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Guest Episode Review: The Girl in the Gator

Today's review is "The Girl in the Gator", by Lyndsey

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The Girl in the Gator
Review by Lyndsey

This is it. The introduction of Sully! For many Bones fan's, Sully is a topic of discussion they prefer to avoid, which is why I believe that this review lay unclaimed for as long as it did. On the other hand, there are fans like me who love Sully.

The opening of this episode is one unlike any other. It starts with Brennan and Booth exiting the diner. This is a really cute moment (pre-shooting) that really shows how close Brennan and Booth are. Booth is on the phone getting details on their newest case, which he has just learned will take place in Florida. His question: "Florida? Miami, Florida... or like swampy Florida?", that in itself is a Booth-ism if you will. Booth proceeds to become agitated by the "ice-cream truck song" which is being played form a nearby ice cream truck. When the driver of said truck continues to drive alongside Booth and Brennan, ignoring Booths rant about not being able to hear his phone conversation, Booth takes out his gun and shoots the plastic clown on top of the truck three times. Booth has never looked hotter, in my opinion. When he shoots the plastic clown, it's seems that it is more out of annoyance than hatred. I think that because we don't see that hatred in his eyes, like we did when he encountered Howard Epps or when he threatened the Mexican gang leader to protect Bones, that we (or at least I) didn't sense the urgency in this situation which was actually a kind of cry for help. However, this is a cause of concern for the FBI. Thus, we are introduced to Dr. Gordan Gordan, Booths department psychiatrist. I consider the introduction of Gordan Gordan nothing short of brilliant. Through Gordan Gordan's sessions with Booth I think we get to understand more about Booth whereas before he was basically seen as a heroic figure who is doing penance for past crimes. I realize that through his talks with Brennan at the end of each case we learned a bit more about him but through his therapy sessions we delve into the mind of Seeley Booth and see how tortured he really is by some of the things in his past.

Originally we are led to believe that Dr. Gordan Wyatt (or Gordan Gordan) is going to sign Booths paper and send him on his way. Quite to the contrary, upon hearing that Booth shot at an ice cream truck just because the music was bothering him, Gordan Gordan asks Booth to reflect on why he really shot the clown. (it is up to the viewer to realize that of course Gordan was briefed by the FBI on what had occurred and him "just signing the paper" was never going to happen). Gordan proposes that the trauma of serial killer Epps dying after Booth failed to pull him off the balcony may be a reason for the outburst which led to Booth shooting the clown. Gordan Gordan also brings up Booths "need to control his environment" and his subtle rebellions through his attire that exert his control on FBI protocol. Later we realize that it is this very need to control everything that drove Booth up the wall because he couldn't control the death of Epps. Did he slip or did Booth release him?

Booth is stuck back in D.C. until he gets his back to work order signed, which leaves Brennan with a new FBI agent in Florida: Agent Sullivan. We immediately notice how Sully contrasts Booth when he brings up a boat for sale he is thinking of buying instead of helping Brennan with the case. Slowly, Brennan warms up to him as she realizes he does value the job they do of catching murderers, he just acknowledges it is not the only worthwhile thing. At the close of the case Sully asks Brennan out on a date and she accepts. Something I want to point out is that when Sully offers to buy Brennan pie she accepts. Later we learn that Brennan does not like pie (she finds it too sweet). I have not decided if this was just an oversight by the writers or rather a revelation about Brennan that she would be willing to eat pie that Sully got for her, maybe that makes all the difference. I prefer to hope for the latter although I realize the former is more likely.

For Booths and Brennan's relationship, the introduction of Sully is huge. He is really the first "romantic rival" to be introduced. In the episodes that follow this one we really learn a lot about how Booth feels for Bones. Also, Sully is good for Brennan. I think that he suits her in ways that Booth does not simply for the reason that (if I can steal words from Angela) he "lives wide". Through how Brennan treats the victims in her work we can see that she values every life. Shouldn't that lead us to believe that she values her own life in the same way? Sully has many "hobbies" because he doesn't want an FBI agent "to be the only thing he ever was". I think that helped Brennan realize that an Anthropologist is not the only thing she ever wants to be. That is probably the very reason that she started to work with Booth in the first place, to do more, to help more. In the end, sure maybe Booth and Brennan are meant to be together, but in my opinion Sully is the perfect guy for her along the way.

The Case:

A Spring-breaker is found dead inside an alligator and it is more than a little gross when the team back at the Jeffersonian begins to pull body parts and miscellaneous items out from inside of him. The victim is revealed to be Judy Dowd, based on a missing persons file that matched evidence found in the bones. We find out that Judy was an HSB, which courtesy of Hodgins we know is Hotty Student Body, a website a-la Girls Gone Wild where drunk girls take their clothes off. When their prime-suspect, Hugh Heffner-esque Monty Gold is found dead they turn their attention to a religious radical. However, it comes to light that the victims father had tracked down Monty after unprofessionally asking Angela about the case and the victims father admits to killing Monty Gold. Back to the original case, Judy Dowd's killer is determined to be the same religious radical, Isaac, they suspected of killing Monty. Isaac had a past of harassing young woman in his church.


Brennan: [to Booth, after he shot the clown head on the truck] That... was not good.

Angela: [to Zack] Just because you have a doctorate now doesn't mean I won't use you as a swizzle stick.

Brennan: Judy's stab wound was probably from a bolt of some kind right through
[she approaches Sullivan]
Brennan: here.
[She touches an area on his back]
Sully: So, just inside her scapula?
Brennan: Yes... most laymen refer to it as a shoulder blade.
Sully: Well, I told you I went to college. I minored in kinesiology. Although, this is the first time I've used it to impress a lady.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the review. I'm definately going to rewatch the episode now.

Lyndsey said...

I must apologize first for my incorrect form of "there" (it should have been "their") at the start of the review and at then end I misspell Hugh Heffner as High Hughner. Also, any other grammar errors you see. :)

Meg said...

I admit, I avoid this episode for obvious reasons...but you have made me want to rewatch. Especially to think about the "pie issue". Thanks!! Great review!

Stephanie said...

Count me in as a Bones fan who liked Sully! I even liked Brennan and Sully together. I agree that he was good for her. Sometimes I'll whip out this disc of the DVDs just to watch their relationship.

Wendy said...

Fixed, Lyndsey :)

Kate said...

I don't particularly like this episode(case is really weak), but I love the running joke about Sully's different skills.

Anonymous said...

Good review :)
I definately agree with everything you said about Gordan Gordan. You should have mentioned that quote when Gordan thinks booth shot at a truck full of terrorists hahahaha.

Vorpaks said...

Great review!!!

I liked this episode a lot. Sully was interesting, Brennan interacting with someone other than Booth was interesting, and Booth's interactions with Gordon Gordon were funny and heart... crushing. :)

I liked Sully as a counterpoint to Brennan and thought they were really sweet together, but the whole "you have to do something other than this" thing really annoyed me. She is a world reknown anthropologist, a best selling author, she catches murderers, she is an excellent diver, knows karate... among many other things. How many things does she have to be before she is considered a well rounded person??? Or does she just have to be what HE wants her to be?

It was frustrating to me.

One of my favorite lines when I was rewatching the episode was between Booth and Gordon Gordon, when Booth sarcastically proposes that his problem is that he can't let go of the women in his life.

The first time I watched the episode the line slid right by me. The second time, after watching season 5, the light dawned and the little Freud in my head asked "hey, what ever happened to Booth's mother?" maybe that is the source of his issue? Hopefully we will find out some day.

And the heart crushing moment at the end when Gordon Gordon has managed to strip all Booth's defenses away brought tears to my eyes. When Gordon Gordon says "you know what? I've changed my mind" Booth looks at him with such a look, I don't know how to describe it.

You would expect a spark of anger? Frustration? A 'what else do you want from me?' look? Instead there is... I have no idea. A kind of hopeless acceptance? A very un-Booth-like passive waiting for the next blow to fall?

Whatever the look on his face was, it made me want to slay dragons for him.

Gordon Gordon's next line was perfect -- he makes it into a joke, thereby restoring Booth's armor. Reminding him of his usual defences that he is then able to pull back in place and regain his equilibrium.

The fact that he didn't just leave Booth vulnerable made me like Gordon Gordon quite a lot.

Once again, DB manages to pack a heck of a lot of incredible acting into a single expression. Hats off to him!

Anonymous said...

Not a Sully lover, so I find the four episodes in this arc hard to watch. Too much of a shipper - even then, kind of before evebn B&B knew they should be together
I do love Booth in this episode, and I think his interaction with Gordon Gordon is so well done. I love GG - the shows he is on are among my favorites. He is such a champion for Booth. letting us see into his character (remember his saying Booth always plays down his intelligence/ - it was nice to hear someone say it - too often is just implied or overlooked).
Brennan too as shown as less stiff and one dimensional , so it was good, but Sully (Booth approved good guy) annoys my shipper heart!

Lyndsey said...

Thanks, Wendy! I don't know how I missed it before, I must have read it at least 3 times!

Lawrence said...

I always chuckle at Gordon Gordon getting a perfect hand built brick bar-b-que for his back yard :-)

Anonymous said...

Good review! :-) I will definitely be rewatching this episode. Oh how I love Gordan Gordan!

Anonymous said...

I'm new to the Bones, so watching this season for the first most of the reviews here. Did anyone notice the reschedule pronunciation of the gordon gordon and then booth mimicking him? dunno about you but i chuckled...

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