Thursday, June 10, 2010

The Beginning of the End for Bones?

Here is an interesting article we found today.

Over Christmas, I wrote an article addressing the potential relationship between Booth and Bones, defending the position that getting them together would ruin the show. It turned out to be an unpopular opinion, and the comments almost made me reconsider.
I’m going to make my statement.
If Bones wants to be remembered as a great show, one with interesting characters, super dynamic, and engaging stories, this needs to be its final season.
They’ve exhausted the periphery characters. Angela and Hodgins have settled. Sweets is content and people have accepted him on the show. Cam has her daughter and is easing into being a mother. The final piece of the puzzle is resolving the tension between the main characters. Can they draw it out over more than one season? Not if they want people to keep watching.
I predict the ratings will drop drastically when the show returns in the fall. There is nothing left to hold people’s interest, and the finale left no burning questions or cliffhanger, or anything that makes me anxious to tune in.
I will, out of loyalty and plain curiosity. I want the writers to return to their former, stellar form. I don’t believe it will happen, and the show will end after the upcoming season.
I hope I’m wrong. I really do.

So, do you agree?


Yssel said...

I disagree. Obviously the person writing the article believes in the Moonlightning curse. But I don't.

I think that people will stop watching if Booth and Brennan wait too long to resolve their sexual tension. It's their moment. I hope Hart is not missing it.

As for the other charachter, actually things are just starting to get interesting NOW.

I thought it was boring to watch Angela move from Jack, to a woman, to another man.. in circle. Much more interested to finally see when she comes back and she and Hodgins are a couple. Looking forward to watching "their stories".

Cam? Everything is still there to be told!

Sweets? Poor Sweets.. with the finale his life is upside down again, he has been left by everyone. Very curious to see how he has "grown up" in season 6.

So, totaly disagree with the article. I think the only real danger for the show is if Hart and the suits at Fox believe that they can wait another season before B&B become a couple.

I would not wait, honestly.

Pwee said...

I don't think getting them together will mean the end of the show, but ...

As someone said on the korbi tv website, THE SHOW IS NOT JUST ABOUT B&B GETTING TOGETHER !

If people only watch the show because of the relation between Booth and Brennan, it's a pity !

I would love to see them together as a couple (as in them kissing and more, dining together, arguing and all that), but in my opinion, their relationship is also the show's problem. Because the writers have been focusing so much on their relationship and on NOT getting them together, they've lacked in the writing of everything else. Get them together or don't but DO SOMETHING and do it right ! Let's move on now.

Bring us a nice season 6 with great writing, please !!!

Meg said...

Pwee- I agree with you! They spent so much of season 5 on B & B and for what? It would have made sense if season 5 was "the one that got them togther". But it wasn't. And sadly, the writing/ cases have been the true victims. TNT is replaying season 1 now and it makes me sad to watch these and remeber how incredible the cases once were! Come on! There are still good ideas out there! I await season 6 with anticipation!

Anonymous said...

When this author wrote her article in December I did not agree with her. I still disagree that to bring Booth and Brennan together would be the end of the story. I believe they would still have issues to solve together and that it would be interesting and would revitalize my interest. I also believe that the time is running out to this end. I think the majority of fans are tired of the will they and won’t they and are ready for the next phase. Perhaps, I am wrong.

I agree that in the second half of the season the writing started to flail and some episodes were a struggle to watch. I miss Booth and Brennan working together and finding their way together. I felt that they were isolated from one another and a 2 minute drink at the end of the episode with some cute saying did not satisfy me. The last time I felt that they actually worked together to solve an issue was when Booth’s brother wanted to marry and he had issues with the bride. To me that episode was reminiscent of some of the best episodes when they learn from one another.

With regard to the supporting characters, can any of you remember when any of them had any contact with Booth? Cam in 100th flashback; Angela with a phone call in “Bones on a Blue Line”; a short scene in “The Tough Man in the Tender Chicken” which was 30 seconds and then continued with Booth and Brennan in his office; and a short scene with Hodgins in “The Girl in the Goop”. The only other regular character that he has any contact with is Sweets. I miss his scenes with Hodgins. Why doesn’t he have any scenes with the interns? Why doesn’t he talk with Cam any longer?

I also agree with the author regarding the supporting character relationships. For me they have totally sabotaged Angela so that I did not even care when she and Hodgins got together. I kept thinking he was too good for her.

I hope that season 6 is better, if not; I think it will be the last or should be.

Anonymous said...

I ended season five thinking the same thing -- they tried too hard to keep them apart and now they have exhausted the fan's patience and much of the interest around even the peripheral characters. Not to mention I think the cases got weaker and weaker. I think they could have another 2 season IF they successfully get Bones and Booth in the coming season, and make that interesting enough (which I think it could be) into a 7th season. But both the cases and the interpersonal reaction felt so uncompelling toward the end of season 5, I'm not sure if the fan base will be there. Maybe the writer's are tired as well?

Vorpaks said...

I disagree with a lot of points. I was rewatching the second season, and in the "Girl in the Gator" Booth flippantly tells Gordon Gordon that he 'has trouble letting go of the women in his life.' It was a throw-away line then, but after a the past season it seems very relevant.

What happened to Booth's mother (to get a little Freudian)? Where is his father? What made him go from the army, to the LA police, to the FBI? Where did the gambling thing fit it?

Booth is portrayed as emotionally open, but we know very little about his actual life and past. I thinkt here is a lot of story potential there.

As for the cases, I don't think the writing has been lazy. I enjoyed every single episode of season 5. I DO think they had a lot less ongoing story lines. For example, season two had the wrap-up of the Epps story line, the beginning of the Gravedigger story line, and the ongoing Max Brennan story line. Season 5 has mainly been stand-alone cases with most of the continuing story line angle focused on the relationships.

I would like to see more intense, episode-arcing cases in the next season. Even if it means putting the relationship off for yet another season.

Plus... Booth and Brennan just don't fit together for me yet. The differences of opinion they have on things like religion, marriage, commitment. Hmmmm. I am not feeling it yet. Maybe by the end of the season they can deal with it all and really mesh, but right now I am not feeling it.

I will gladly watch for several more seasons. Will the ratings drop? I think the ratings will drop if it goes up against some hot new show. Other than that... no idea. :) I will be watching, that's all I know!

Akasha said...

I agree, this has to be the final season because it's better to cut it now than getting deeply in shame.

If B&B get together, fine. If they don't,fine anyways. The main problem of this show right now it's not if booth and brennan get together and what will happen if that occurs. Cases are incredebly boring and bad-structured. They'd centered the show around character's lifes and it has killed the show.

Some people want to keep watching because they think the show IT'S interesting now, when they totally forget that this show is not about stupid romantic love stories, it's about crime solving, drama, friendship, love and character's interaction. But they forgot about most of the things in the list and just ruined the show.

It doesn't matter if they try to fix it now too many people won't watch the show this fall because they'd already got bored.

Anonymous said...

It's not going to be the final season, only because I know they're already signed on for Season 6.

Anonymous said...

Just read a tweet from Hanson that him and the writers are having a meeting to set up the last 2/3 of season 6. HE BETTER WORRY ABOUT THE FIRST 1/3 of the season. I have concluded that the worst two episodes of the last two seasons have been the Finales. Guess who wrote both of them. HH that's who. This guy is so overrated as a writer, it is ridiculous. The authors of some of the fanfiction stories put him to shame.

Anonymous said...

My husband had to watch Bones episodes from season 4 with me and he was one unhappy viewer. Constantly nagging about the poor quality of story, Brennan's stupid character and unrealistic scenarios.

Now we watch reruns from season 1 in Canada. He watched them too. Not even once he complained about anything.

I just want Bones to finish this misery.

Trish said...

You read posts on other sites for Bones and they have absolutely no clue as to what's going on. This site has all the best people who REALLY know what's going on.

That being said, everyone here has made valid points. And once again, I make the point that BB CAN have a REAL relationship AND work together and not have to have a Moonlighting curse. If the writers can make that happen, it would actually bring a new genre to television.

But I tend to agree that Season 5, especially after Episode 100, was difficult to watch. I watch re-runs almost every night on Seasons 1-4 on television or on DVD and I really do miss those shows. I don't know if I even want to buy Season 5 but I will, just because I own the other four seasons.

I actually am not looking forward to the fall because I do fear that Bones or Booth will come back with someone new and we will have to go through that drama, again. Since HH apparently has 6 or so episodes already written, I can only hope Season 6 is at least a bit okay for everyone...

As far as other characters, I would like to see everyone working together again, since they all work together so well, but please, please find one or two new interns. Although I liked most of the interns, it made the season challenging following their stories too.

Stephanie said...

They're worrying about the last 2/3 of Season 6 this week because the first 1/3 is already done. Hart or Stephen said they had 6 or 8 scripts for season 6 done before the finale even aired.

I agree with those of you complaining about Booth not having any contact with the supporting characters anymore. I've read that David hates being in the Jeffersonian and has asked the writers not to put him in the lab anymore. I guess he has the power to do that since he's also a producer, but I wish the writers wouldn't do it because it cuts Booth off from everyone but Brennan and Sweets. Angela, Cam, and Hodgins are almost exclusively Jeffersonian characters, so if David doesn't want to be in lab scenes, he's isolated himself from half the cast. And in my opinion, the stuff going on in the Jeffersonian is almost always way, way more interesting than any of the Booth + suspect interrogation scenes.

erinskaya said...

i agree with Vorpaks on almost every point. and give props for bringing up the total lack of information we have on Booth...hadn't ever thought of that. what i will say is that i noticed a marked decline in my own personal care about the cases in season 5. i don't think it's laziness or tiredness on the writers parts, only that *every* show goes through slumps and i hope this slump is over.
another thing i want to say is that, yes, we're all obsessed fans and we love these people like they're family, but they're *not*. they're not our creations, they're not our characters, that's one of the things we like about real people, we don't know what they're going to do, nor can we control their reactions or lives. i've loved all of them from the beginning and i will love them all through the end, no matter how painful, beautiful, short or long it may be.

Anonymous said...

@Stephanie, I am the Anon who said that HH should worry about the first 1/3 of season. What I meant by that is Bones is going to go against a real heavyweight in the Big Bang Theory and therefore if the bad plotlines and writing continue, they are going to get KILLED in the ratings. Make no mistake, ratings are what drive TV. I have seen shows better than Bones get canceled because of only average ratings.

chillip said...

bones and fringe are, i think, going to roll big bang theory. talk about a show that has elevated the art of shark jumping :)

i do agree that the writers will need to be on their game for the start of season 6 -- especially with the direction they decided to go (which i don't disagree with to this point).

i'm somewhat mystified with the intense dislike for seasons 4 and 5. i have other theories on some of the criticism (some valid), but i might have to float that by wendy first.

to a degree i agree with the original article -- i'm not sure bones has 7 or 8 years of "jeffersonian" episodes. however, that's not the direction the show has to go.

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