Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Today's Chatter Post - June 23th, 2010

Remember, only 2 rules

  • Keep it clean
  • No spoilers

So - today's question is:
What's your favorite season 2 quote?

Please share!


Jeannie said...

"I'm with Bones, Cam. All the way. Don't doubt it for a second." Awwwe.

meg_lyman said...

"Pants... pants... I need pants!"

Tracy said...

Booth: "Have you seen the way she looks at human remains before she makes a decision?"
Cam: "Yes"
Booth: "You're human remains and she hasn't made a decision yet"
Cam; "If it happens again I will take action..and I'm from New York, so I'll take New York action. Am I clear?"
Bones: "Not at all"
Zach: "I'm from Michigan"

I loved S2 I could go on forever here!! Jeannie that's also one of my faves!

Tracy said...

Cam: "I'm a diuretic seagull people, everything goes through me"

Angela about Booth and Sully: "Testosterone spill on aisle 4"

Kate said...

"New division of labor: I shoot 'em, you cuff 'em."

"You know, you're an idiot Russ. I like you, but you're a real idiot."

"Not when it's open hunting season on Brennans!"

I really like Booth in "Judas on a Pole."

Kate said...

Also, not on topic: did David change his daughter's name? It was Bardot, but now all I see Bella.

Vasso said...

"Everything happens eventually. All the stuff that you think it never happens, it happens eventually. You just gotta be ready for it..."

I love this man!!!

Lyndsey said...

Jeannie, that's my all-time favorite quote. Oh the good old days :))

AshleyG said...

The Girl In The Gator

Do you mind if I ask what exactly it was that you did?
Yeah, I shot a truck.
Ah, full of terrorist, no doubt? Or plutonium, or fleeing felons, was it?
No. It was an ice cream truck.
Do you have a good reason for firing on it?
Yeah, the music… it was bothering me.

meg_lyman said...

Kate- re: not on topic-
Yes they did change her name. Apparently it started as a nickname and fit better than Bardot- I think Bardot her middle name now.

Stephanie said...

Kate - I'm pretty sure I read that her new legal name is Bella Bardot Boreanaz.

I think one of my favorite quotes has got to be this one from "Aliens in a Spaceship" :

Booth: Zack, I need for you to be Dr. Brennan.
Zack: I don't know what that means!!

I don't know if the writers meant for that to be funny, but it makes me giggle every time. Another favorite was:

Angela: I can't fight, or shoot a gun. But if something bad happens, I can spit with deadly accuracy.

Lyndsey said...

I think we should expand this to other seasons! During the 100th I know there wasn't a dry eye in my house during booths "I'm that guy" speech. I also love in the pilot after Angela flashes the airport worker how Brennans nonchalant responce is something along the lines of "did you at least try please first" hahahaha.

Becky said...

no dry eys is right!
and i love rereading quotes, its so much fun and it reminds of the old BB(:

Elizabeth said...

There are so many great quotes from S02, but this has always stuck with me...

Brennan: "What exactly do you have to contend with on the job that I don't?"
Booth: "You, Bones. You don't have to contend with you."

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