Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Emily Deschanel for Chimps: The Great Ape Protection Act is a website urging people to take action regarding certain issues, among them animal protection and welfare.

From According to Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine, the U.S. "is the only nation in the world that is known to still use captive chimpanzees for large-scale invasive research." The Great Ape Protection Act (pdf) would put an end to that. But here's what I love about this bill — not only does it stop cruelty, but it provides for the future of the chimps. One of the provisions of GAPA is that all of the federally owned chimpanzees would be released to sanctuaries, where they would be protected for the rest of their lives.
The bill has bi-partisan support from nearly 150 congressional co-sponsors. Of course, it needs more than sponsors — it needs to pass. And that's why celebrities are putting their star power behind the chimps, too.
Emily Deschanel, the vegan star of Bones, also wrote Rep. Waxman on behalf of chimpanzees: "This legislation would allow about 500 chimpanzees to live their remaining years in sanctuaries. They could form bonds with other chimpanzees, bask in the sunlight, and feel the grass and the earth. That's the least we can do for chimpanzees, our species' closest living relatives."

You can support Emily and her cause here.


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