Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Dumbest Hot Cops

Buddy TV has a list of TV's 10 Dumbest Hot Cops. Seeley Booth makes the list. Before we get too upset, let's see why they deemed him worthy:

Technically, Booth isn’t a cop, he’s a special agent, and he’s not that dumb, just intuitive. But since he’s surrounded by the squints, Booth’s lack of book smarts sticks out like one of his belt buckles.
Is this just another representation of Angela's assessment that he is "brilliant at pretending to be stupider than he actually is most of the time"?


Vorpaks said...

I agree with Angela's assessment. Booth is dumb like Columbo.

So if this is Columbo's tell:
"Just one more question..."
(Oooo, bad guy, you're goin' down!)

What is Booth's tell?

Mindy said...

Ha ha! Columbo is the best!

Anonymous said...

he's not dumb at all - remember GG bringing his constant ability to downplay his intellect in Mayhem - and it annoys me a bit that the squints still haven't seen through his act!

he's totally hot though!!

toti said...

Booth is absolutely dumb with Brennan. He is like her toy.
I really do not like when he acts as if he has nothing to do in life except doing what she is asking.
And that kind of attitude is worse in season 5.
I prefer when he was sexy and put some stop to her like in previous seasons.
So, yes, I agree with the list, he is dumb in this way.

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