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Today's Chatter Post - June 9th, 2010

Remember, only 2 rules

  • Keep it clean
  • No spoilers

So - today's question is:

What song from a Bones episode made you listen to/buy more music from that artist?

Let' share our favorite songs!


Jeannie said...

Snow Patrol! After listening to "Somewhere a clock is ticking" by them in Man on the Fairway. In fact, I loved all the songs from that episode!

Anonymous said...

Running Up That Hill - Placebo

mellybee101 said...

I have discovered so many fantastic artists since I started watching Bones! A select few:
John Legend-Slow Dance
Nikka Costa-Stuck on you
Laura Izibor-Mmm
Amiena-Never know
Damien Rice-9 Crimes
One EskimO-Kandi

Melissa said...

Fearless by Cyndi Lauper from Harbingers.

Anonymous said...

Snow Patrol and Cindy lauper.
But, since the 5X22, One Eskimo, Kandi, evry day, ti's like a drug... I'm addicted!!

Anonymous said...

my ghost- glass pear
from one of my favourite eps The dwarf in the dirt!!

erinskaya said...

low is a height--great northern, from knight on the grid.
rain or shine--matthew perryman jones, from gamer in the grease.
sea lion--sage francis, from Judas on a pole.
really, though, there's too many to list.

Anonymous said...

I saw Matthew Perryman Jones in concert and heard him sing 2 songs that were used on Bones - I didnt know until later where I recognized them from. Since then, I listen to him - he's really good!

Lauryn said...

'Some of Us' by Starsailor. It was in season 1 or 2...

Vorpaks said...

No Envy, No Fear by Joshua Radin.
From the "Double Trouble In The Panhandle" episode.

Kate said...

Running Up That Hill by Placebo and Some of Us by Starsailor instantly come to mind. iTunes adds Feel It Now by Black Motorcycle Rebels (can't remember other than it was an early episode), Perfect Day by Lou Reed from The Soccer Mom in the Minivan, Bring On the Wonder by Susan Enan (the Romeo and Juliet episode) and Tears and Laughter from Tall Tree 6 Ft Man (anyone remember the epi?)

Jeannie said...

@Kate: Tears and Laughter - Woman in the Tunnel, at the end when they take the man back to his underground home?
Feel it now - Superhero in the Alley, funeral scene.

@Lauryn: Some of us - Boy in the Bush?

I might easily have the complete soundtrack on ITunes. I really do love most of the songs they use.

Barbara said...

My Ghost - I loved Dwarf in the Dirt too!
One Eskimo-
Went out and bought Cindi Lauper's Greatest Hits after Brennan's rendition of "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun!" from Wannabee in the Weeds.

Anonymous said...

Heartbeats by Jose Gonzalez from Salt in the Wounds

Vasso said...

"Save you" by Matthew Perryman Jones from Beaver in the Otter (one of my fav Booth&Brennan moments!)
and "My ghost" by Glass Pear from Dwarf in the Dirt! I loooove these episodes!!!

Anonymous said...

I can't name any song other than Kandi by One EskimO - I will get it as a ringtone next week.

Justin said...

Some of Us in the Boy in the Bush!!!! I completely fell in love with Starsailor after that. I bought about 7 of their songs from iTunes. :)

Anonymous said...

Bring on th Wonder, in boy the shroud.

Anonymous said...

Ok. Here goes:
Ghost- Glass Pear
Kandi - One Eskimo
Fearless - Cindi Lauper
Running Up That Hill-Placebo
The Sune Will Rise -Brendan James
Mmm Mmm - Laura Izibor
Bring on the Wonder - Susan Enan
Christmas in Space (Have yourself a Merry Little Christmas) -Tori Amos (that one was really hard to find!)
I love Bones music!

Anonymous said...

Dayplayer! John Francis Daley's band, after watching End in the Beginning and One EskimO for Kandi. And a whole lot more. I have a Bones playlist on my iPod and I listen to it all the time. Bones always has the best music :)

b. k. friend said...

definitely "heartbeats" by jose gonzalez. now all his music reminds me of bones in some way.

Meg said...

All the ones mentioned above plus, "Fountain" by Sarah Lov from Verdict in the Story. Love this song!

Anonymous said...

Collide--by Howie Day.
From one of the first few episodes.

I love the lyrics:

Even the best fall down sometimes
Even the stars refuse to shine
Out of the back you fall in time
I somehow find you and I collide

Anonymous said...

I love the music on the show. Maria Taylor had a song called TIme Lapse Lifeline on an episode and now I love her music. Matthew Parryman Jones and Starsailor too of course.


specialangentseeleyjosephbooth said...

foreigner. why just today i heard it on the radio and i started singing. my dad thought i was crazy.

bring on the wonder. its played at the end of boy in the shroud. before i bought the song i would fast forward to the end of the episode so i could listen to the song.

some of us. i forget who its by but its played at the end of the boy in the bush.

lastly fountain by sara lov. its played at the end of the verdict ing the story i think. i just think the lyrics are so clever.

on topic:
band of horses was the band that i expanded on because of bones. haha

Meg said...

@SASJB: Regarding Band of Horses, the show Chuck used 4 of their songs in the season finale and they rocked. back to discussing Bones :-)

PharaohHound said...

Katie Herzig, her song "I Hurt Too" (so beautiful!) was in Finger in the Nest, and Glass Pear, "My Ghost" was in Dwarf in the Dirt.

Stephanie said...

I have a lot of the music from Bones on my mp3 player, but I'm not sure I've ever looked up more of an artist's music. I looked up Dayplayer - I had no idea John Francis Daley made music until "The End in the Beginning."

And I totally want to go see Cyndi Lauper in concert this fall, but I don't think I'll be able to find anyone to go with me, haha.

cordy said...

Oh man, there are really so many songs from bones that i love.
But just to name a few of my favourites

Light on a hill - Margot & the Nuclear So & So's
My Ghost - Glass Pear
The Sun will rise - Brendan James
Heartbeats - Jose Gonzales
No Envy No Fear - Joshua Radin
Bring on the Wonder - Susan Enan
Kandi - One Eskimo
You - Fisher
Rivers Edge - Graet Lake Swimmers

I think I have about 60 songs from Bones I could hear all day on repeat

Meg said...

wanted to add one more: Won't Stop Getting Better by Jason Walker from the end of DotQB, when they are all at the bar. It's my new happy song!

kba said...

"Pain that I am used to" by Depeche Mode (early episode where injured booth rescues brennan)

and the group Social Distortion, that Booth is listening to in the bathtub

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