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Today's Chatter Post - June 11th, 2010

Remember, only 2 rules

  • Keep it clean
  • No spoilers

So - today's question is:

Which one is your favorite season 1 episode and why?

Chat away!


Kaitlynd said...

I would have to go with the pilot. It really hits you head on with the B&B bickering which I love, as well as that sympathy for the victim that always gives me a little tear. It also has my favourite lines
Booth: You do that and I’m a dead duck. What are you trying to do?
Bones: Blackmail you.
Booth: Blackmail a Federal Agent?
Bones: Yes.
Booth: I don’t like it.
Bones: I’m fairly certain you’re not supposed to.

Rolywa said...

I liked many of the first season episodes, but The Woman in the Airport always stuck out to me because of the message it sent about women doing all these things to their bodies when they are already beautiful. I thought the case was good like many of the early episodes. I also liked the fun of them getting to show LA and Brennans interview with Penny Marshall.

Two Bodies in a Lab and The Man in the Morgue were also great!

Mindy said...

The Man in the Wall always makes me laugh SO hard! Brennan high? Funny stuff.
Epps episode--so creepy, but good.
The Man in the Fallout Shelter is probably a top contender.
The Woman in the Garden is classic Bones.
Two Bodies in the Lab is all sorts of perfection...and creepy.
The Man in the Morgue introduces us to Caroline Julian and shows us more of Fiercely Protective Agent Booth! What more could we want?

Now I have to pick just ONE???

Maybe The Man in the Morgue... maybe Fallout Shelter. That's the most I can narrow it down!

The one thing that really bugs me about season 1 is the mirror images of DB's face on the DVD packaging. It's just weird. =)

Elsie said...

I can't pick one. Every time I try, if I think Fallout Shelter, than a second later I think "Soldier on the Grave was great too!" So I'm just going to put a shout out to Woman in Limbo. I love the episode in itself and, although I didn't officially note it in my mind until my tenth viewing, it's a really excellent finale.

Courtney said...

Man in the Fallout Shelter for me - it gave us so much character background with humor, wit, great dialogue and a touching story.

I love the robot that Zach made - the scene with him and Hodgins is so adorable while they tell the robot to do something and it does the opposite and the first sighting of adorable Parker who came in with his "daddy! daddy!" - all around an episode that had everything I loved about the early seasons. And, the way the show was directed was creative and brilliant.

Runner up for me is Two Bodies in the Lab - because of the storyline plus more character development and background (about Booth's being tortured, et) and the great scene in Bones' apartment with them singing and dancing bringing out more about each of them to the other.

Ah...I do miss that great writing and wonderful stories - lots of heart back then.

Stephanie said...

The Woman in Limbo! I love it when the cases are personal, and Brennan's my favorite, so I liked all the history we got on Brennan in this episode. I liked her conversations with Angela and her interaction with Russ and how touched she was that the whole team was working late to find out what happened to her mom. And Emily was fabulous in this finale. I usually consider The Woman in Limbo my favorite episode of the series.

I really hate the DVDs for season one, though, with the episodes being on both sides of the disc. Ugh. I think that makes the discs more fragile or something because I've never had a problem with TV on DVD before, and the 1st disc on my Bones Season 1 set cracked after two rounds in the DVD player. So I actually have two season one sets, haha.

Jeannie said...

The Woman in Limbo it is for me as well, for the same reason Stephanie listed. I love that episode. There is so much interaction on so many levels, I wouldn't even know where to start.

@Stephanie: Try to get the European version (UK or a different one with an English and a German track, for example). Our DVD set is a regular one, with 6 discs altogether and has only episodes on one side.

Vasso said...

Ok, if I had to pick just one episode, it would be Man in the Fallout Shelter (which is the epi that got me hooked on the show!)
But I also love Two Bodies in the Lab, Man in the Morgue and Skull in the Desert.
Oh, and Woman in the Tunnel (the tic-tac team?? LOL!!)...and Man in the Bear (their first travel together and their first dance)...
and I could go on and on!!!
Man, I miss seasons 1 & 2 soooo much!

Anonymous said...

1. Man in the Fallout Shelter, because Booth gets high and Hodgins is really hot w a shirt off
2. Man in the Bear, because there are tons of guys flirting w Brennan and Booth totally gets his hackles up about it...also the overnight girl/Hodgins vs Zach is hilarious
3. Two Bodies in a Lab, because there are so many moments, and Booth rides in Hodgin's toy car!!!

...There are so many good ones, Season one definitely had a certain snarkyness that the latter seasons lack, probably bc Brennan starts becoming friends w Booth instead of just his snarly go to girl
Overall, LOVE season one!!!!

JessLayne said...

It's really hard to just pick! I love the pilot...the "don't be a cop scene: is still one of the greatest scenes of the entire! There are so many good episodes in the first season I think I'll name my top 3!

3)"The Woman in Limbo"--I love that Brennan has to face finding out about her past. This leads to her questioning who she is and Booth saying, "I know who you are, Bones."-So sweet! lol!

2)"Two Bodies in the Lab" --Two words, "Hot Blooded"! I really need to saty anything more about why I like this episode? Well, besides the fact that Booth breaks out of the hospital to come rescue her and they have that emotional moment when he finds her.

1)"The Pilot"--I think I can watch this over and over and never get tired of it--Iespecially since the 100th ep! I just love the tension that is between them! I love the gun range I said, it can never get!

Anonymous said...

two bodies in the lab, or man in the fallout shelter.
i love them singing hot blooded, and when HH brought it back in season 5 i was so excited. i loved it. plus the whole in danger thing was great too. and before bones got saved her freaking out/almost crying was so heartcrushing. and when booth saved her, with hodgins in the background, it was sweet.

man in the fallout shelter was just a happy xmas epsidoe. and booth on medication is something i would pay to see. the saddest part of the whole episode is when everyone gets to meet their families through the window. zach has his huge family, hodgins and his "friend" angela and her dad. booth and parker, goodman and his family. so cute so cute! poor bones though. im glad this episode let her have her xmas wish by helping out someone else who didnt know what happened to a loved one.

but overall season one is one of my favorite seasons. it was so fresh and new and intersting. i also enjoy that the whole "love" thing isnt there, theyre just partners doing what partners do(:

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