Tuesday, June 22, 2010

More Details about Bones at Comic-Con

Friday, July 23:

2:00–2:45 Bones: Creator and Executive Producer Hart Hanson and Star David Boreanaz— Hart Hanson and David Boreanaz will be on hand to discuss what went down in season 5 of Bones and the cliffhanger finale as well as what’s in store for Booth and Brennan in an exciting season 6! The Q&A will take place in Ballroom 20.

So no Emily this year, just the guys. Remember to let us know all about the event if you get to go! :-)


Kate said...

HH's Twitter added that Emily *might* be there, she just can't confirm it. So any fans at Com-Con might get lucky and see the three of them.

Caroline M said...

No TJ Thyne?

I'll be there, though. I just love TJ. :-)

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