Monday, June 21, 2010

EW TV Season Finale Awards: Your winners are...

EW had the fans vote on the high and lows of the season 09/10 sign-off episodes.
Bones has made that list several times:

''I liked the season, but everyone was saying the finale would be as epic as the 100th episode, and it SO wasn't.'' —Becca
2. The Office
3. Private Practice
4. Lost
5. Tie: Survivor and Community

Jeff and Annie/Britta/Slater, Community
The closest race of any category, the Community square beat the Good Wife triangle by just two votes.
2. Alicia and Will/Peter, The Good Wife
3. Booth and Brennan separate for a year, Bones
4. House and Cuddy, House
5. Will Holly return?, The Office

TIE: One-year sabbatical, Bones; Robert's death in the Walker caravan car accident, Brothers & Sisters
One had too little buildup; one had too much (we knew Rob Lowe was leaving the show for months). The latter is also what landed Fringe's ''best nonromantic cliff-hanger'' on both the best- and worst-twist lists: ''Awesome for upcoming story lines, but I saw it coming.'' —Kyle
3. Olivia trapped in the alternate universe, Fringe
4. Sideways world is purgatory, Lost
5. ''Any of them,'' Desperate Housewives

Do you agree with this assessment? What other categories should Bones have been included in?


Gina said...

i think that it should have had more positive awards... but then again i'm in love with the show so i'm pretty biased haha i refuse to think bad of the show

Cindy said...

By far the WORST finale of them all.

Anonymous said...

I think spoilers spoiled fans. Too many had scenarios in their minds that did not pan out -- ergo a bad finale. Like the quote in the article: "They said there would be a pay off..." Depending on what you were expecting/wanting/needing for said "pay off" so went the finale.

At least this year HH et al did not lead people on, falsely, like has happened before.

I thought the finale was totally in character and in line with the story arc from 100 to the finale, and, depending on how they spin it out in the coming season, it will ... pay off. Or not.

Fingers crossed!


Pwee said...

I agree with 2 of the three categories Bones is on ! Finale was not a payoff (I was just expecting it to be as emotional as the 100th episode, it wasn't !)and I didn't find the twist of separating them built up enough throughout the season (it all happened in the last 2 episodes, wayyyyyyyyyy to fast). As of Bones as the best romantic cliff-hanger ... get them together or not, I don't really care, I care about the show and I hope season 6 will be well written and great !!!! Please season 6 ?!?

I agree that spoilers spoiled fans, but how was it possible to keep under wraps that Hodgins and Angela were getting married and then have everybody on the cast saying that the finale was "a tearjerker, a payoff, very emotional" ? They should have kept quiet and we may have enjoyed it more ! But for that reason alone, I'm staying faaaaaaaaaaaar away from spoilers for next season !(which I did throughout season 5, but everybody kept blabbering so much about the finale, it was pretty difficult to remain totally spoiler free)

Courtney said...

Spoilers didn't spoil the show - or the entire season for that matter - bad writing spoiled it for me. I'm hoping there will be improvement, but somehow I doubt it.

If I felt anything at all in the last scene in the finale it had to do with the plaintive song that was playing at the end. Other than that - nothing - I knew I was watching a show turning itself inside out to cook up some interesting twist and coming up empty. So what if they are apart for a year? Are we supposed to believe all that much will change with regard to their feelings for one another?

It is not going to be interesting for me to watch if Bones returns with an awareness of the fact that she should just take a chance at love and then pursue Booth - I just don't care anymore since they have dragged this thing out for so long.

Maybe if they had done this prior to season four, I would find it interesting - now I recognize it as simply a desperate attempt to still keep B&B interesting.

I actually fast forwarded through much of the scenes related to the crimes this season - never have done that before and it makes me sad. I think I'm getting as bored with the show as HH has become.

Stephanie said...

Yeah, spoilers aren't what makes me agree with these awards, either. Me not liking what happened did that. I understand that spoilers are always manipulated and never the whole truth and whatnot, so I read them for fun. Some Bones fans take them WAY too seriously. Season 5 was probably my favorite season of the series up until that finale. I don't have much of a desire to watch that again, and as I said in another post here, it did nothing to make me anticipate Season 6. So I definitely agree with the first "award."

I'm not sure I completely agree with the Weakest Twist one, though. Up until the very end of the episode, I wasn't sure they'd go. Or I thought maybe one would go, and one would stay. Plus, I don't think anyone really expected the writers to separate the entire team for a year. I think we all knew somewhere in the back of our minds that it was a possibility, but I think that's one of those things where fans tend to think, "Oh, they'd never do that!"

So for those reasons, I'm not sure I can say the twist was very weak. I'm not sure anything that can elicit the kind of strong reactions like the Bones finales tend to can be called weak. I also think that sometimes we shouldn't really judge season finale twists until we see how they pan out in the following season. This could end up being a good thing for the show. We just don't know yet.

As for other categories, I would've put Daisy under the "Most Welcomed Exit" one, but I know she has her fans. I just think she's annoying.

Mari said...

I do think the hype surrounding the finale, both from HH and the cast, created a set of expectations in fans that was hard to meet. However, that was not my main problem with the finale. I wasn't expecting some gigantic admission of love or a kiss. What I wanted was the dawning of a certain awareness in Brennan which was, in my opinion, completely lacking in this episode. I have seen much more touching looks and gestures from her in episodes where the B/B relationship wasn't even remotely the focus of the show.

My other huge problem was the character assassination perfomed on both Brennan and poor Parker as they both not only approved of but actively encouraged Booth to go to a very dangerous war zone for a whole year without any seeming concern for either the risk or the emotional pain entailed in that assignment. Those scenes were horrible to watch and not remotely redeemed by the song, the handholding or the lovey looks at the end. If he chose to go on his own, so be it, but someone (anyone)should have tried to read him the riot act over it. This is normally what Bones does so well, creating a world of characters that are deeply concerned about one another, no matter how unlikely the friendship. But knowing what Brennan knows about Booth's past and seemingly concerned about his safety as to the Grvedigger, how can she have pushed him to go? It came across as self-serving (she doesn't have to feel guilty about leaving) and completely out of character.

I don't mind them leaving for a year (ok, I sort of do) but the way this was accomplished felt forced and lazy, with some characters taking a huge credibility hit. Here's hoping there's some character redemption next season.

Nina said...

Here is my in uneducated guess of why the Finale was disliked by so many people. I know HH,SN,DB and ED will say that a lot of people liked the Finale, but I think they are dreaming. The 100Th, although brilliantly acted and directed was HEART CRUSHING for a lot of fans. The boards lit up, and Hanson took a lot of heat, and so he opened his BIG MOUTH and said the Finale was going to a payoff of what happened in the 100TH. Even though I hated the the Finale, I have watched it a few times to maybe get a new perspective. I STILL CAN'T find any payoff. That episode was so stupid in that they brought Angela's father back to steal a car. LUDICROUS!!!!

Stephanie said...

I'm sure a lot of people did like this year's finale (I've seen several positive comments,) but I agree that there was absolutely no payoff from the 100th episode. Unless the payoff was supposed to be the fairly subtle scene where Brennan told Hodgins that offering advice was a way of showing love and then gave advice to Booth, I have no idea what they meant by that.

I also don't think Parker should really be blamed for saying what he said to Booth. He's (approximately) 8. What 8 year old really understands what war is? He, like probably any other young boy out there, wants his dad to be a hero. He's not old enough to understand all the risks and potential pain that could come with an assignment like that. I don't remember what Brennan said, so I can't say anything about her, but I think it's unfortunate if that one scene completely ruined Parker's character for people.

Anonymous said...

I felt both the worst plot twist and season finale awards were well deserved. I thought the 100th was one of the best Bones episodes in the series. I wasn’t pleased with the outcome, but I was encouraged that we would begin to address the Brennan and Booth relationship in an adult manner. The next episodes were some of the toughest Bones episodes for me to watch because no matter what had happened in the past I always felt there was some connection between Brennan and Booth. We these episodes I did not feel the connection and I kept hoping I was going to feel it again.

The scene for me was the end of the “Witch in the Wardrobe” where Booth is lighting the little “Bones” and making a wish for Brennan. To me it was like he was saying that he wished her to find someone else because he knew they were not going to work. I hoped the season finale would give me some belief that the relationship would work out. It did not.

When someone tweeted Hart Hanson about winning the worst season finale and worst plot twist, his response was something to the effect that at least they are not being overlooked. On one hand, I understand his perspective if you believe the old saying that any press is good press, but on the other hand I was appalled. I think he has vastly underestimated how unhappy the fan base is with the direction the show has taken in the last 6 episodes. Always in the past, Booth and Brennan have worked together to solve their problems professionally and personally, but with them separated they cannot work together.

With other shows like House I see their fans being excited with what will happen next. With Bones I see the fan base being apprehensive with what is going to happen. I believe he thinks it is similar to the fall-out of the fourth season finale where people were willing to give him a chance in season 5 and his ratings improved. What I don’t think he realizes is that people were willing to give season 5 a chance because he showed us progress with Booth and some extent with Brennan in acknowledging their feelings for one another and their core relationship was never in question. The ratings were strongest when people were encouraged we were finally going somewhere.

I keep asking myself why would you choose to do this to a show with a mature fan base and I keep thinking that they have done things like this in the past and it has worked for them. When Goodman left after season 1 some people complained but I don’t think it hurt the ratings. When Zack left after season 3, I know a lot of people were upset and some people did stop watching. I will also say that by having Zack back in the 100th the great chemistry I had missed was there. It was so superior to the revolving intern chemistry that it made me miss the old “Bones” even more.

But, now they are messing with what in my opinion is the core of the show. To me it is not will they or won’t they- it is how do these two people evolve together into a sustainable relationship. So besides the fact that they have done similar shifts in the past without serious repercussions (ratings drops) I also think that Fox told them not to get Booth and Brennan together because they were going to get the two characters together on House and they did not want the same thing to happen on Bones since both did similar endings last year. Additionally, I think they believe it will extend the life of the show, but what I do not think they are considering is that the attention span of most viewers which is “flighty”. There are more options now and they need to fight to keep my attention. If I want will they, won’t they I can watch Castle. If I want to watch CSI stuff I can watch CSI. If I want to watch two intricate characters working toward a relationship with each other I watch Bones. (Continued next post)


Anonymous said...

Give me progress. Treat me like an adult and if you provide me with an interesting story in a manner that I can understand and that entertains me I will pay attention. Don’t switch midstream. Don’t provide me lazy writing and editing because if you do I will start to feel the same way about Booth and Brennan as I do with Angela and Hodgins which is I really did not care when they got together. I felt more when Sweets and Daisy broke-up and I don’t even like Daisy.


Anonymous said...

Rose, I believe when somebody tweeted HH about how bad the final was, his response was like I couldn't give rats ass what you think. Abrasive he is, good writer he isn't. This guy should give half his salary to David and Emily, for without those two, he would be digging ditches for a living.

Stephanie said...

I actually think Hart handles the negative stuff on Twitter pretty well. He's basically got three choices: ignore it, make fun of it, or get mad, and most of the time he chooses to turn it into something humorous, which, in my opinion, is the best way to handle it. And as he's said in interviews, his 20,000 Twitter followers are only a very small portion of the audience.

I also don't think Hart's a bad writer. He's responsible for at least 4 of the Bones episodes that are on my Favorites (for the whole series) list, so I certainly can't call him a bad writer. I definitely don't like some the decisions he made for this past finale, though.

Anonymous said...


I agree with you about Hart Hanson and I would not want to be in his position and I hope my post in no way indicated that I thought he was a bad writer though I do think that the awards were justified. I was appalled that he did not think that winning was something to be concerned about since the EW awards are not just fans of Bones which when we debate on sites like this are our peers but fans of all the shows. They are fans who have seen many more season finales and for them to say this I would think it would be reasonable to question whether or not the season finale was succesful, but again that is my opinion.

Anonymous said...

I agree w/ history nut. I was spoiler free, and loved this season. The people who knew everything beforehand were dissappointed.


Anonymous said...

I have been off for a couple of days because I have just needed a break from my disappointment over the finale. But I have just read all the posts to this and I totally agree with Rose and couldn't have said things better. I am going to try to go "spoiler free" this summer and see what happens in the fall. I really do hope for a better season 6 in terms of writing and as I have said all season 5, that B&B can have a relationship and work together. We can only hope! :)


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