Thursday, July 1, 2010

Happy Canada Day!

It's Canada Day! And since that great country brought us Hart Hanson and Tamara Taylor, we have reason to celebrate!

Bones Creator Hart Hanson
Every hit show has the brains behind it. For the hit FOX series Bones, creator (and Twitter enthusiast) Hart Hanson is the man behind the series. And a proud Canadian.

Since I'm having trouble with the pictures, you can find the whole story here.


Barbara said...

I'm currently in London and they are having Canada Day all day long here at Trafalgar Square right across from the Canadian Embassy!
...even got to have Tim Horton coffee there... because there is no Dunkin' Donuts in the UK...

Mindy said...

I know people that speak of the coffee with great reverence! It's wonderful stuff.

Anonymous said...

Yay Canada! I'm so proud to be Canadian. I recently read an editorial about how Canadians don't have access to enough "Canadian content" T.V. because we all watch T.V. on US Networks. Canadian networks broadcast Canadian productions in non prime-time slots but they broadcast lots of American shows in prime-time. However; I would argue that since Canadians are sprinkled throughout American productions, we really do have Canadian content. I have noticed several reference to Canada and Canadianisms in BONES and I giggle every time!

Anonymous said...

Hart Hanson went to the same high school my brother is at right now :) And it was my rival high school back when I was in high school :P

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