Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Recap of the day

The cast and crew were back at it today, and we've been given a little recap courtesy of Zap 2 It. It includes some spoilers about the team's return. Here are some of the spoiler-free bits:

Yes, "Bones" is officially in production, and cast and crew giddily tweeted about the start of season 6 throughout their first day. And the recurring theme? These guys really get a kick out of each other.

Creator and show-runner Hart Hanson might have been the most excited: "FIRST DAY OF SHOOTING, SEASON 6, "BONES"! (You can tell I'm excited by the capital letters. Or crazy.) DB already made me snort coffee."

He was quick to follow up that the snorting was laughter-induced -- something T.J. Thyne (aka Dr. Jack Hodgins) picked up on it as well: "The laughter on stage 6 is already audible across the lot to HOUSE. We are home. and oooo do we have good scenes for ya!!"

So is all of this lightheartedness a reflection of what we'll be seeing on the season premiere? We can only hope.
Doesn't it sound like a fun place to work?


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