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Today's Chatter Post - June 28th, 2010

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Today's question:

What's your most rewound moment of season 3?

Talk away!


erinskaya said...

oh, definitely the bathroom scene from TPitH. the first time i saw it i literally sputtered through it b/c i couldn't believe it was happening. 30 rewinds later i still can't really believe it.

Anonymous said...

There are several great scenes in the season - I love the bathroom scene, but my favorite episode is Verdict in the Story, and I love the ending on the courtroom steps, and the 'head into neutral brain into overdrive scene', so I rewind those.

Anonymous said...

Santa in the Slush...moment under the mistletoe, though I much prefer the extended version to the one that aired.

Stephanie said...

Emily singing "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun." I know Emily thinks it was horrible, but I thought she was cute.

Another highly rewound moment is when Hodgins & Angela have a meeting with the female private investigator in the diner and Hodgins (and the audience) find out about a.) Angela not being Angela's real name and b.) her relationship with Roxie. TJ & Michaela's reactions in that scene were just so funny.

Vasso said...

What a great idea for a chatter post,Jeannie!
I have two scenes:
The Brainy Smurf scene from Boy in Time Capsule,I looooove it when Booth says "Why do you have to always correct me?" and I love everything about this scene.I don't know how many times I've watched this!

The kiss scene from Santa in the Slush. Booth's facial expressions throughout this scene are priceless!!!plus, it was the first kiss we saw! "Thanks for the gum" LOL

Amie said...

The end (diner) scene of Death in the Saddle. Booth's speech about crappy sex and Brennan agreeing with him.

mart said...

@Amie: That one was soooo beautiful! I cried there, too.. O I know, I'm a crybaby.. Can't help it!

Vorpaks said...

For me it was when Booth got shot by the stalker. I was so shocked I rewound I don't know how many times.

They really set the scene well -- Brennan getting so into her song and Booth looking so goofy... it was just pure silliness.I was crying with laughter and enjoying seeing them have so much fun. And then, BANG, the instant switch to seriousness.

Booth standing in front of Brennan and taking the shot.

The looks on their faces. Shock and disbelief.

Brennan, with a look of pure rage, taking out the stalker with a single off the cuff shot and not even looking to see if it hit because she is already back focusing on Booth.

Hodgins standing protectively in front of Angela until the stalker is down and then taking charge of the situation, telling Zach to call 911 and running over to take the gun away from the stalker just in case.

Cam, usually so cool and in charge, standing there shell shocked.

Booth not saying a word, just keeping his dark eyes on Brennan's face until he fades out.

I must have watched it 100 times.

And man, I cheered when Brennen punches him in the face in the next episode. It was the perfect emotional outlet. Kind of like screaming at your kid after they run into the street. You freaking SCARED me you JERK!

Anonymous said...

So many...what a great (albeit short) season!
Santa in Slush: Mistletoe kiss and the THE LOOK on Booth's face when he shows her the Chrismas tree at the end.
Baby in Bough: Booth's comment about "our little guy" and the look Brennan gives him.
Man in the Mud: the fun had by B/B during the ceramics outing and the unfun between Sweets and his girlfriend.
Mummy in Maze: The whole ending sequence when B/B save the girl and then later when they talk about date/non-date dressed as bedraggled versions of Wonder Woman and Clark Kent (and who can forget Cam as Catwoman and Angela as Cher?)
Death in Saddle: that inside-melting "making love" speech at the end.
Soccer Mom: drunk Booth leaning into Brennan on steps of Lincoln Memorial.
Knight on Grid: heart-stopping sequence where Booth chases apprentice and ends up saving the child in the swimming pool.
Pain in the Heart: the look on Brennan's face when Booth steps out of the tub.

Stephanie said...

I've watched the part where Booth gets shot a lot, too (since I've watched Emily singing a lot) but I cringe every time I see that scene because I swear, David almost kicked Emily in the face when he fell to the ground. Has anyone else noticed that? She was moving closer to him when he fell backwards, and it looks like he comes *this close* to smacking her with his knee or something. It was a great scene, but that's all I see now!

Anonymous said...

the whole season i have watched it hundreds of times it does not get better but the scene on the stairs when Booth reads Brennans Letter to Zach about his job offer that was really nice and they are such a couple here.

Nina said...

That moment in the vault in The Widow's Son in the Windshield -- the Greek thing just seriously cracked me up, and the moment with the "Why are your eyes closed" AAH :">

Oh, of course, the moments leading up to the mistletoe kiss. I may have memorized the dialogue for that particular episode haha

Vorpaks said...

Stephanie said...
I swear, David almost kicked Emily in the face when he fell to the ground.


I guess this means I have go back and rewind it again. /grin

Anonymous said...

i rewound the stalker shooting booth over and over and over again. i couldnt believe it really had happened because by the time i saw it, i had already saw season four and i was really confused. i also rewtched the pain in the heart during his funeral beacuse on many occasions during that scene you can see him in the background kind of all blurry like.

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