Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Back to work for the Bones crew!

Seems that hiatus is coming to an end soon.

TJ Thyne tweeted this a few days ago:
The FOX just ran up my pathway and whispered in my ear "July 20th". Stage six, I hope you are ready for us! Skeleton Crew, see you soon!

So, that means there should be some spoilers for season 6 out there pretty soon. Are you excited?


Akasha said...

Not exited at all. After season finale they're gonna try to gain our attention again and keep people crazy about what the will do... but we know that they won't say anything important, just little stupid gossips to keep us busy thinking about them. Because no matter what they do next season, for me there's no way they're gonna keep my attention as much as they did all this years ago.

Vorpaks said...


I am excited. :) I'll just take whatever is teased with a grain of salt and enjoy the final results!

I kinda like the evil hints, even the bogus ones.

Meg said...

Agreed vorpaks- I am ready! I eat up any little hint and beg for more !!

Cookie said...

@Akasha, I so agree with you. They are just going to say what people want to hear. Just lip service. Don't forget Hanson is one that said eveything that happened in the S4 finale was going to be explained in S5. I must have missed something,because I am still waiting.

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