Wednesday, June 2, 2010

A Spoiler!

I had visions of no-new-spoilers until next month, so maybe this one doesn't count. But as a big fan of their "this theme" episodes, I can't help but be optimistic!

Spoiler regarding possible episode topic/theme/setting.

Comments on this post are also considered spoilers.

All in favor...?

Anyone opposed?


chillip said...

i think this one is fine. once i saw it was a HH tweet i figured it would be ok. i'm a fan of the christmas epis and since they've had one every season (or nearly every?) this isn't too much of a surprise. :)

Anonymous said...

Great news!!!!!
I love christmas episodes, the best are the ones of season 1 and 3, this year with Zooey was ok, but no as magic as the others!

Meg said...

Can someone tell me what it says...twitter is blocked at my office:(

Mindy said...

Sure, Meg!

Hart says: I'm pretty sure we will have a Christmas episode this year. I have an idea ...

He was replying to someone that mentioned there seemed to be an every-other-year pattern for Christmas episodes, but they wanted one this year.

Meg said...

Thanks Mindy! Can we have another SitS kiss with the great forced isolation of MitFS and then a team meal like in GotG, please???!!!!

chillip said...

ah, yes it is every other year, isn't it?

well, after the last christmas episode, it seems like a followup is in order. maybe somewhere other than brennan's apartment, though.

perhaps the gang can rent a hybrid toyota sienna minivan and road trip somewhere? paint it up like the mystery machine? :) (sorry, sorry....)

Sarah (#2) said...

@chillip -- love the idea. They'd have to get a novelty license plate that says "BCKWNDA" (BuckWanda) or "MOOSJAW" (Moosejaw) :-)

Anonymous said...

lol I love the Christmas episodes so definately welcome one next season :o)

Plus have to say I love the backdrop on your twitter! So funny and sadly true! ;o)

Meg said...

LOL- hybrid toyota sienna!! :-) Do you have kids we don't know about?

chillip said...

no sarah#2, no kids (that i know about!) but i'm just looking to give HH a hand on his toyota placements :)

i do like the license plate ideas.

Deborah said...

I agree with Anon 1:50, the background on HH twitter is hilarious! That's me right there! I'll wait as long as it takes... :)

Courtney said...

Man in the Fallout Shelter is my all time fave episode of Bones so if they could even come close to writing an episode with that much heart and good story telling - I'd be happy. I personally did not like this year's x-mas episode - I thought it fell flat and I didn't feel a thing about her sister being there or the holiday meal at her apartment. There was no emotional tug for me at all.

I liked the one with all the Santas a few years ago - and not for the forced kiss - but, for some of the goofiness and funny dialogue in it. I love when Bones yells out to all the Santas "Up against the wall!" - and Booth says that is his job but then asks why she wants them to do it.

I love the stuff with Parker/Booth and I did feel something emotionally when they were all in that stark depressing little prison trailer.

I'm making the mistake of rewatching the first season reruns and wow - it is like a totally different show. The crimes/victims stories are touching; I love them being out in the field fighting crime (saving the little boy who was kidnapped is a great moment) and the really witty dialogue. I also liked having Booth in the lab interacting with the squints in their environment.

DB has said he doesn't like being in the lab and as producer now it shows because I noticed that we didn't see Booth in the lab for the last half of this past season. It splits them all up too much into their own little worlds a bit too much for me. I would like to see that change next year.

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