Friday, August 20, 2010

EW's Emmy Snub list

Best Lead Actress in a Drama: Nominee No. 2

''Emily Deschanel was fantastic on season 5 of Bones, especially episode 100 and the second-to-last episode! Where's her nomination?'' —Claude
Source: EW

Want Emily Deschanel to win an EWwy? Go here to vote for her.


Anonymous said...

Talk about a double standard!!! Lets vote for EMILY!! NOT ONCE has anybody said David is also deserving. Decided slant towards Emily. It gripes the hell out of me. Every board is the same, don't forget to vote for Emily It's like DB is not on this show.

Stephanie said...

It's not the fan websites' fault if the critics at EW (or TwoP or any of the other sites that are having competitions like this right now) didn't nominate David. Maybe the Lead Actor race is just simply more competitive than the Lead Actress one, or maybe they saw something in Emily that they didn't see in David. You don't have to vote if you think it's that unfair.

I'm pretty sure Emily won this competition in 2008, so I really hope she wins again this year!

Anonymous said...

I love Emily and I feel she gets left out of more things than David. I think she's beautiful and also deserves to be in People Magazines Most Beautiful issue. I keep trying to send people an e-mail or somthing so that they can stop putting the same old beautiful people they put every year.. I know these actors and actresses are beautiful, I don't need to be reminded every single year. I just feel she's more deserving of recognition right now. David had his "Big" time and alot of recognition on Buffy and
Angel....That Is why I vote for Emily every chance I get...I love them both, I vote for both, but right now its Emily's turn. Love bones4eva!

Anonymous said...

I strongly agree with Anon 5:01PM. Emily this Emily that. DB was very successful on his previous shows without help. I just wonder how successful ED would be if David Boreanaz wasn't on this show. Not too much I would think.

Anonymous said...

Magazines had David on dozens of their covers and there were dozens of articles about him when he was on Buffy and Angel. And you say that he didnot have any help?
Journalists mostly ignore Emily for her work on Bones.
And sorry, but at the very beginning, it was planned that David would be in half of the episodes only. It was because Emily was so good on her audition that Hart Hanson decided to modify the concept.

Stephanie said...

The "without any help" comment confused me, too. Every television show is a collaborative effort among literally hundreds of people, whether the show has one leading character or six. That's easy to forget because the actors are all we see, but they're just one part of the process.

David is considered a successful actor because he's been a part of 3 long-running TV shows throughout his career, but not one of those shows were/are successful only because of him. Bones was built around Emily's character, and Emily is very good at playing her, which I why I think a lot of fans wish she got a little more recognition, but I don't think anyone here is trying to argue that she's the only reason Bones is successful.

Anonymous said...

@Stephanie 7:48PM I am the third Anon on this comments list. EXCUSE ME, but where did I say that DB is the only reason that this show is a success. What I think I said was if Emily didn't have him as a partner, she wouldn't be as successful. Maybe I didn't make that clear. I said nothing about the show. Some people watch this show not only for DB an ED, but for other characters also.

Anja said...

I am puzzled by these comments about the duble standard between David and Emily. Obviously she benefitted from working with him, and he benefitted from working with her. And they are all benefitting from working with Hanson (those guys without a good script are NOTHING, let's remember that!).
So no point in highlighting who's helping more who.

In this case, there is no place we can vote for DB, otherwise we would all go immediately to vote.

If there is the chance to vote for Emily, shouldn't I do it because EW didn't include DB in the male list of actors?

And we also know that David and Emily are good friends, loyal and very supportive to each other. I'm sure David would be extremely happy if she gets recognition and viceversa.
So let's support them both as much as we can.

Laura said...

Anon @ 8:46 - I completely disagree with your (unnecessarily opinionated) statement about ED only being successful because of DB. Emily is a brilliant actress and the show execs obviously saw that during her audition.

She would still be just as successful no matter who they cast as Booth. Her ability to bring Brennan to live is not dependent upon David Boreanaz.

So maybe before you become all high & mighty, you should realize that just because you strongly believe something, doesn't mean it's true.

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