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Guest Episode Review: The Truth in the Lye

Today's review is "The Truth in the Lye", by Frieda

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I wasn’t sure how to go about this review. I had seen the episode recently and I didn’t know how I should start it. I knew what happened in the episode, but nothing special came to mind. So I started re-watching it, and BAM ! I KNEW !!! What is really fun in this episode are all the little sentences the characters send to each other' face, the little "picks" as we would say in French, as well as their acting. GREAT ACTING, really ! So this will be a short review with a lot of little sentences that I found quite funny.

The case : A body is found on the grounds of a constructing job, in a tub. The body is "immersed in a pool of what smells like a composite of domestic corrosives" says Brennan. Really nasty looking, but for once, we don't see much, except when Brennan picks up a piece of flesh and says "it's only skin !" really lady ?

After further examination, they discover that the man had "brittle bones" or "Osteogenesis Imperfecta" (more on that here ) So they go visit the families where children have the same decease and they discover that "the body" has TWO WIVES ! You read that right, two wives !

The body, Lawrence Turner (father of a little girl, if you live in Maryland) or Lawrence Seaver (father of a little boy, if you live in Virginia) is a 35 years old commercial electrician. To make sure that none of the women killed him after maybe discovering the truth about their two-timing husband, the FBI does a little experiment (put both women in the same room, will they acknowledge each other ?) Well apparently they don't know about each other, so the investigation goes on. Even though most people only say nice things about Larry, Pete, the contractor is pretty mad at him because he owes him $85,000 (that Larry was supposed to use to cover electrical supplies, but he apparently didn't because then the inspector cites Pete for cheap material). When asked for an explanation, dear old Larry couldn't give any to Pete, he just said he had problems with his wife (ok, but which one? ^_^) So, Pete has a motive, did he do it though?

Zach finds what looks like a key to solve the mystery, an "anomaly" as he calls it, a piece of ivory with teeth marks on it. Hodgins also finds something interesting. A finger from a rubber glove that was under the tub's drain stopper. Cam is able to pull a fingerprint, so they ask the wives to come back so they can take their fingerprints (and then they decide to tell them about having the same husband, but more on that later), but neither are matches. Keep looking team !
The anomaly Zack found is actually a chopstick that girls can put in their hair to hold their bun. Aaaaaaaah ... We saw a girl with chopsticks like that in her hair: the secretary ! So Booth and Brennan go meet her where she went to eat, and they discover that not only she is pregnant, but guess who she's meeting ? Larry's wives ! We got our killers now !

Back at the interrogation room, we learn that the wives met at a playground, they got to know each other and discovered that they shared more then kids with special needs, how nice (ewww). When they followed Larry to work the next morning, he led them to a motel where he met with Chloe the secretary! Although they all say that Larry dear committed suicide, Booth doesn't believe them. When they arrived to confront him, they apparently found Larry on the bathroom floor, the gun still in his mouth, his finger on the trigger, and Gayle (wife numero uno) buried the gun in her backyard. But how can a guy shoot himself and still have the gun in his mouth ? WEIRD !!! But, wait ... Cam found a crown that doesn't belong to Larry ... crown ... root canal ... crown ... who said they got late to the crime scene because they were at the dentist's ? PETE >>>>>> KILLER !

Brennan and Booth go meet him at the construction site, and they explain what happen for our benefit : Pete came to meet Larry to ask him where the money is, but because he had just received the phone call from his wives, he blows him off. Pete is not too happy about that, so they start fighting. Larry hits Pete who looses his crown (hum ... if you lose your crown that easily, it's time to find another dentist !), Pete hits him back. Larry lands on the socket casing, and even though he didn't land hard, because of his brittle bone condition, it killed him. That's an accident. But, people being people, instead of calling the police to report it, Pete tries to cover it up by staging the scene as if Larry had committed suicide. Then the wives come in and put Larry in the tub, case solved !

Booth : Believe it or not, it didn't choose the episodes I would review on purpose, but the titles are again very meaningful to me. In English "The Truth in the Lye" (talk about double meaning !) and in French "The Women in His Life" Booth is the character around which this episode is built. It's easy to see that the women in his life are Rebecca and Brennan and ... Cam ! Three women just like Larry ! (From what I read, people didn't like Cam when she first arrived, but I never had a problem with her, so I don't mind her and Booth together at all. I like the way they are together as lovers or friends, go Cam !) The big difference though is that none are his wives: he would have married one, he dated one and he's always known that Brennan was THE woman for him (from episode 100, The Parts in the Sum of the Whole). He works with two of them and has a child with the other one, talk about complicated !

The episode begins with a shot through a hallway that leads to a bedroom with two very active people in it. While re-watching, I really thought I would see Brennan, I never expected to see Booth. We are more used to seeing Brennan with her "intercourse partners" then we are Booth so that was a surprise. More surprising is his partner : REBECCA ! Wow ! There we learn that, "that was amazing and a huge mistake". Apparently Rebecca and Booth meet from time to time to have sex. Rebecca who refused to marry Booth because of her independence. Rebecca, mother of his child with whom he definitely "breaks up" towards the end of the episode (that is ... they'll never have any physical relations anymore, but they will always be there for each other as Parker's parents) . As much as I didn't like Rebecca in "Mother and Child in the Bay", I think she was nice in this episode. And the sexual tension between the two, mama mia ! How sweet of him to look at her go like that ...

You can see the regrets, but you can also see the joy of him knowing that she'll always be there for him no matter what. That's relation number one.

Then you have relation number two, Brennan, his partner, the woman whom he knew from the beginning that she was THE ONE (episode 100 The Parts in the Sum of the Whole, I looooooooooved that episode !) Except that, in this episode, he's pretty mad at her for gossiping about him with Cam (even though in her opinion Bones wasn't really gossiping, she was just trying to be normal and interact with a coworker). So they go their separate ways to investigate, but they have very interesting one on one moments :

Number 1: Booth tries to explain his relationship with Rebecca, the fact they they almost got married. When asked if he still loved her, Booth says no, "not like he did, not like that" Brennan asks why it can't just be sex, Booth tries to explain that "there's nothing 'just' about sex" but Brennan goes all logical/anthropological on us and explains that "all mammals need it. That release of serotonin. The rush of endorphins. Naturally you seek it with someone with whom you share a sexual rapport" (French word ! we say rapport sexuel = sexual intercourse) In butts Booth "Rapport, that's the word" But Dr Brennan continues "I know when I'm in need of release, there's a former partner or two I'm sure I could call" Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaargh, Bones, really ?!?!?! Come on ! We don't need to know that. Booth is just like me, he doesn't appreciate her comments so end of one on one number 1.

Number 2: After the case is solved, Brennan asked how it ended with Rebecca. Booth explains that the only time they'll spend together is with Parker. Then "You know what Bones, it might be all anthropology to you, but there are certain people that you just can't sleep with. I mean you can pretend that it's just sex. You can lie to yourself and you could say that it's all good. But there's too many strings and too much at stake, you know? Too much to lose. And while saying that, they just keep looking at each other ... awwwwwwww Brennan answers "Yeah I can see that" look, look, look !

Booth: It's over. I'd appreciate, you know, your support in that. look, look, look !

Brennan: I will. And if you should slip, I will keep my mouth shut about it. aaaaaaaaah the looks !
Booth: Thank you. But I'm mean it's not like I'm gonna ...
Brennan: No I mean with anybody. I'm sure Rebecca is not your only option for satisfying biological urges (this look means : Am I an option ? )

This looks means YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEES ! But you're also more than that !
END OF MOMENT NUMBER 2 AND B&B ONE ON ONES (because Hodgins and Angela arrive at that moment ...) But that was so sweet to watch ! All those feelings, all those emotions especially in light of "The Parts in the Sum of the Whole", I love it !

Then we learn that it was actually Cam who was really gossiping about Booth with all the squints. And here comes the third woman in Booth's life, his third relationship: Cam. The last scene is a replica of the first one, but this time, instead of Rebecca, Booth is with Cam. WHAT ???? CAM ! The first time I saw the episode, I was shocked, but ... I also liked it, sorry B&B shippers ! Yes, I'd like to see Booth and Brennan together, but it was nice to see Booth with somebody for a change. It seems like it's always Brennan dating somebody, let's Booth have his fun. Plus, it didn't last and Booth regretted it a few episodes down the road for putting Cam's life at risk using their relationship to push her to do something she wasn't ready to do.

The fun in this episode : Like I said, great acting, and great lines, so let the fun begin !
Brennan (recording herself): Victim is immersed in a pool of what smells like a composite of domestic corrosives

Booth: It smells more like ... (but he can't finish his sentence because Brenn interrupts, but we all know what he meant ... SH** or CR** or in French MER** !)

: Common drain declogger, acid wash, bleach. Submerged two to three days.
Pete's little say about the tub being a Godiva 3000 is fun too, but that would make a lot to write !
Angela : Talk about the proof in the pudding (when they have to go through all the lye to get the body parts (The Proof in the Pudding ??? That's the title of episode 12 of this season when the whole gang is locked down at the Jeffersonian examining JFK's remains) no funny but weird.
Booth saying to Zack after he showed him the liquefied wallet of the victim
Booth: You know what Zack? I'd like to go back to the old arrangement where you don't talk to me directly, ok ? Oh Booth, why so mean ?
Booth again, this time talking to Brennan
Booth: Thank you Bones, I appreciate you boiling me down to your anthropological inevitabilities.
Now, that "anthropological inevitabilities" is pretty hard to spell and he says it very fast. They must have had fun shooting that scene !
Discovering Larry has two wives: Brennan, Booth and Angela looking at the pictures
Booth: Whoa. Mine's Lawrence Turner, 35, commercial electrician.
Angela: Oh ...
Brennan: And I've got Lawrence Seaver, 35.
Brennan: Commercial electrician.
Angela: ...God.
Booth: I think old Larry's got two wives.
Brennan: More like two lives.
I just love the way the scene is shot, how they all three say their lines... great work !
Angela's sarcasm throughout the episode is just great. One line for example
Angela: Making him dead before he was doused in lye. Oh, happy day.
Zack going to the crime scene:
Zack (to Hodgins): I'm going on police business (he says that like a kid na na na na nere ! That's what we would say in French ! I'm going, and not you !)
Hodgins: So proud. (to Zack) and then to Camille "Does he mean out? In the world?"
Cam: We'll pin our phone number on his shirt.
Cuuuuuuuuuuute !
Just before revealing to the wives that they share a husband (which they actually knew, but pretended not to know)
Brennan: Are you sure this is the best time to tell them ?
Booth: After two days of nagging me, now you're getting cold feet?
Brennan: I do not nag.
Booth (serving her her own medicine): You know, it's an anthropological inevitability (here it is again !) for women to gossip AND nag. (hoooooooooo she got served !)
Telling the wives
Booth: Actually ladies, let me make some introductions. Gayle Seaver, Lila Turner. Lila, Gayle.
Gayle (wife numero uno): Hi Lila. That was very sweet of you. I'd just lost my husband.
Lila (wife numero dos): You did? So did I.
Booth: Actually, that's why you're both here, really. For the same reason. For the same husband. (and the way DB's eyes go back and forth, it's just hilarious !)
Gayle: I'm sorry?
Booth: Yeah. Me too.
Brennan: What Agent Booth is trying to say is that your husbandS, Larry, are the same Larry.
Booth: This will help. A little show and tell (and he gives each wive the picture of the other one with their child posing with Larry)
And that's where it gets nasty
Gayle: Well this is wrong.
Lila: It's a joke. A sick joke.
Booth: Actually, it's not ...
Lila (who gets up): My Larry would never ...
Gayle (getting up too): Your Larry?
Lila (yelling): Yes, my Larry..
Gayle: He's my husband. I've been married to him for 11 years.
They start getting physical with Booth in the middle, they scream and we don't hear what they say. Booth is a little lost, so he calls to the rescue
Booth: Bones
Brennan (louder than anybody else!): Ok let's sit. Everyone just sit down.
Gayle (sitting): This is ridiculous
Lila (sitting too): Fine
Booth gets a phone call and the drama continues.
Booth: You sure I can't get anyone a soda?
Ok, it must be horrible to discover that your husband is a polygamist. Not for me, please not for me. But again, all the actors played remarkably well, so it's really enjoyable !
How many times did we hear somebody tell Booth "So I hear you're back with your ex?" in this episode ? Funny to us, but not to Booth ! The little scene where Hodgins tries to give advice to Booth, oh just GREAT !
Chinese characters : Aaaaaaaaah, Angela again
Angela: What you thought were teeth marks, Dr Saroyan, turned out to be Chinese characters engraved along the side (of a hair chopstick).
Hodgins: What do they say?
Angela (I LOVE THAT ANSWER): They say: What make foolish man think I speak Chinese?
Hodgins: I thought you were half-Chinese.
Angela: And I think you're half-Swedish. Let's hear some Swedish !
Oh ! I so agree with that ! Why do people always assume that you are familiar with your country of origins customs ? I'm French, born and raised in France, I've never been to Africa, but whenever they hear African music, people are always like "Go dance the music from your country!" First of all ... AFRICA IS NOT A COUNTRY, WAKE UP ! Second of all I DO NOT KNOW HOW TO DANCE LIKE PEOPLE DO IN AFRICA !!! So, thank you Angela for pointing that out ^_^
Booth and Brennan on their way to meet Chloe (owner of the chopstick)
Brennan: And you think it's this Chloe girl because ...?
Booth: Of the chopsticks. As soon as Cam said it, I knew it. Because when I went to see Pete, she had chopsticks in the back of her hair and ... How did Hodgins find out?
Brennan: I'm sorry (I would be confused too, changing the subject so fast
Booth (and THIS HERE is the funny part, because Booth takes a very deep voice, a la Goodman): "I hear you're back with your ex."
Brennan: I don't know, I assume it was Cam.I was only trying to engage her in social intercourse. (INTERCOURSE ???)
Booth: Excuse me?
Brennan: Just trying to be normal. Congenial exchange with a co-worker. But if that's what gossip is, I don't like it.
Booth: You don't like it? I can't stand ...
While interrogating Lila (wife numero dos)
Booth: So you found Larry at his job, you shot him point-blank and you dragged his sorry ass back to the bathtub.
Brennan: Where you doused him in sodium hypochlorite, calcium hypochlorite. (Aaaaaaaaaaaah scientists, do they have to always use intelligent uncomprehensible words ?)
Booth: Or as you and I like to call 'em, bleach and Quickie Plumber
After interrogating the wives and the girlfriend and them saying that Larry committed suicide:
Brennan: Unbelievable
Booth: You got that right. They're lying.
Brennan: How do you know?
Booth: They've been lying since day one. They should have a dozen Oscars by now.
(And a very cute and serious) Brennan: I know what those are
After retrieving the gun:
Booth: You're saying it was suicide?
Brennan: I would except these holes are void of blood. Which would suggest they were inflicted after blood stopped pumping through Larry's head.
Booth: No, no, keep talking, I'll catch up (Cute !)
Brennan: Unlike this blunt-force trauma, no shortage of blood ere, proving he was dead before he was shot.
Booth: So, now we're talking about a faked homicide to cover up a faked suicide?
Brennan: A faked suicide meant to cover up an actual original murder.
Booth: Just when you think things couldn't get any more twisted ...
(In walks Cam, literally): How's this for a curve ball ?
Booth: In walks Cam
Oh I just love it ! The timing, the filming, the way DB looks at Cam, IN-CRE-DI-BLE !
And voila the end of my funny moments in the episode !
One last point: they've been showing reruns of Veronica Mars in France, and since I'm on vacation, I've been watching. I never saw it when it aired in the past and it's actually a pretty good show ! Anyway, my guy in that series is LOGAN ECHOLLS (Jason Dohring), and I've just realised that he looks a lot like Booth, especially because of all his comical expressions in this episode ! Or maybe, it's because of the haircut ? What do you think ?

Hummmmmmmmmmm cuties !

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Anonymous said...

Thanks, Frieda. Great review! You picked out some of my favorite parts of the episode. It was great of you to do this while you are on vacation. Rose

Anonymous said...

Great review! I love your summary of the scene where Booth and Brennan talk about Booth ending it with Rebecca... and speaking of their facial expressions, I could not agree more! Ahhh I can't get over those classic Booth-Brennan moments :D

(Btw, just have to say, I love love LOVE Jason Dohring. What a cutie. He may just be my second favorite man to David Boreanaz. In fact, David Boreanaz is why I started watching Bones, and Jason Dohring is why I started watching VM! Now that I think about it, Logan's kinda similar to Booth in that series, always wanting to protect Veronica. Veronica Mars was a great show, I watched all three seasons last year -- too bad it got cancelled :/)

-- Sarah

Anonymous said...

If you like Jason Dohring, you should watch Moonlight.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the suggestion, Anon! I will check out Moonlight!! :D

-- Sarah

Cheryl said...

Awww I like ur review :D I am in love with ur interpreting the looks BB give each other. And ur right: I'd 4gotten the fun lines from this ep.

Jack: Out? Into the world??
Cam: We'll pin our # on his shirt hahahahahahahahahaha!

I always hated this ep's portrayal of Booth sex life cuz it's a tad too promiscuous for a man who claims sex is never just sex. But u put a few things in perspective 4 me so I'm gonna re-watch & see if I still feel the same way. Thx!

penelope said...

I agree, it is a great review!!!
I really miss these kind of special moments between B&B. I am pretty tired of the will they won´t they?
If they are together at last, we can have a lot of hot, special and funny moments with them as a couple. It could be great for season 6. If they continue with this stupid indefinition I will give up.

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