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Guest Episode Review: The Mother and Child in the Bay

Today's review is "The Mother and Child in the Bay", by Frieda

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The Mother and Child in the Bay
by Frieda

I teach English and I love that language, but I'm French, so I apologize for any mistakes !
In French, the title of the episode is "The Father's Place". Yeah, we tend to give titles (to movies, series episode etc.) that don't have anything in common with the English ones and most of the time, I don't get it. This time though, I think they didn't do too bad. The episode is as much about the father and child relationship as it is about the mother and child one. Funny how one language chose to adopt the mother's side of the story when the other focused on the father, a classic example of the differences between those two languages close to my heart. That said, let's the review begin !

The episode begins with Booth and Brennan at the Jeffersonian on their way to a crime scene. Booth is explaining the case to Brennan : "The cops said the body washed up on the bay (the Delaware Bay). They think it could be Carlie Richardson". But the name doesn't mean anything to Brennan. Booth is surprised and goes on to explain "She disappeared a year ago, she was pregnant." She still doesn't see. So Booth a little cranky "Come on Bones. You have to get a TV. Or at least thumb through a People at the check out stand" (and Monsieur had to mime it ! ) Follows a little argument between the two:
- Brennan "Was it in the Journal of Forensic Anthropology?"
- Booth "Oh, you know I forgot to renew my subscription. You know what Bones? You need to take up some other interests."
- Brennan "Well, I'm reading Ted Gioia's History of Jazz. Was she mentioned in there? Or maybe in McGee's Science and Lore of the Kitchen ? Or perhaps I should develop an interest in the mainstream media's exploitation of crimes for entertainment value?"
- Booth "It's amazing Bones. You can really be snotty sometimes"

I don't know about snotty, but she sure sounded snobby to me ! This little conversation is fun to watch because they're walking in the building, Booth is following Brennan, and they're both making faces and smiling at each other's snappy comments, as you can see

Bickering like kids like always and that's why we love them ! Even though I won't do a scene by scene review, I described this one because I liked it ^_^. Let's move on.

The case : It seems pretty simple. The body that was found is that of a newlywed woman, Carlie Richardson, who was presumably murdered by her cheating husband, Kyle Richardson. Because her body was never found, he was set free. Both Booth and Cam are sure he killed her. And the evidence (both past and present) is really against him> In the past: He admitted that he had a fight with her on the day of her disappearance, he was scratched, he had affairs, he was seen by witnesses at the marina. > In the present: He disappeared when he heard that the body of his wife was found AND he hit the woman he lived with before he escaped. Doesn't that scream "GUILTY" to you ? Exactly !

Except, he's not ! The first thing that points to this fact is a locket found inside the remains (Yes, inside the remains !? It "melted into the lung during putrefaction " Eeeeeew ! It's all gooey when they take it out, ewwww really !) And inside, it's written "I love you. Kenny". Wait a minute, who's Kenny ? Maybe Carlie's lover ? Ah ! Another suspect in the case, no poker for Cam tonight ! (Yeah, one of the first thing she said was "Let's hand the prosecutor what she needs so I can have a nice weekend knocking back shots and playing poker" Oh Doctor Saroyan, so unprofessional ! But so human in that dehumanized lab, go Cam !) Anyway, turns out that Kenny was Carlie's dog. It was a present from her husband back in the days when they were still chummy. It had died a few months before Carlie's disappearance because Kyle had backed over it "accidentally" even though Carlie felt he did it on purpose, ouch, poor dog ! So, no lover for Carlie then ? Richardson is still the suspect number one !

Aaaaaaaaah but wait. New evidence are putting wrinkles into Richardson's guilt. Hodgepodge (Cam's nickname for Hodgins in the episode) found out that the body was first in fresh water and then in salt water. Because Richardson was spotted by witnesses at the marina and because there is no fresh water in that area, how can he be the culprit? Booth and Cam: not happy at all ! A little search at the only fresh water near the bay later...

look at geeky Hodgins

...they're still not sure if Richardson did it or not. They did find what looked like foetus phalanges in the water, but it turned out to be racoon's phalanges. The samples that Hodgins took don't match the ones that were taken from the remains. The only other fresh water is more than 60 miles away, doesn't match the timeline, so more proof that Richardson may not have done it. Cam is really NOT happy that they are finding more and more evidence that Richardson may not be guilty, even though she says that she's trying to find out who killed Carlie. Brennan says that they have to determine whether or not they're wasting their time on Richardson, which leads to a funny experiment.

They all stab a pseudo victim (I couldn't find any pictures, but seeing it live is better anyway. If you have the DVD, you have to look at the way they stab that victim, especially Angela ! They all have a reaction that is soooo them, it's a delight !) and it turns out from all the measurements that it was a woman who is approximately Angela's size that stabbed Carlie Richardson. That and the fact that Carlie's parents brought a picture where you can see the Richardsons AND Kyle's actual girlfriend (Karen Tyler) at some restaurant, when she said that she didn't know him before his wife's death makes the gang believe that she's the one who killed Carlie. Now, who said the case was simple ?

Since both Kyle's and an unidentified woman's DNA was found under Carlie's fingernail and to confirm their new theory, they interrogate Karen and take her DNA. Back at the lab, Hodgepodge and Angela discover that Carlie was killed in Gloucester City, New Jersey near the Rancocas Creek. There were thunderstorms in New Jersey two days after Carlie disappeared. They caused her body to be flushed down the Rancocas Creek into the Delaware River and into the Delaware Bay. Wow, even the dead can travel !

They go to the Rancocas Creek and they find a bag with the initial C.R. containing face cream and a nightgown... Seems like Carlie wasn't abducted after all. Did Karen befriend her and then kill her ? Booth and Brennan go see Carlie's friends again to check. That's where they learn that Carlie wished she wasn't pregnant. One of the friends confirms that she saw Carlie and Karen together (Carlie and Karen, Karen and Carlie ! Sounds like mister Richardson likes his women's names to start with the sound "CAR" however you spell it ^_^) Hum Karen is becoming more and more suspicious. Unfortunately, the DNA found under Carlie's fingernails isn't Karen's. Man ! Who killed that woman if not Karen or Kyle ?

And now, it appears that the fetus (or foetus, both spellings are correct) found with Carlie wasn't a foetus at all but a 2 weeks child. Her foetus was cut out of her, stolen and replaced by the 2 weeks dead child. HOR-RI-BLE ! The dead child's mother must have shook him to quiet him down, which resulted in his death (Shaken baby trauma).

Since they have the baby's skull, they can use it to see genetics similarities with the mother. Hodgins finds out that Betadine (an antiseptic used to prep patients for surgery) was used to remove the child from the womb. That, coupled with the Angelator's portrait of the child that has similarities with one of Carlie's friends gives us the murderer. Miss Corbis, the woman who said that she saw Carlie and Karen together is a vet, she has medical training, the marks on the bones were from a scalpel, there you have it folks ! She killed Carlie because Carlie had told her that she wished that she had never gotten pregnant, and according to Miss Corbis "It was wrong for her (Carlie) to have him". She had killed her son by mistake because she was a single mother, because she was alone and because she just wanted him to stop crying. (People don't always know that shaking a child is dangerous for them, I know that, but please ! Don't say that you did it because you're a single mom miss Corbis ! Plenty of women are single moms and they manage just fine !)

Anyway, case solved ! It wasn't the husband after all !

I'd just like to point that this episode shows that when law enforcement officers have in their minds that somebody committed a crime, they interpret all the evidence as illustrating their point. If somebody isn't careful and if you don't analyze everything carefully, it's easy to send an innocent in prison ! Booth and Cam were so sure that Kyle Richardson was guilty that they convinced me. And if the Squints hadn't been there, they would have sent him to prison without further examination of the evidence. I pray that something like that never happens to me !

The Squints
: I already talked about the stabbing of the pretend victim (you should really check it out !), of geeky Hodgins and of the Angelator. The only other thing thing I'd like to say about the Jeffersonian's team in that episode is that it is fun to see an episode where Brennan, the squints and Cam are still at odds. The beginning especially is edifying ! Brennan saying that the bones are hers and that Cam may compromise them, that Zach is HER grad student, she's really acting like a child ! And then Cam saying sarcastically "I have the utmost respect for the Doc. Glad she works for me." You can just feel the tension ! Cam saying that she wants them to wrap up the case so she can go play poker doesn't help her fit in in the least ! I'm happy that they are a real team now, it would have been weird if they were not !

Booth : The case being child related is a way to bring up the only child present in the cast: PARKER ! The mother in the American title and the Father in the French one are Rebecca and Booth. Booth is not happy that his ex's boyfriend is spending more time with Parker than he is. To make sure that the guy is alright, he runs a background check on him. Ouh, bad idea ! That makes Rebecca FU-RI-OUS ! She threatens him to "back off" or he will never see Parker again. I found that to be a bit much, really, really too much actually.

She appears mean in that moment and what she says shocks and hurts Booth.
How could she prevent her to see his own son ? Bitc.. (I didn't say it !) Fortunately, all is well that ends well. At the end of the episode, they all (Booth, Rebecca, Drew and Parker) sit together, what a nice family picture !
Plus, Booth being such a good dad, he's the one who tells a scared Kyle Richardson that he has to "step up" and take care of his son. Mr Richardson indeed rise up to the occasion and holds his son, the way he does it brings tears to my eyes. I'm oversensitive, what do you want. I wish that was the end of the episode it's so powerful ! I don't really get the little fight that takes place at the Royal Diner between Booth and Rebecca, but since it ends wells, I'm ok with it.

Bones : This episode comforts Brennan in her belief that marriage is an antiquated ritual. She is weary of relationships and she has a right to, case in point, Carlie Richardson ! She married somebody who killed her. Ah but no Doctor Brennan, he didn't ! The mean friend did, so see Dr Brennan, it's ok to love somebody ! She also questions the concept of motherhood (it's only because of serotonin !) which leads to an interesting conversation about Abraham. The Bones in that episode is very rational and a little jealous of Cam, but all in all she's ok.

I like this episode, it's fun, emotional and clever, everything I like about Bones !

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Meg said...

Thank you so much for the review! That is very interesting about the French title of the episode. I had no idea they didn't all translate directly (though I am sure you would lose meaning if you translated everything that way). I wonder if you could let us know of any other episodes that have different titles in French?

Vorpaks said...

Very nice review! That is very interesting about the French titles. I've noticed that the English titles mostly use a "The (noun) in the (noun)" format (with many exceptions. Do the French ones follow a similar pattern?

I liked this episode, but it always struck me as one that had an unhappy ending. Booth getting the guy to man up and hold his son was a great scene, but you can tell he (Booth) is not too happy with the whole situation. No he didn't kill his wife, but he did punch his girlfriend on his way out the door. Now he is going to be dealing with a scared baby who just lost the only mother he had ever known and all associated grandparents/friends/etc.? The situation will require a lot of patience and he has a short fuse. Left me with a bad feeling in the pit of my stomach.

I actually "got" Rebecca a little better in this episode. She seemed like a nasty person in previous episodes, but in this one she came off more as one of those people who easily blows up, says things she doesn't mean, but just as easily calms down and doesn't hold grudges. I can see why free-spirited whirlwind Rebecca and fiecly loving control freak Booth might have had some teensy little relationship issues... yikes.

I really liked that it was Brennan to point out what was really important in the whole situation -- Parker. And I liked that Booth took her advice in the end and made an effort with Rebecca and the new guy, as tough as it was for him on all levels. No matter how much he teasses Brennan and implies that she sucks with interpersonal relationships, when she gives advice he listens and acts.

Vorpaks said...

Oops, and I forgot: I loved the geeky Hodgins shot! Love geeky Hodgins!

Pwee said...

Pwee = Frieda

Phew ! I was pretty scared to write a review, so thank you for the comments !

The French titles don't follow the "The (noun) in the (noun)" format at all. In my opinion, they look at the episode and then they try to find a title, I'm not even sure that they consider the English title at all.

For example for season 2: The Boy in the Shroud is called Romeo and Juliet; The Truth in the Lye = The Women in His Life; The Boneless Bride in the River = A Story of Bones etc etc ... Accurate description of the episodes but they don't have much in common with the English titles.

I wasn't aware of the "The (noun) in the (noun)" format until I started to stream season 5 in English (I had to, because the French version stopped at "The Dwarf in the Dirt")

Anyway, thanks again for the comments, and I'll try to send my next review ASAP !

andrea Diaz said...

Awesome review!. This was classic Bones-I really love these reviews of the earlier seasons of Bones. Makes me want to get out the DVD's and start watching from the beginning-again!

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