Thursday, July 1, 2010

Today's Chatter Post - July 1st, 2010

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What was the most surprising case twist ever for you?

Um, aside from the whole Gormagon thing.


meg_lyman said...

It seems so obvious now, but I'm sure I was shocked when Father Coulter turned out to be Max Keenan.

andrea diaz said...

Probably the most surprising plot twist was in "Two Bodies in the Lab", when FBI agent Kenton turned out to be working for the mob and attempted to kidnap and murder Brennan in the same manner as serial killer Hollins. Of course at the last moment Booth breaks out of the hospital with Hodgins' help and comes to the rescue!

Barbara said...

When Booth was shot at the end of The Wannabee in the Weeds...did not expect that... and although part of me knew he wasn't leaving the series, I was kind of freaking out into the beginning of the season finale that year when Angela was asking Brennan to go to Booth's funeral with her.

erinskaya said...

For me (aside from the whole Gormagon thing *_*), it was the idea that Booth knew he was in love with Brennan their entire partnership. I was in shock for weeks afterward and if I'm honest I'm still a little bit in shock.

Stephanie said...

Nothing immediately came to mind when I read the question, but I guess I'd go with all the different twists with Brennan's family in "The Woman in Limbo" - that her parents were criminals and Temperance Brennan wasn't her original name and all that stuff.

Oh, I was also surprised when it turned out the conjoined twins in the circus episode had accidentally killed themselves. Unless I'm forgetting one, I think that's the only episode where the victims hadn't actually been murdered.

Meg said...

I was plesantly surprised with the whole idea of how much they liked each other at the very start (100th). Would not have seen that coming a year ago!!

And the Gormagon thing!

N2seeleybooth said...

Brennen wanting to adopted Ripley and finding out they killed him it was so sad

Vorpaks said...

At the beginning I was very surprised to find out that Booth was a father. I was also (pleasantly) surprised that they kept developing that angle and kept the same actor for Parker. It has been so fun to see him a little bit bigger every time he is in an episode.

There have been a couple of other shockers along the way. I agree with the posters above who mentioned the shock that priest was actually Max Keenan, and the episode where Booth was shot.

Since I was watching on Netflix and had seen NO poilers, not even an apisode description, I was very shocked when Brennan and Hodgins got kidnapped by the gravedigger.

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