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Today's Chatter Post - June 25th, 2010

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Back on topic today. :-)

Which Bones moment brought tears to your eyes?

Let's include all 5 seasons in this one!


Jeannie said...

"That's a lot of heart, Bones."
That was heart-crushing to watch.

Vorpaks said...

When Hodgins and Brennan are buried alive, Hodgins crying as he tells Brennan how he feels about Angela.

Seeing the sarcastic, joking, tough Hodgins in tears... totally did me in.

Likewise, Zach in tears when Brennan calls him on keeping Hodgins safe rather than sacrificing him for the good of society.

I get sympathy tears very easily.

mart said...

god. So many times. I even cried when Booth grabs Bones' hand when she has a fight with Angela (The Tough Man in the Tender Chicken, I think). But I really cried my eyes out in the 100th episode. SO close. And still, not close enough. *sigh* O well, hopefully they have realized they love eachother after their year apart.

Stephanie said...

I haven't cried during Bones often, but the moment that got me was in "The Man in the Fallout Shelter" when Brennan went back to the lab at the end of the episode and opened the old presents from her parents. I don't know why that made me cry, but it did!

Anonymous said...

Stephanie - I cried hard when she opened the presents. It was such a sad moment.

The 100th episode made me cry, but I think it was more of a broken-hearted cry.

Miss Mary said...

When they find out that Zach was the apprentice. Booth and Brennan are in his room, trying to get information. Brennan is teary but trying to delve into logic. She rests her forehead against Zach's...agony!

Anonymous said...

Without any hesitation, the 100th episode, every time, i cant stop crying during the last 2-3 minutes... I tried but every time i watch it i cry, it's so sad... every tim i hope the end will be different, tht Brennan is gonna say ok!
And the finale of this season, for me the last scene was perfect, really, and i cry because i cant imagine them in 2 different places in the world, as Angela said, not a good idea...
But for me this season 5 was very hard!! And the actors were extraordinary!

In season 1, i cried in the finale episode, when Brennan explains who she is (i'm Dr tempreance Brennan) and she cries in Booth's arms... so do I (but not in Booth's arms!!)


Meg said...

Absolutely when Booth wipes the tear away from his eye and then he pauses (with damp eyes) before saying they can continue working together. And then when he says he needs to move on and the way Bones says "I know"...tearing up just typing this!

The hug at the end of The Verdict in the story on the court house steps and the way Bones and Booth look at each other when she is hugging her newly free Dad.

When she rests her head on Booth after he tells her what she gave Zach at the end of Pain in the Heart.

I also have a hrad time with the look on Bone's face when she realizes Booth and cam are together (when Cam takes his hand during, I think, tHWitW)...and at the end of that same episode when she cries as he leads her merderer date away. ED does crying well!

And of course the finale when she looks back, teary eyed, and he is walking away....

I probably could go on....

Stephanie said...

I think I must be the only Bones fan who didn't cry during the 100th episode. I was kinda bummed out the day after I first watched it, but no tears.

I may have cried the first time I watched the episode where Brennan watched the video her mother made on her (Bren's) 16th birthday, but I can't remember if I really did or not...I agree that Emily's really great at the emotional scenes!

Pwee said...

Anything emotional and I'm there crying ! Brennan and Hodgins found burried, when that girl says she killed her boyfriend when in fact her little brother did ... soooooooooo sad ! But I didn't cry for the 100th episode, Stephanie, so you're not alone. Screamed and yelled, but no tears. It was beautiful just the same !

Caitlyn said...

i cried when Bones and Booth are telling Hodgins that his book was wrong and it wasnt their first case together. At the end when Booth says to Bones. " Bones I am the gambler in this relationship and i think we should give this a try. He is in tears shes in tears IM IN TEARS and she says no. but you know she wants too. I am so scared and excited for the new season i just hope tey stay together and keep working on their relationship as partners and hopefully more than that

BonesFreak said...

Well obviously, and I think I speak for almost all the Bones fans here, I cried buckets and buckets in the 100th episode and in the last few scenes in he season finale. But there were also more subtle things that made me cry......When Booth saves Bones' life in the season 5 premiere, in "A Night at the Bones Museum" when Bones tells Booth "what happens between us should stay between us and so much more!!! And also I tend to cry alot every time Bones or Booth cries, and whenever they save each other from deadly situations....If I were to continue listing all the tear-stained moments I would be here till the season 6 finale!!!!

PharaohHound said...

Man, I feel so left out. I NEVER cry during TV shows, even when I'm really, really moved.

I think the time I came closest was when they buried Ripley in "The Finger in the Nest". Might seem odd, but I'm such a huge animal lover, and Brennan's speech was just amazing. I've buried pets, and it's so devastating... and Brennan didn't even get to have any time with this dog she fell in love with.

Courtney said...

As well done as the 100th episode final season was - great acting and directing by DB in that scene - I didn't cry because I've just been so worn down by all this will they/won't they stuff that I don't feel much any longer about them.

While I have cried during any of the episodes, I did feel a lot about the victims/cases in the early seasons - I really cared about them - now, I find the cases so boring I find myself fast forwarding through most the scenes regarding the cases.

I agree about the episode with the young girl who was trying to protect her brother for accidentally killing her boyfriend - the young actress crying in the interrogation scene was really moving and very well acted. It was heartbreaking as she was going to have to be separated from her only family.

And, I have been really moved by many moments that involved their personal lives - like the moment when Booth says to Rebecca on the phone in Mall in the Fallout Shelter "don't make me beg." - That gets me every time.

The 100th episode just bugs me because it implies that Booth has been in love with Bones from the moment we ever laid eyes on them as he said "I'm that guy." For me, that just takes away the history we have watched as they grew to trust, admire and care for one another from the first episode. Suddenly, we are told Booth has been the guy from before all we have seen. I felt manipulated by it as a desperate attempt to come up with a backstory which I personlly did not need. But, that is obviously just personal opinion.

Vasso said...

I remember that I cried during "The Graft in the Girl".

Also, during the last scene of "Boy with the Answer " when Booth tells Brennan to go for a drink, but she leaves and he stands there, looking at her go in that taxi...I thought "NO, this can't be happening, AGAIN!"

@Stephanie, I also did not cry during the 100th, but I cried watching some fanvids about this episode...maybe it was the music.

Caroline said...

I don't even know why, but at the very end of The End in the Beginning, when Brennan's true feelings come out ("burdens which allow us to fly") and she literally just hits the 'delete' key... Serious waterworks. Just thinking about it kind of kills me!

Also S3 finale with Zach - that was very hard to watch. :(

Mindy said...

The funeral scene in The Goop on the Girl. That definitely had me crying.

Anonymous said...

I cried during the scene in "The Soldier on the Grave" where Booth shares some of his war experiences with Brennan.

Barbara said...

There are several, but the ones that come immediately to mind:

-the end scene in the 100th episode
(I felt emotionally depleted for a couple days too). I still cry every time I re-watch it too!
-the end of The Woman in Limbo
-when she puts her head to Zak's in the hospital trying to convince him his logic is flawed in The Pain in the Heart
-When she sees the video of her mother asking for forgiveness for abandoning her
-In the Goop on the Girl when Brennan and Booth are discussing the guy's funeral- the fact that no one is going and she says in reply to Booth saying the heart can't be broken..."Isn't that heart crushing". Then he says that people don't give her enough credit for how much heart she really has.
-I even shed a sappy tear when Booth brought her the Christmas tree while she was visiting her Dad (and her brother) in prison and she looked out the window and said "I love my present Booth" and looked at him lovingly.
-For sure in Aliens in the Spaceship when Hodgins was professing his love for Angela, when Brennan and Hodgins hugged and Hodgins says "It's been a pleasure Dr. Brennan", and then when Booth went running down the hill and to the sand pit to rescue her and pulled her out.

I love this show!!

Becky said...

oh where to start.
i cried in the 100th episode for sure.

the finger in the nest when she buries ripley..its so sad because ripley was adorable, AND he reminded her of booth!

the man in the fallout shelter when everyone is meeting their family through the window and bones doesnt, i dont really know why this makes me cry but it does everytime.

the woman in limbo just because we learn a lot about brennan and booth is sooo nice. he even calls her temperance. im a sucker for that. though it would be wierd if she called him seeley.

the pain in the heart obviously becuase she loved zach so much! he was like her brother, except a little different i dont really know how to explin their relationship..

the santa in the slush when booth and parker give bones and her family a tree. that was sooo sweet.

also the boy with the answer when cam is talking to sweets and shes upset that she cant keep the team together. that really got to me because i used to not like cam at all. now she really cares about everyone.

the foot in the foreclosure at the end when brennan says goodbye to hank, i also cried when they were at the restaraunt and hank tells a little bit about young seeley. and when booth compliments her necklace

i know there is more but thats all i can think of right now haha

catherine said...

this is late but i have to put in this one scene that no one listed.

towards the ends of stargazer in the puddle, when brennan is talking to the little girl's mother about how she killed her daughter so that she wouldnt have to suffer anymore with progeria. i just thought that was so sad...i mean it was her mother!! :(

and from this season, definitely the final scene of goop on the girl, like others said. i thought the actress who played the mother who lost her son was very good, and the radio broadcaster's voiceover was amazing too. :)

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