully. Ouch. He’s a big boy though and calls Bones out. She’s mad at herself and feeling responsible for the crimes. Brennan retorts that the murders would have happened anyway, just following a different method. She also puts Sully down by telling him their relationship is “just a fling.” Double ouch. Sully takes the heat and reminds her that theirs isn’t a one-time thing before leaving Brennan to deal on her own. She keeps pushing, but he refuses to go. Side note: how hot is the white blouse/black tie? I’d love to see Brennan in a tie again. I don’t think it’s a coincidence that Brennan is wearing strong, masculine clothing in this scene either.

Back in the bone room, Zach confirms the two victims were killed with the same gun. Booth jumps in to add that Prime Suspect 2 has an airtight alibi as well. He suggests a serial killer choosing random victims. Brennan disagrees. Although the gun and tape are the same, nothing else about the murders fits together. It’s as if they were killed by two different people. Hmm….

With Prime Suspect 2 off the table, Booth suggests everyone’s favorite stalker Oliver Laurier may have upped his act. He suggests paying a visit. I suggest bringing Oliver back in season six. At Oliver’s apartment, Booth tries to talk with Oliver, but he’s a bit, er, shy. This forces Booth to break down the door (on the count of three, technically). He’s greeted by creepy dolls bound in red tape hanging from the ceiling. The look on his face is a priceless “you have got to be kidding me! Unbelievable.” Needless to say, Oliver gets a one-way trip to the interrogation room.

Oliver claims the dolls are just role-playing. Listen up kids, I’m only going to say this once: nothing good ever comes from role-playing. So take off the anime dress and put on some nice flannel. Booth asks if “Ollie’s” games extend to real people, but Oliver just wants to see Brennan again. Booth blows it off, but Oliver reminds Booth there remains another victim. Now can he please see Bones?

No, because she’s busy getting ready for her signing and talking with Angela who dispenses the standard “enjoy the ride” relationship advice. Angela also describes her and Hodgin’s relationship running on “sex and laughter” which is not the most solid of relational foundations and perhaps why they break up for no particular reason later in the series. A little more time in the lab offers a few more hints—inconsistent methods of killing, manufactured sand particulates—before Brennan swings by the interrogation room for some 1-on-1 with Oliver.

Oliver asks a lot of questions but provides valuable clues. See, he’s a Brennanite, a devotee of Brennan. He hangs out in chat rooms with other mystery lovers including fellow Brennanites (and Patersonians and Graftonatas). I imagine there was a lot of giggling in the writer’s room coming up with the names. Oliver tries to touch Brennan and things go downhill until Brennan breaks his nose. All the blood causes Oliver to faint. Oh, and get ruled out as a suspect as it’s difficult to be a murderer and pass out at the sight of blood. Although, I did know a med student who vomited when others vomited and went woozy at the sight of blood too and he made it though med school, so who knows? Brennan decides to proceed with her book signing, which Sully thinks is foolhardy. The two start to fight and Booth tries to excuse himself on the grounds that clearly more is involved, but Bones refuses to let him off the hook. Booth winds up taking Brennan to the signing as a compromise.

At the signing, Hank is anxiously waiting and shaking, but not from anxiety. He’s diabetic and Ellen has been running him ragged. Brennan stuffs a candy bar into the poor boy, who tells them Ellen is uncharacteristically late. Booth and Brennan park by the back door, where Booth pulls his gun on an overzealous fan. When Brennan questions if it’s necessary, Booth asks if she’s going to start into him like she did with Sully. Before they can really get into it, Brennan notices (CGI) fire ants and the two of them have just found the third victim, Ellen. Guess the signing’s off.

The fine boys at the FBI manage to find a link between the second and third victims on Ellen’s BlackBerry. Except didn’t Hank say he always had Ellen’s phone? Hmm…. Questioning Hank reveals Ellen was a lesbian, which eliminates Sully’s idea of an affair between her and the second victim’s husband. Going back over the case in the lab, Brennan becomes convinced that there are three separate killers. Booth meanwhile remembers the bit about Hank and the BlackBerry and the pieces start falling into place. Sand from Ashton Keller’s golfing, Hank’s insulin, bruises that match Greg’s syndactyly. The Brennanite chat room wraps it all up and boom! Case(s) solved with a nice musical montage to boot.

In Brennan’s office, there’s a bit of an awkward threesome between Brennan, Booth, and Sully. Booth linger a bit, but realizes he’s not wanted and excuses himself, with a flash of sadness on his face at the realization. Brennan apologizes and she and Sully make up. Through the window, Booth looks back at them, then turns around and slowly walks away.

Overall, this is a very well-written episode of Bones, a lot less formulaic and obvious in its plot development than the episodes often are. The reason I think this one tends not to rate highly is that the twist—three murderers each covering for another—wasn’t very original. It’s pretty much ripped off from Hitchcock’s Strangers on a Train. Even if you only saw the similar Law and Order episode back around 2000, this was old hat. (Although the murderers got off in that case.) Still it’s a good episode and worth re-watching.

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Stephen Nathan (a.k.a. The Spoiler Man) tweets

Season 6 spoilers are coming in full force now!

I love the way Stephen Nathan doles out spoilers. He often posts cryptic messages as little hints. Remember last year when he tweeted to the effect that "Booth never misses..."? It had people in a tizzy for a while thinking that something was going to go terribly wrong. Then, we saw The Bones on the Blue Line where Brennan says that Booth never misses, and the interviewer says, "Andy sometimes misses." (So according to Brennan's logic, we're supposed to deduce that Andy ISN'T based off of Booth! Yeah, right.)

Well, he's up to his old tricks giving us hints via Twitter. I would not consider this to be spoilery since it is so vague. However, since HH and SN have decided that SN will be the spoiler-giver from now on, I will expect more spoilery tweets to follow.

What do you think about a potential undercover episode? All in favor...

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Hopes for Wendell

Michael Grant Terry, on his hopes for Wendell in Season 6 of Bones. No spoilers really because it's all just his conjecture and what he would like to see.

Another case fit for Brennan...

The body was found in a small, graffiti-stained tunnel. Robbery was likely not the motive, as his possessions and cash were found with him.

The University of Alberta's Sandra Garvie-Lok can't tell exactly how the victim on her table died, but she has a good idea. Given the visible previous cranial trauma on the body, the events that took place around the time of the murder and the location where his remains were found, she is willing to bet that this John Doe was murdered. Yet, no suspect will ever be tried or convicted for the crime. And she's OK with that.


Today's Chatter Post - June 25th, 2010

Remember, only 2 rules

  • Keep it clean
  • No spoilers

Back on topic today. :-)

Which Bones moment brought tears to your eyes?

Let's include all 5 seasons in this one!

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Guest Episode Review: The Girl in the Gator

Today's review is "The Girl in the Gator", by Lyndsey

~*~ ~*~ ~*~

The Girl in the Gator
Review by Lyndsey

This is it. The introduction of Sully! For many Bones fan's, Sully is a topic of discussion they prefer to avoid, which is why I believe that this review lay unclaimed for as long as it did. On the other hand, there are fans like me who love Sully.

The opening of this episode is one unlike any other. It starts with Brennan and Booth exiting the diner. This is a really cute moment (pre-shooting) that really shows how close Brennan and Booth are. Booth is on the phone getting details on their newest case, which he has just learned will take place in Florida. His question: "Florida? Miami, Florida... or like swampy Florida?", that in itself is a Booth-ism if you will. Booth proceeds to become agitated by the "ice-cream truck song" which is being played form a nearby ice cream truck. When the driver of said truck continues to drive alongside Booth and Brennan, ignoring Booths rant about not being able to hear his phone conversation, Booth takes out his gun and shoots the plastic clown on top of the truck three times. Booth has never looked hotter, in my opinion. When he shoots the plastic clown, it's seems that it is more out of annoyance than hatred. I think that because we don't see that hatred in his eyes, like we did when he encountered Howard Epps or when he threatened the Mexican gang leader to protect Bones, that we (or at least I) didn't sense the urgency in this situation which was actually a kind of cry for help. However, this is a cause of concern for the FBI. Thus, we are introduced to Dr. Gordan Gordan, Booths department psychiatrist. I consider the introduction of Gordan Gordan nothing short of brilliant. Through Gordan Gordan's sessions with Booth I think we get to understand more about Booth whereas before he was basically seen as a heroic figure who is doing penance for past crimes. I realize that through his talks with Brennan at the end of each case we learned a bit more about him but through his therapy sessions we delve into the mind of Seeley Booth and see how tortured he really is by some of the things in his past.

Originally we are led to believe that Dr. Gordan Wyatt (or Gordan Gordan) is going to sign Booths paper and send him on his way. Quite to the contrary, upon hearing that Booth shot at an ice cream truck just because the music was bothering him, Gordan Gordan asks Booth to reflect on why he really shot the clown. (it is up to the viewer to realize that of course Gordan was briefed by the FBI on what had occurred and him "just signing the paper" was never going to happen). Gordan proposes that the trauma of serial killer Epps dying after Booth failed to pull him off the balcony may be a reason for the outburst which led to Booth shooting the clown. Gordan Gordan also brings up Booths "need to control his environment" and his subtle rebellions through his attire that exert his control on FBI protocol. Later we realize that it is this very need to control everything that drove Booth up the wall because he couldn't control the death of Epps. Did he slip or did Booth release him?

Booth is stuck back in D.C. until he gets his back to work order signed, which leaves Brennan with a new FBI agent in Florida: Agent Sullivan. We immediately notice how Sully contrasts Booth when he brings up a boat for sale he is thinking of buying instead of helping Brennan with the case. Slowly, Brennan warms up to him as she realizes he does value the job they do of catching murderers, he just acknowledges it is not the only worthwhile thing. At the close of the case Sully asks Brennan out on a date and she accepts. Something I want to point out is that when Sully offers to buy Brennan pie she accepts. Later we learn that Brennan does not like pie (she finds it too sweet). I have not decided if this was just an oversight by the writers or rather a revelation about Brennan that she would be willing to eat pie that Sully got for her, maybe that makes all the difference. I prefer to hope for the latter although I realize the former is more likely.

For Booths and Brennan's relationship, the introduction of Sully is huge. He is really the first "romantic rival" to be introduced. In the episodes that follow this one we really learn a lot about how Booth feels for Bones. Also, Sully is good for Brennan. I think that he suits her in ways that Booth does not simply for the reason that (if I can steal words from Angela) he "lives wide". Through how Brennan treats the victims in her work we can see that she values every life. Shouldn't that lead us to believe that she values her own life in the same way? Sully has many "hobbies" because he doesn't want an FBI agent "to be the only thing he ever was". I think that helped Brennan realize that an Anthropologist is not the only thing she ever wants to be. That is probably the very reason that she started to work with Booth in the first place, to do more, to help more. In the end, sure maybe Booth and Brennan are meant to be together, but in my opinion Sully is the perfect guy for her along the way.

The Case:

A Spring-breaker is found dead inside an alligator and it is more than a little gross when the team back at the Jeffersonian begins to pull body parts and miscellaneous items out from inside of him. The victim is revealed to be Judy Dowd, based on a missing persons file that matched evidence found in the bones. We find out that Judy was an HSB, which courtesy of Hodgins we know is Hotty Student Body, a website a-la Girls Gone Wild where drunk girls take their clothes off. When their prime-suspect, Hugh Heffner-esque Monty Gold is found dead they turn their attention to a religious radical. However, it comes to light that the victims father had tracked down Monty after unprofessionally asking Angela about the case and the victims father admits to killing Monty Gold. Back to the original case, Judy Dowd's killer is determined to be the same religious radical, Isaac, they suspected of killing Monty. Isaac had a past of harassing young woman in his church.


Brennan: [to Booth, after he shot the clown head on the truck] That... was not good.

Angela: [to Zack] Just because you have a doctorate now doesn't mean I won't use you as a swizzle stick.

Brennan: Judy's stab wound was probably from a bolt of some kind right through
[she approaches Sullivan]
Brennan: here.
[She touches an area on his back]
Sully: So, just inside her scapula?
Brennan: Yes... most laymen refer to it as a shoulder blade.
Sully: Well, I told you I went to college. I minored in kinesiology. Although, this is the first time I've used it to impress a lady.

Episode Title Spoilers!

Hart Hanson and subsequently Michael Ausiello have given away the “tentative, penciled-in, maybe, unlocked title for [episode] 1, season 6". But the bigger news is supposedly the title for episode 2.
(Scroll to the end of his post for the Bones spoilers.)

What do you make of it?

Today's Chatter Post - June 24th, 2010

Remember, only 2 rules

  • Keep it clean
  • No spoilers

This is completely off-topic but I got to ask:

Are you watching the Soccer World Cup? Who do you want to win? Who do you think WILL win?

Talk away!

Happy Birthday to Carla Gallo!

Daisy may not be the most popular intern, but I think Carla Gallo pulls off the character beautifully!

Guesses on her age? 20, 22?

Higher! Carla is 35 today. She looks far younger and I do hope we see more of her next season.

Happy Birthday Carla!

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Emily Deschanel for Chimps: The Great Ape Protection Act is a website urging people to take action regarding certain issues, among them animal protection and welfare.

From According to Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine, the U.S. "is the only nation in the world that is known to still use captive chimpanzees for large-scale invasive research." The Great Ape Protection Act (pdf) would put an end to that. But here's what I love about this bill — not only does it stop cruelty, but it provides for the future of the chimps. One of the provisions of GAPA is that all of the federally owned chimpanzees would be released to sanctuaries, where they would be protected for the rest of their lives.
The bill has bi-partisan support from nearly 150 congressional co-sponsors. Of course, it needs more than sponsors — it needs to pass. And that's why celebrities are putting their star power behind the chimps, too.
Emily Deschanel, the vegan star of Bones, also wrote Rep. Waxman on behalf of chimpanzees: "This legislation would allow about 500 chimpanzees to live their remaining years in sanctuaries. They could form bonds with other chimpanzees, bask in the sunlight, and feel the grass and the earth. That's the least we can do for chimpanzees, our species' closest living relatives."

You can support Emily and her cause here.

Bones Fanawards

Some Bones fans have gotten together on Livejournal and started a new community for the summer (and maybe beyond):

A couple of fans have started a little competition that will recognize all types of Bones fanworks. It is made where fans can nominate fanfics, fanvids, and fanart, then vote on the nominations to determine the favorite. It is a livejournal community Nominations have started, and we are trying to get the word out.
There is an adult content warning on the community, just an FYI!

It looks like a fun way to recognize the hard work of Bones fans. There is an amazing level of commitment and obsession out there and it is nice to see some love go out ;)

Spoiler TV Poll: Best Show Ever - Dexter vs. Bones

Spoiler TV is putting an interesting pair up for a poll to find the best show ever:

And so today's round here sees two very current, and very popular shows going head to head in Dexter vs. Bones.

Current status:

Dexter 49% (970 votes)
Bones 51% (996 votes)
Total Votes: 1,966

Go vote for our show!

Today's Chatter Post - June 23th, 2010

Remember, only 2 rules

  • Keep it clean
  • No spoilers

So - today's question is:
What's your favorite season 2 quote?

Please share!

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More Details about Bones at Comic-Con

Friday, July 23:

2:00–2:45 Bones: Creator and Executive Producer Hart Hanson and Star David Boreanaz— Hart Hanson and David Boreanaz will be on hand to discuss what went down in season 5 of Bones and the cliffhanger finale as well as what’s in store for Booth and Brennan in an exciting season 6! The Q&A will take place in Ballroom 20.

So no Emily this year, just the guys. Remember to let us know all about the event if you get to go! :-)

TJ is helping to save the Earth

I firmly believe that TJ Thyne is a truly nice guy. We may not know much about his off-screen actions but what we know is really impressive.

TV’s Bug & Slime Guy Makes No Bones About Love For Eco-Dwellings
Dwell on Design is a yearly exhibition (coming up this weekend as a matter of fact) that is known for the latest and greatest in cutting edge household designs, furnishings and assorted product accoutrements.

As sustainable concepts continue to take a more prominent role in the show, it’s not surprising that a very unique 400 square foot home crafted out of a total of 80 – 90% recycled materials by Reclaimed Space was the darling of last year’s event.

Boasting historically relevant supplies gleaned from 1830s Texas farmsteads such as long-leaf pine shiplap, galvanized metal and salvaged fixtures, the result of their creative construction efforts was a quaint yet fully functional modular ‘surf shack’ that was available for ownership just by bidding via Ebay.

$10,000 of the purchase price was earmarked for Los Angeles’ Habitat For Humanity, and at the conclusion of a friendly, star-studded bidding war, the new owner of the humble abode became Fox’s resident Dr. Hodgins (aka The Bug and Slime Guy) on Bones.

It turns out that this isn’t just a one-hit-wonder for actor T.J. Thyne – rumor has it that the 35 year old is intent on acquiring a number of eco-clone Reclaimed Space homes which he will then use to create a customized family-friend community somewhere in California.

Back to work for the Bones crew!

Seems that hiatus is coming to an end soon.

TJ Thyne tweeted this a few days ago:
The FOX just ran up my pathway and whispered in my ear "July 20th". Stage six, I hope you are ready for us! Skeleton Crew, see you soon!

So, that means there should be some spoilers for season 6 out there pretty soon. Are you excited?

Monday, June 21, 2010

EW TV Season Finale Awards: Your winners are...

EW had the fans vote on the high and lows of the season 09/10 sign-off episodes.
Bones has made that list several times:

''I liked the season, but everyone was saying the finale would be as epic as the 100th episode, and it SO wasn't.'' —Becca
2. The Office
3. Private Practice
4. Lost
5. Tie: Survivor and Community

Jeff and Annie/Britta/Slater, Community
The closest race of any category, the Community square beat the Good Wife triangle by just two votes.
2. Alicia and Will/Peter, The Good Wife
3. Booth and Brennan separate for a year, Bones
4. House and Cuddy, House
5. Will Holly return?, The Office

TIE: One-year sabbatical, Bones; Robert's death in the Walker caravan car accident, Brothers & Sisters
One had too little buildup; one had too much (we knew Rob Lowe was leaving the show for months). The latter is also what landed Fringe's ''best nonromantic cliff-hanger'' on both the best- and worst-twist lists: ''Awesome for upcoming story lines, but I saw it coming.'' —Kyle
3. Olivia trapped in the alternate universe, Fringe
4. Sideways world is purgatory, Lost
5. ''Any of them,'' Desperate Housewives

Do you agree with this assessment? What other categories should Bones have been included in?

King of the Lab - Trivia

There is an episode that ends with "In memory of..." What is the episode? Who is that person, and what is their connection to Bones?

Remember to leave your name in order to receive credit!

A Finding Worthy of Temperance Brennan

Scientists have revealed that they think bones found in a German cathedral are those of one of the earliest members of the English royal family.

The remains of Queen Eadgyth, who died in 946, were excavated in Magdeburg Cathedral in 2008.

The granddaughter of Alfred the Great, King of Wessex, the Saxon princess married Otto I, Holy Roman Emperor, in 929.

The findings were presented at the University of Bristol on Thursday.

A spokesman from the university said the bones were the oldest surviving remains of an English royal burial.... (more)

Thanks, Bok Choy, for this link.

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Today's Chatter Post - June 18th, 2010

Remember, only 2 rules

  • Keep it clean
  • No spoilers

So - today's topic is the Disappearance of the Bones Wiki:
Dear Bones fans,

It is with regret that we share the news that FOX and Wetpaint will no longer be maintaining this fansite, as of July 1, 2010. If there is any content or information you wish to preserve, please copy it to your local computer prior to July 1, when the site will go offline permanently.

FOX and Bones invite you to join the central community on

We thank you wholeheartedly for your active participation on this site and your enthusiasm for the show, and look forward to seeing you over on the official FOX forum for Bones.

Best regards,

The moderators of the official Bones Fan Wiki
Will you miss it? Do you think the revamped Fox site is adequately taking over? Has it been dead for awhile? Is there anything the Wiki has you would don't see maintained on other Bones sites? Anything you want to see maintained here specifically? Is it a loss?

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Today's Chatter Post - June 17th, 2010

Remember, only 2 rules

  • Keep it clean
  • No spoilers

So - today's question is:

What are you watching this summer?

Which shows can you recommend to fellow Bones fans? Found anything new you like? Rewatching old favorites?
Chat away!

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Guest Reviews - Update on Season 2

We're still waiting on some Bones Season 2 guest reviews. Once we get a few more completed I will open up Season 3. If you are still listed below and you haven't contacted me to let me know how it's going or that you still plan to do your review - you need to! If I don't hear I will need to open up the reviews to other people so we can get more fun reviews in to fill this long summer hiatus!

# 221 - 'The Glowing Bones in the Old Stone House' - (Kathleen - commitment)
# 218 - 'The Killer in the Concrete" - (Curtis - commitment)
# 215 - 'The Bodies in the Book" - (Kate - commitment)
# 213 - 'The Girl in the Gator" - (Lyndsey- commitment)
# 211 - "Judas on a Pole" - (Kay - commitment)
# 207 - 'The Girl with the Curl" - (Kathleen - commitment)
# 205 - 'The Truth in the Lye" - (Frieda- commitment)
# 202 - 'The Mother and Child in the Bay" - (Frieda- commitment)

If you are still working on your review, remember the tips I posted. I have updated them, so please take a look - they make things easier on everyone!

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Today's Chatter Post, June 16th, 2010

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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

King of the Lab - Trivia

Describe as many instances as you can (episode/scene) where Angela’s abilities as a sketch artist are used, and she draws something different than a typical sketch.

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Meeting of the minds

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Bring on season 6!! We must be obsessed when we find this exciting. How many of you would love to be a silent observer during that meeting?

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Today's Chatter Post - June 14th, 2010

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What's your favorite outfit worn by Cam?

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Saturday, June 12, 2010

Guest Episode Review: Stargazer in a Puddle

Today's review is "Stargazer in a Puddle", by Irene

~*~ ~*~ ~*~
"Stargazer in a Puddle"

Previously on Bones...
We learn that the way to Angela's heart is by spelling out sweet nothings in bacteria-infested decapod crustaceans; she has accepted Hodgins' proposal, and the two of them are getting married, like, a-sap. Brennan has rejected Sully's invitation for her to join him on his charter boat around the Caribbean, because she's clearly wasting her talents at the Jeffersonian. Bones' dad, Max Keenan, is a murderer who likes to erect his kills on a cross while stuffing coins in their mouths and gutting them. We also discover Booth's secret...he's sexually attracted to mac 'n cheese.

At the crime scene
The episode starts out with B&B walking through a partially flooded building. They meet up with a cop who explains that they were pursuing a suspect the night before. The delinquent tossed his knife into a pit of mud, and they had to drain the facility to find it. B&B are led by the officer down some stairs to an underground area that still has a few feet of standing water. Floating in the middle of the brown pool is a shopping cart with a corpse in it. Booth thinks that it's the body of a child. Brennan confirms that the remains belong to a pre-adolescent female and notices that there is a pencil case floating nearby. After learning that the water in the building freezes over in the winter, Bones tells Booth that the body could have been there since last fall. Seeley asks her about the C.O.D. and Brennan tells him that the child appears to have been shot in the back of the head. Bones notices that the corpse is clutching a rock; she removes it and finds that it has the words "I love you" inscribed. Brennan remembers Booth once told her that pedophiles sometimes make themselves believe that they love their victims. Huh. He must've seen that episode of "To Catch a Predator" too.

At the lab

Hodgela are discussing their upcoming nuptials. They decide on a traditional church ceremony with a reception that would make Caligula blush. I had to google that one - Caligula is short for Gaius Julius Caesar Augustus Germanicus, a Roman Emperor who engaged in lots of sex with his sisters and once tried to make his horse, Incitatus, a priest. Nothing says "true love forever" like incest and mental illness. Meanwhile, Hodgins is examining the contents of the pencil case that was found near the corpse, as well as some water samples. He comments that the water yielded a high concentration of dead fairy shrimp and implies that Tinkerbell had a S.T.D. Angela asks Hodgins if he wants her to change her name. Hodgins asks if she wants him to want her to change her name. I rolled my eyes so hard that I almost swallowed an eyeball.

In Brennan's office
B&B are looking at some x-rays of the corpse's upper torso. Brennan points out that there is some arthritic lipping in the girl's neck. She tells him that, in order for the condition to occur, the victim must've been looking upwards constantly.
Booth: Maybe she prayed a lot.
Brennan: Four to six hours a day? What did she want so badly?
At this point, Bones' dad casually strolls in and says, "Her father?" Booth draws his gun and tells Max that he's under arrest. Bones is distressed. Max says that he just wants to have a drink with them. Booth is already reading him his rights and telling Brennan to get his cuffs out of his back pocket. Brennan refuses, although I can't understand why because she could totally cop a feel with Booth being none the wiser. She reminds Seeley of the time her pops saved his life.
Max surrenders himself and tells Brennan that he heard she was getting married. Bones tells him that no, Angela and Hodgins are the ones taking the plunge. As Booth is cuffing Max, he tells Brennan he's sorry. Bones says she understands and watches the two leave her office. In walks Angela, who asks if that was just her dad being escorted out. Brennan nods and has this look on her face like someone just peed in her gas tank.

In the FBI interrogation room
Max is sipping from a glass of water. Caroline and Booth are watching him from the outside. Caroline tells Seeley that, while they both know that that man is Max Keenan, everyone else knows him as a diligent electrician from Coos Bay, Oregon. Booth reminds her that he was a bank robber for fifteen years and recently offed two FBI agents. Caroline eventually tells Seeley that they can't keep Max in custody, but she doesn't appear to be too torn up about it.
Booth goes into the interrogation room. Max has a smirk across his face, as he knows that he just scored the Monopoly get-out-of-jail-free card. Seeley asks Max about his job as an electrician and moves his drinking glass aside, implying that he'll get prints off of it. Max wants to shake hands with Booth, who refuses. Seeley chastises him for abandoning his daughter and continuing to pop in and out of her life. Booth is trying to get Max to hit him so that he'll stay in jail for assaulting a federal agent. Max catches on and says that he might have fallen for it twenty years ago, but not anymore.

At the lab
Brennan and Zack are looking at the bullet hole in the skull of their victim. Zack agrees that the hole was caused by a "slug." He explains to Bones that Cam taught him the term "slug" was a colloquialism for "projectile." Angela enters and tells them that she's finished her rendering of the victim's face. She shows them a drawing of a very old woman who sort of looks like the love child of Larry King and Kim Jong II. Zack comments that she was supposed to draw a picture of a ten-year-old. Angela says something about art making science its b**** and stands by her drawing. Brennan tells Zack to go re-examine the remains.
After Zack leaves, Angela asks Brennan to be her maid-of-honour. Brennan agrees immediately and says that it's her pleasure, no matter how ugly the dresses are. Clearly, Temperance has never been a bridesmaid before because it DOES matter when the bride has her heart set on this orange taffeta gown with leaves coming up the bodice and back straps that make you look like a ham.

In Brennan's apartment
Max and Bones are sitting at her kitchen table. Max tells her that her brother Russ is working as a mechanic. He refuses to tell Brennan where he is because he's in violation of his parole, and he's on a slippery slope. Bones laughs at the irony and Max tells her that it is nice to see her smile. Max eventually reveals the reason for his trip; he's giving her a sliver ring that belonged to her grandma. Brennan gets choked up and suddenly tells Max she's got to get to bed. She invites him to spend the night and tells him that he needn't stay on the couch; she has her guest room made up. Bones kisses Max, whose guilt has now eaten straight through his heart and is fast encroaching on his spinal cord.

In Booth's office
Caroline walks in and informs Seeley that the fingerprints from Max's glass don't match the prints they have for him on the system. Booth concludes that Deputy Director Kirby must've made Max "invisible" so that he could get away with killing him, but Max got to him first. Seeley's face throughout their conversation suggests that he either has some serious misgivings about arresting his partner's dad, or needs to up the fiber in his diet. Caroline informs him that she can get him a warrant for Max's DNA, but he'll have to find something to compare it to.

At the lab
Zack and Brennan are revisiting the remains of the girl. The corpse has markers of being both young and old. Angela and Hodgins walk in. Bones concludes that the victim must've had some sort of aging disorder - the kind that can't be cured by copious amounts of botulism and snail slime. Angela tells her that she ran her sketch through the FBI database. The victim is Chelsea Cole, aged twenty-two, missing from Washington since last November.
Bones and Angela leave. Hodgins asks Zack to be his best man. Zack ignores him at first and then tells him he has to think about it. Hodgins is a bit irked, without a doubt wondering if his geeky best friend is contemplating skipping his nuptials to play World of Warcraft.

At the home of Cynthia Cole, victim's mother
B&B have told her that Chelsea's body has been found. Cynthia asks if the cart she was found in was from Tuft's Grocery. Bones asks how she knew that. Cynthia explains that Chelsea loved it there; she would take a dollar, go down to the grocery store and buy candy or a toy, and then bring her purchase home in a shopping cart. Meanwhile, Bones is walking around the house and stops in front of some drawings of the night sky. Cynthia confirms that they were all drawn by Chelsea. Booth, apparently possessed by the spirit of Simon Cowell, comments that Chelsea was twenty-two; the pictures looked like something a child would have drawn.
Cynthia confirms that Chelsea had Werner's Syndrome, an aging disease that affects mental development. Chelsea was obsessed with the stars and spent hours gazing up at them.
Seeley asks Cynthia about the man she suspected of abducting Chelsea when she went missing. Cynthia explained that his name was "Joe Mellon." He was a caretaker the city provided to look after Chelsea while she attended classes at her local community college. Cynthia came home one day to find that Chelsea smelled of her shampoo. Joe bathed her, even though it wasn't part of his duties. Chelsea disappeared and the investigation into his conduct ended.

In the FBI interrogation room
Booth has brought Joe in for questioning. Joe is adamant that he did not molest Chelsea. He explained that Chelsea had the mental capacity of a six year old. She had gotten jam on herself one day and started freaking out. Joe ran the bath and waited for Chelsea to rinse herself off. Chelsea used her mother's shampoo and it got into her eyes. Joe ran in to help her ease the stinging and then left her alone again. He said that Chelsea even told her mom nothing happened. Cynthia resented him because he had suggested to her that it may be time to put Chelsea into an institution.

At the Royal Diner
Max gives Brennan her grandmother's ring. She learns that her mom, Ruth, has two sisters. With the way Temperance's family tree is filling out, I wouldn't be surprised if one of them used to be a man. Bones asks about his side of the family; Max replies that he had no family other than his wife and kids. Bones confronts her dad about abandoning her and Russ. Max tells her that he has a videotaped message for her from her mother. In walks Booth, demanding a DNA sample from Max. He looks apologetically at Brennan, like he accidentally just pet her dog to death.

At the lab
Zack is examining Chelsea's skull again. Hodgins walks in and tells him that he's getting married in two days; is he going to be his best man or what? Zack hands him a letter. It's from the White House and they want Zack's mad skills in Iraq. What the heck, right? Hodgins basically tells him that he can't go. Zack's mind is already made up. He tells Hodgins that he can't be the best man because if he leaves for Iraq afterwards and dies, he won't be able to remember his own wedding as a happy day. Zack encourages him to ask Booth; he's better with people stuff anyways. He also concludes that the hole in Chelsea's skull was a result of a drill, not a bullet.

At the home of Cynthia Cole
Cynthia confirms to B&B that Chelsea had brain surgery when she was young. Brennan, still fixated on the celestial drawings, tells them that the constellations are accurate. Booth asks why Chelsea needed brain surgery and Brennan comments that the procedure is usually required when a special needs child is abused. Cynthia takes exception to this - I can't imagine why - and leaves to get her medication from the cabinet. When she returns, she says that Chelsea fell out of bed when she was young. Meanwhile, Brennan is eying the drugs she's on. Cynthia accuses Joe of ratting her out because she grabbed Chelsea's arm "once." I'll bet.

In Booth's SUV
Seeley and Brennan are driving to God knows where when the former gets a call. It's Hodgins, asking if he'll be his best man. Booth agrees, but says that it is really short notice for him to throw together a bachelor party. Hodgins tells him he doesn't want one.
Booth: Well, if there's no bachelor party, what do you want me to do?
Hodgins: Stand there, make a toast, hand me the rings, tongue kiss the maid of honour when the people clink glasses.
Seeley asks who the maid of honour is. Brennan, who can't hear their conversation, responds that she's got the gig. Booth looks over at her like he's a fifteen year old boy who's just been caught flipping through his dad's Playboy.
Seeley asks Hodgins if he needs to talk with Angela's dad to coordinate things. Jack realizes that he completely forgot to ask for permission to marry Angela and hurriedly gets off the phone.
Brennan blurts out that she has AIDS. Booth thinks she's talking about Angela. Temperance says no, Cynthia Cole is sick. She recognized one of the meds she was taking as a common prescription for AIDS patients.

At the lab
Zack, Cam and Hodgins are discussing the dead fairy shrimp they found beneath Chelsea's body. Hodgins wants to find out if they can be poisoned by feeding on decomposing flesh. The three walk into a room where a hunk of lethal SPAM is submersed in an aquarium. Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum ask Cam if they can dump some sea shrimps in. Cam is skeptical and tells them that she'll buy them each a car if their experiment proves something. Zack and Hodgins commit the sea shrimp genocide after she leaves, with unsatisfying results.

At the Royal Diner
Temperance confesses to Seeley that she thinks she loves her dad.
Bones: Am I... Am I terrible for not... wanting to let myself care about my own father?
Booth: Look, Bones, your father is going to do something tomorrow that's going to hurt you. How do you forgive that?
Bones: I'm not a bad daughter? A bad person?
Booth: You're not a bad anything.
Just as they are about to admit that they are both madly in love with one another and want to reproduce like farm cats, d*** Hodgins phones Brennan with a C.O.D.

At the lab
Hodgins: Those sea chimps went after that pork by-product like piranhas after a skinny-dipping missionary.
Jack tells B&B that Chelsea was poisoned by an overdose of Navirapine, a medication used to treat AIDS patients. Bones concludes that Chelsea was murdered by her mother.

At the home of Cynthia Cole
Booth hands Cynthia the "I love you" stone Chelsea was found clutching. Cynthia insists that she loved Chelsea very much. Bones ain't buying it; Chelsea got to be too much for Cynthia to handle, so she murdered her. Temperance gets a call from Cam and the two are able to determine that one of the medications Cynthia was on was an experimental drug used in the place of Navirapine; she used her old pills to poison her own daughter. Cynthia is arrested. She asks Brennan to take down Chelsea's pictures so they don't get thrown out. Brennan refuses, because only her daddy-o is allowed to murder people in cruel and unusual ways.

In Booth's office
One of Seeley's colleagues, Charlie Burns, tells him that Max robbed a Piggly Wiggly in Illinois back when he was bad-a**. The clerk swung a baseball bat at him Carrie Underwood-style and drew some blood. Max used a napkin to stop the bleeding; said napkin was left behind at the crime scene and is currently with the state police. Booth can finally prove that Max and Art are one in the same. He's not looking very happy about it.

At Angela's dad's music studio
Angela's dad is Billy Gibbons of ZZ Top. He wears this mangy cap with these little dangly things that makes him look like one of those dolls that grow hair when you shove play doh up its butt.

Poor fashion decisions aside, Billy - who the gang only refers to as Angela's dad - is pretty wicked on the electric guitar. He's obviously been practicing - and not just ten minutes before his lessons like I used to do when my overbearing Chinese parents decided I should become a piano prodigy. Hodgins introduces himself. Billy receives him and says that he knows about the wedding. Jack asks for Angela's hand in marriage. Billy tells Hodgins that Angela would be furious with him if she knew he was there, asking to have her.
Jack: Okay. Good advice. You got anymore?
Billy: Always play it in the key of G demolished.
Yeah, I have no idea what he's talking about. The people in cyberspace appear to be equally confused.
Hodgins leaves, but not before Angela's dad threatens to bust a cap in his a** if he hurts her. The scene ends with Billy playing "La Grange."

At the lab
Cam shows Seeley that Max and Art have the same DNA. Booth looks depressed, like Maury Povich has just told him that he IS the father.

At the Royal Diner
Bones is eating alone. Max approaches the nearby window. Temperance shows him that she's wearing the ring. Max shows her that he's got the videotape of her mom.

At a dimly-lit parking lot
Booth approaches Max and asks if he's going to need to use his gun. Max's cavalier attitude towards his visit to The Big House continues. He tells Seeley to arrest him, because he's not going to leave Brennan again. Max then changes his mind and says that it's not his nature to just bend over. He tells Seeley to shoot him, preferably in the leg. Booth removes his jacket and rolls up his sleeves. He's looking especially broody today. He and Max half-heartedly beat on one another. I'm secretly hoping that Seeley grows some fangs and a petite blond jumps out of the bushes. Alas, the fight ends with Max rolling around on the ground, clutching his stomach and Seeley rolling around on the ground next to him, clutching his groin.

In Brennan's apartment
Temperance is alone. She pops her mom's recording into her VCR. Ruth talks about having to abandon her children. It is revealed that it was her idea to leave Temperance and Russ behind; Max wanted to keep his family together. Ruth wishes Brennan a happy sixteenth birthday and shows her the ring Max had given her earlier. She asks for Bones' forgiveness.
Ruth: ...And if you can't forgive me, I beg you honey, forgive your father because he is a very good man. Remember this: You were cherished in this world. Adored. What I did to you may have been wrong, but I did it out of love. I did it out of love.
Apparently, Brennan's mom is also Harry Potter's.

In a jail interrogation room
Bones decides to give Chelsea's pictures to Cynthia. The latter was dying of AIDS and the experimental medication seemed to be making things worse. Cynthia was scared that no foster family would take in her daughter. Brennan recognizes that she was being merciful.
Cynthia reveals that she took Chelsea to her favourite park and told her the pills were candy. They were stargazing when Chelsea died. Cynthia thought that throwing her into the water seemed peaceful. She put her in a shopping cart just in case Chelsea would need to pick up some toiletries in purgatory.
We learn that, after her daughter's death, Cynthia's AIDS medication begins to work and she's not dying after all. Bones, intoxicated by her newfound love for daddy dearest, believes that Cynthia really did care deeply for Chelsea and hands her the "I love you" rock.

In a small church, the scene of Hodgela's wedding
Zack, Booth, and Cam are waiting in the foyer. Brennan comes down the stairs in a purple bridesmaid dress with an oversize Christmas bow in the front. Subtle.
Zack approaches Seeley and asks him if he's ever been to Iraq before. Booth says it's classified information. What a bunch of crap-o-la. Zack asks if it hurts to be shot. Brennan re-emerges with her new and improved bridesmaid dress, courtesy of Cam. Booth tells her she looks great with that "let's make whoopie!" sparkle in his eye.
Cut to B&B and Cam & Zack making their way down the aisle. Booth tells Bones that he's sorry for arresting Max. Temperance says she understands that he was just doing his job. They reach the end of the aisle and have to separate.
Angela walks down the aisle to a b******' acoustic version of "Gimme All Your Lovin'." She is arm-in-arm with her dad. Angela is wearing this hooded cape over a totally retro, off-white, halter gown. She looks like Betty Page. For all you brides-to-be out there, keep in mind that there is a VERY fine line between Betty Page and reject from Interview with the Vampire.
Seeley is apparently very chatty today. He tells Bones that her dad could have escaped, but he chose not to. Temperance's heart is all a-twitter and B&B are now standing where the bride and groom usually do. They embrace and I doubt Booth is thinking about the Holy Spirit.

Angela has now made her way down the aisle. She interrupts B&B and tells them that she would like to get married, if that's okay with the kids. The officiate starts the ceremony and we learn that Angela's middle name is "Pearly Gates." This happens to be the name of Billy Gibbons' Les Paul Guitar. Speaking of Billy, he excuses himself from the festivities, saying that he's got to go and play a show.

As Hodgela stand before the congregation, a man in a suit bursts through the back door. He says that he needs to speak with the happy couple, like, yesterday. Caroline gets up and offers to help sort things out. Hodgela excuse themselves.
Meanwhile, Zack is questioning Booth about whether or not he should duck when he gets shot at. Seeley finally asks him what's up with the questions. Zack gives him the letter he got from the White House and asks Booth to share the news with the rest of the clan after he leaves.
In the foyer, we learn that Angela is already legally married. You'd think that that little detail would have crossed her mind at some point in time during the wedding planning. Dress? Check. Rings? Check. Three vegetarian entrees? Check. Make sure I'm not still married to that random guy I hopped over a broomstick with in Fiji? Ohh...
Angela apologizes to Hodgins, who takes the news surprisingly well considering that the guy is a paranoid conspiracy theorist. They sit together, panicking over what they are going to tell a church full of well-wishers. Caroline tells them to make a run for it. Hodgela announce to their guests that there will be no wedding and to enjoy the reception. They are shown booking it out of the church like they've just stolen the communion wafers. B&B are shown facing one another at the altar with the officiate looking on.
Brennan: What do we do now?

The screen fades to black.

Overall, this episode would've ranked well on my list of best-t.v.-season-finales-of-all-time...if I had one. I'd say it was better than the episode where Chandler Bing married psycho Monica, but not as good as the episode where Izzie was clutching a dead Denny in her pink prom dress.

I love B&B in this episode. Their chemistry is so good, they could create a whole other periodic table. I haven't wanted a couple to get together so badly since Nanny Fine and Mr. Sheffield. They're wonderfully whimsy. Emily Deschanel is classically beautiful, like she bathes in wine and birdies help her get dressed in the morning. David Boreanaz could be covered in blood, dragging the corpse of his ex-girlfriend; I'd still want to have his baby.

I'm curious if the writers of Bones actually intended us to believe that there was a possibility of Brennan and Seeley getting married. Pffft. Although, I do have to say that a little part of me wanted some making out in the confessional.

Moving on... I was not loving the Zack-is-going-to-Iraq subplot. It came out of nowhere and I could tell instantly that it was going nowhere. They guy's middle name is "Uriah" which is Hebrew for "My Light is Jehovah;" could you really envision Zack as a decorated war veteran? A hardened soldier with dog tags and a half-naked woman tattooed onto his bicep?

This season finale had stories coming out of the wazoo. The crime part of the show sort of became an afterthought. It was jammed in there, like the writers wrote the entire episode and the realized, "Aww man, who forgot the murder?" That being said, I thought that Roxanne Hart's portrayal of Cynthia Cole was excellent. Someone ouija board Johnny Cash because this woman walks the line between heartbroken and nutso like a pro.

When I look at Jack and Angela, I always wonder how the latter is able to get past the fact that her boyfriend spends his days elbow deep in insect poo and likes to blend maggots on his coffee breaks. How do you even get your hands clean after that? You'd have to pull a serious Lady MacBeth. Nevertheless, I am very happy with the idea of Hodgela getting married. The wedding scene was delectable and perfectly over-the-top without being Barnum and Bailey. I kind of felt for Angela when her dad never stayed for the entire thing. I mean, I'm a big fan of the rocking and the rolling... but you make time for your daughter's wedding. I don't care if it's 1982 and you've just bit the head off a bat. You take a Tide pen to that stain, remove your ugly hat, walk your daughter down the aisle, and lead the freakin' conga line at the reception.

Speaking of lines, when is Caroline Julian going to get a good storyline? I wished they would have used Patricia Belcher more in this episode. It is like having a giraffe and not bringing it to show-and-tell. She's smart, bossy, competitive, and comes armed with multiple sarcasms. This is a woman who will not be having an identity crisis, which is refreshing because most, if not all, of the other characters are in a constant state of finding themselves.

My favourite part of the entire episode was the fight between Max and Booth in the parking lot. When it started, I was certain about three things:
1. That at least one of them would end up with a groin injury;
2. That if Bruce Lee and Chuck Norris got into a fight, it would be nothing like this; and,
3. That I should have went pee during the commercial break.

Stargazer in a Puddle nicely illustrates how Bones has been able to hold its own in the age of crime scene investigation. There's something for everyone, whether you're secretly plotting a murder of your own and need a creative yet cost-effective way of disposing of the remains, or if you're a hopeless romantic who's seen every J-Lo movie ever made, or if you're considering a career in forensic science and want to weigh the pros and cons of using infrared spectroscopy. It was a great season ender, fitting for a great series.

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